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    Manufacturers have complex supply chains that must be able to work with materials constraints and available capacity, and achieve scalability or efficient ability to respond to changing demand. There is a need for businesses that can provide production and supply chain solutions on a domestic and/or global scale. The solutions presented in the production and supply chain business plan can address any of a large number of manufacturing processes, including:

    • Production scalability
    • Distribution processes or logistics
    • Service levels
    • Operational expense management
    • Supply chain development including global sourcing
    • On-time delivery processes
    • Outsourced production and/or storage facilities
    • Inventory management
    • Materials location and management
    • Integration of IT related services with production and supply chain processes

    Ultimately, the goal is to develop the production processes and supply chain that optimizes customer service and profitability. The question the business plan answers for potential investors is this: What is the value proposition the new or expanding enterprise is presenting? This type of business can take one of many forms.

    • Direct supplier with production capabilities or the ability to supplement the manufacturer’s production processes
    • Supply chain management services, including locating qualified diverse suppliers to expand government contracting opportunities
    • Production management software
    • Manufacturing and supply chain integration software
    • Business improvement consulting

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    How to create the production and supply chain business plan

    Developing the production and supply chain business plan can be a complex process because of the possible variations in business models and possible services offered. However, the process of business planning requirements are always the same. successful business has a clear mission, experienced management, a well-defined operating plan, in-depth marketing analysis, and five-year proforma financial statements. The business plan will play a central role in locating adequate funding from banks or other lenders, equity funders, and venture capitalists. SMEs can also approach angel investors.

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