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OGS understand immigration visa requirements for obtaining all USA, UK, Canadian Visas extremely well—one of the reasons that we can boast a success rate above 95%.


Immigration Business Plan USA

You'll need an immigration business plan if you're planning to immigrate to the United States as with a well-made USA immigration business plan, you'll have a better chance of gaining approval for your immigration application. OGSCapital is the best immigration business plan firm with a team of professional business plan writers specializing in business plans for those seeking to immigrate to the USA. Whether you're new to the idea of starting a business in the USA or you've already got a business idea, our team of experts can help you turn your dream into a reality.


L1 Visa Business Plan
L1 Visa Business Plan L1 Visa Business Plan

Transfer of a foreign worker of an international company to the US office. The non-immigrant visa is applicable to the employee (including owners) who worked for a parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate office of the company outside of the US for at least 1 out of the last 3 years.

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E2 Treaty Investor Visa Business Plan
E2 Treaty Investor Visa Business Plan E2 Treaty Investor Visa Business Plan

Allows an individual to enter and work in the United States based on investments made. The E2 Treaty Investor Visa is available for investors from treaty countries who are prepared to make a substantial investment.

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E1 Treaty Trader Visa Business Plan
E1 Treaty Trader Visa Business Plan E1 Treaty Trader Visa Business Plan

Allows a sole trader or employee of a company to enter the U.S. for the purpose of carrying out international trade with treaty countries. Qualified treaty traders and employees are allowed to stay 2 years, with the possibility of extension.

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EB1 Business Plan
EB1 Business Plan EB1 Business Plan

EB-1 business visa is an immigrant category for businessmen and other professionals such as scientists, athletes, and researchers. This type of immigration process doesn’t involve sponsorship because it indicates that the applicant is a professional in their field of interest.

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EB2 Visa Business Plan
EB2 Visa Business Plan EB2 Visa Business Plan

EB-2 NIW is an immigrant visa of the USA. It grants an overseas national lawful citizenship without any employment offer. The US govt waives the job requirement if the candidate proves that his residency in the country will benefit the country.

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EB5 Business Plan
EB5 Business Plan EB5 Business Plan

Direct Investment Visa Business Plans that highlight the Matter of Ho Compliance.

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USMCA (ex-NAFTA) Business Plan
USMCA (ex-NAFTA) Business Plan USMCA (ex-NAFTA) Business Plan

Our Trade Agreement Business Plan are concise and skillfully designed to assist you in presenting a strong case for a successful Canada Immigration application.

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Immigration Business Plan Canada

If you're interested in starting or expanding your business in Canada, you'll need a solid Canada immigration business plan that highlights the unique aspects of your business and product to attract investors or customers. At OGSCapital, we have a team of professional Immigration Business Plan writers who have been providing quality immigration business plan writing services to immigrants and their families worldwide. We can help you create a business plan for Canada immigration that not only meets the immigration requirements, but also reflects your unique business goals and objectives.


Manitoba MPNP Visa Business Plan
Manitoba MPNP Visa Business Plan Manitoba MPNP Visa Business Plan

The Manitoba PNP offers an option of entering the province to either launch a new business or buy an existing one.

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Start-Up Visa Business Plan
Start-Up Visa Business Plan Start-Up Visa Business Plan

The Canadian Start-up Visa Program is intended for immigrant entrepreneurs to build innovative businesses in Canada that can generate employment for the Canadian citizens.

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Nova Scotia NSNP Visa Business Plan
Nova Scotia NSNP Visa Business Plan Nova Scotia NSNP Visa Business Plan

The Novia Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) aims to attract talented immigrants to live in Nova Scotia in order to assist the province in creating a strong economy.

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British Columbia BC PNP Visa Business Plan
British Columbia BC PNP Visa Business Plan British Columbia BC PNP Visa Business Plan

Get a business plan that complies with all British Columbia BC PNP Base Stream requirements. With a thorough and actionable business plan, you can breeze through the immigration procedure.

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Self-Employed Visa Business Plan
Self-Employed Visa Business Plan Self-Employed Visa Business Plan

Our team of experts aim at preparing a compelling Self-employed Visa Business Plan helping self-employed individuals strengthen their immigration application.

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OINP Entrepreneur Stream Business Plan
OINP Entrepreneur Stream Business Plan OINP Entrepreneur Stream Business Plan

For an immigration application to be successful, a robust OINP Entrepreneur business plan is necessary.

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LMIA Owner Operator Business Plan
LMIA Owner Operator Business Plan LMIA Owner Operator Business Plan

LIMA Owner Operator Program allows Business Immigration to Canada. A thorough and practical business plan can help you make your application stand out.

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ICT Work Permit Business Plan
ICT Work Permit Business Plan ICT Work Permit Business Plan

International businesses are able to deploy qualified temporary employees to Canada through the Intra-Company Transfer visa program in order to launch or expand their Canadian branches.

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LMIA Mobility Program – C11 Entrepreneur Business Plan
LMIA Mobility Program – C11 Entrepreneur Business Plan LMIA Mobility Program – C11 Entrepreneur Business Plan

Entrepreneur Benefit business plan is most suitable for LIMA-Exemption Code: C11 work permit applicants.

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Immigration Business Plan UK

A good immigration business plan is essential when you're thinking about immigrating to the UK since the visa application process can be time-consuming and expensive. As a team of professional immigration business plan writers, at OGSCapital, we understand the ins and outs of the visa application process and for the same reason our experienced immigration business plan writers help you create comprehensive business immigration plans tailored specifically to your needs. OGSCapital’s UK immigration business plan will include all the necessary information to support your visa application and help you get your business off the ground and into the future.


Innovator Visa Business Plan
Innovator Visa Business Plan Innovator Visa Business Plan

The Innovator category is for experienced entrepreneurs seeking to establish a business in the UK. Size of investments: £50k. Innovator Visas allow the holder to stay in the UK for 3 years, with the option to extend for another 3 years.

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UK Start-Up Visa Business Plan
UK Start-Up Visa Business Plan UK Start-Up Visa Business Plan

The Start-Up category is for early-stage entrepreneurs starting a business in the UK for the first time. Size of investments: not specified. Start-Up Visas allow the holder to stay in the UK for 2 years, with no option to extend. The applicant can, however, subsequently switch to Innovator category.

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Our approach

If you are planning to immigrate to the US, Canada or the UK, nothing expedites the visa approval process as much as proving to the immigration authorities that you are coming to the West to start a successful business. If you can show that you have a viable, timely business idea and present a well-documented business case to the government, they are significantly more likely to fast track your approval, providing you with an L1, E-2 visa (USA), Startup, Innovator Visa (UK) or Canadian Immigration Visas, which will allow you to live and start a business in the country.

OGSCapital achieves an immigration business plan success rate above 95%

To be approved for any of these visas, you will need a complete immigration business plans. Many of those who are seeking legal immigration status attempt to create a document that satisfies these complex visa requirements on their own. Even though they may have a strong business idea, without the experience or expertise that are required to write an immigration business plans, they are unable to satisfy all of the requirements. This means that their visa applications aren’t approved immediately (or sometimes at all).
Whether you are opening a small restaurant, a medium-size boutique, or establishing a large enterprise with international reach, the government wants to see that you are ready to hit the ground running, and the best way to do this is with an OGS immigration business plans expert. You need a company that has experience with business plans for immigration visas development—one that knows exactly what it takes to get the approval you’re looking for. The success of your application hinges on the quality of what you develop and present to them, and OGSCapital’s dedicated team of writers, researchers, and specialists can help you submit your documentation with complete confidence that it will meet all of the requirements.

Our Guarantee

Our immigration consultant business plans are guaranteed to be fully compliant with either USCIS (USA), Home Office (UK), Provincial Nominee Programs (Canada), or Canadian Federal Programs requirements. We regularly monitor these requirements, making sure to adjust our plans to keep up with the latest guidelines. We are confident enough in our plans that we can confidently offer our 100% guarantee that the plan we produce will be compliant. If there are any issues, we will address any and all comments from immigration officers before marking the project as complete.

Illustrative business plan samples

All business plans are tailored to the requirements of immigration offices and feature modern design and full-color tables, pie charts, and graphs. An OGS business plans for immigration visas will significantly increase the chance that your case will be approved. We do not use an immigration business plan template—all of our business plans are prepared from scratch.

Our tips for immigration applicants

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What is an Immigration Consultant Business Plan?

An immigration business plans writers contains a thorough overview of the essential aspects of the company you aspire to run. The importance you give to every part could be different, depending on your visa and other pertinent factors. However, understanding the purpose of a business plan for immigration visas and how many immigration business plans you might need is essential to ensure you can write or hire a professional consultant to develop a strategic business plan for immigration.

Each business plans for immigration visas has unique aspects suited to the organization’s industry. Therefore, these documents don't have any templates to guarantee your entrepreneurial idea's approval. However, the professional developing your immigration business plans will typically enter some specific details you will find in almost every document.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur trying to kickstart his or her business in another country? If the answer is yes, having an immigration consultant business plan is crucial. Why? Because it will increase your chances of getting an investor visa. It would be fair to say that you cannot run a business in another country without having an immigration business plans writer's visa.

Not having well-written business plans for immigration visas is a surefire way to get rejected, so hiring seasoned professionals to create your document would be the most suitable option. Also, it is worth remembering that business plan for immigration standards cost can vary depending upon who you hire and the content you want to add.

Components of an Immigration  Consultant Business Plan

You might be wondering how to write an immigration consultant business plan to get your organization up and running. Many people write their business plans by themselves – some of them see excellent results while others fail terribly. Experts and long-time entrepreneurs suggest hiring experienced immigration business plans writing service instead of creating it without assistance.

Skilled business strategy creators are familiar with a plethora of industries and have experience with various businesses, making them an ideal candidate to develop your immigration business plans.  As mentioned earlier, most documents discuss some common topics essential for every organization. They could differ depending on your visa and the nature of your business.

Here are some typical components you will find in every immigration business plans writers:

Executive Summary

Every business plan for immigration purposes must start with the business’s executive summary, including the company’s entire structure. You should also enter key personnel information about your company.

The Description of Your Company

Your business immigration plan should contain a thorough description of your business, including a detailed overview of its operations.

Service and Product Descriptions

Business plans for immigration should contain detailed descriptions of the services or products being offered. Remember, no detail is too trivial when it comes to these documents – your process could stop in its tracks if the information you provided is insufficient.

Profit and Loss Projections

It would be in your best interest to provide your company’s profit and loss projections for the next five years. Make sure that you do your research before entering this information as most investors will cross-check it. You should also include the expense and income projections of your business. It will drastically improve your chances of obtaining a work immigration visa.

Marketing Analysis and Competition Overview

Every successful business studies their competition and analyzes the market. Your immigration consultant business plan should provide a detailed market analysis paired with a marketing strategy for increasing the probability of getting approved.

Business Plan Marketing Strategies

At the core of every successful business plans for immigration visas is a well-defined marketing strategy. It is a critical aspect for all organizations because it provides a clear outline of product promotion and customer retention plans.

The marketing strategy portion will be an extension of your marketing analysis piece. It will discuss how you intend to promote, price, and sell your services or products. Your company’s marketing strategy will also be an authoritative source of information for investors analyzing your operations. Therefore, hiring an experienced immigration attorney from a well-reputed law firm or acquiring a professional immigration business plan writers would be in your best interest. Let us discuss some tried and tested tips for creating a winning marketing strategy:

Make Your Company Stand Out

Every business uses its unique selling proposition as a foundation of its strategy. It outlines the elements making you stand out from others in the industry. It would be best to develop the USPs first, mentioning how your business will solve its customers’ problems and meet their various needs better than your competition.

Know Your Clients and Customers

The information you provide in your company’s strategy should include the complete market analysis you conducted in the research. Ensure you have a though ideas of your clients and customers, their preferences, and, most importantly, their expectations. These elements will add authenticity to your immigration consultant business plans marketing strategy.


Flexibility is a critical aspect of every marketing strategy. It is a significant reason why you shouldn’t use a template to create your document. For instance, if your business is service-based and doesn't sell products, adding a website rather than providing your physical address will be a great idea. It would help if you also highlighted your digital presence in the strategy's promotional section.


When determining your service or product’s pricing, make sure you have adequate data and stats to support your decision. Consider adding competitor ads, industry reports, and charts (for comparisons) to demonstrate your research and show your reasoning for the pricing decisions.

Don’t Forget the Budget

Showcase your company’s financial analysis in your business plans for immigration visas. However, you must remember those numbers when forming your marketing strategy. Sure, the process may look great, but connecting it with the organization's financial status will swiftly help you reach your goals. 

Professional Immigration Consultant Business Plans

Contrary to what it seems, creating a business plans for immigration visas is hard work. The document seems pretty straightforward on the surface, but the details mentioned make all the difference.  As mentioned earlier, providing the right information could result in your application getting accepted. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to acquire professional immigration business plan writers who know how to write a business plan for immigration.

We at OGS Capital have been developing professional immigration business plans writers for several years. Our clients come from different industries, and we tailor-make their documents accordingly. Get in touch with us, and our skilled and experienced team will create business plans for immigration visas to kickstart your entrepreneurial endeavor in Canada and other parts of the world in no time!

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