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What is L1 Visa

The L1 visa refers to an entry permit you need to live or stay in the United States of America. The travel document is used for relocation and work in the country. With this job-based no-immigrant entry permit, you can get residency without having to compromise your status on an L1 visa. The American companies and recruiters ask for the L1 visa as a mandatory document for intracompany transfer.

Handling USA immigration isn’t less a mining field of documents and paperwork. Depending on the business type you’re starting as an executive, you have to submit required documentation including an “L1 business plan”.

Why select us?


Full compliance

Your L1 Visa Business Plan will comply fully with USCIS requirements. Our team regularly monitors policies for updates and amend our plans accordingly. This is why we can boast an approval rate north of 95%.


Full Customization

OGS capital team prepares all documents from scratch without the use of templates or ready-made solutions. You can rest easy, knowing you’ll get a tailored business plan with the highlights and contents that will make your visa application a success.



OGScapital will add best practices to your business plan—the result of our experience and our track record of more than 5,000 business plans covering 42 industries. This expertise and experience helps us ensure that your document is tailored to your industry.


Experienced team

OGScapital has a separate department dedicated to immigration. The dedicated project team has focused exclusively on immigration cases for more than 15 years. We create 180-200 business plans for L1 Visa applications annually.



Your L1 Business Plan will be a reliable operational guide that will help you achieve your goals and develop a successful companies. We stand behind this claim because our senior experts have 12+ years of experience working in the world’s leading consulting companies (Bain, Deloitte, PWC).

Our solution

Our comprehensive business plan will support your application for an L1 visa.

Business plan for L1 visa:

  • Users: applicants of L1 Visa and immigration lawyers

  • Size of the document: 30-40 pages

  • Timeframe: 10-12 days

  • Graphic design: included
  • Assigned team: 2 senior consultants with a project lead

  • Unlimited revision period: 3 weeks

  • Rush Delivery Service: Available

Document contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Competition
  • Goals, Objectives and Mission Statement
  • Operational Strategies
  • Legal Structure
  • Start-Up Costs
  • Team Profile (focusing on key personnel)
  • Market Analysis
  • Company Overview
  • Action Plan
  • Marketing Plan and Mix
  • Organizational Chart and Recruitment Plan
  • 5-year Financial Forecast
Illustrative L1 visa sample documents   

All L1 Business Plans are prepared in a user-friendly and thoroughly modern format. Our experience tells us that this helps increase the likelihood that USCIS approves your application.


What is an L-1 visa?

The L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that is valid for 5-7 years. L-1 visas are applicable for employees of international companies who are planning to set up a subsidiary/branch in the USA. It can also be used for start-up and small companies.

What types of L1 visa exist?

The L-1 visa has two types:

  • L-1A eligible for executives and managers (duration: up to 7 years)
  • L-1B eligible for specialized knowledge employees (duration: up to 5 years)

What is the cost of the OGS capital business plan?

The cost of the business plan varies depending on the needs of the clients. The document of the business plan includes model description, strategies, financial model, and market analysis.

What sections will be included in the business plan? 

Business plan structures vary depending on the client’s needs. All documents, though, include the following key sections: market analysis, business model description, operational strategy, goals, financial model, etc.

What if my application is refused by USCIS? 

Less than 5% of our clients have their applications rejected. If your first application is rejected, OGS will make the necessary amendments to your document without any additional charge

Is it hard to get an L1 visa?

Like other visa categories, obtaining an L1 visa for business is a lengthy and hectic process that requires extensive documentation and a solid business plan.

Is applying for an L1 visa independently possible for business owners?

Business owners cannot apply for an L1 visa via self-petition. They need a US-based petitioner.

How it works

Partnering with OGS to prepare your business plan is a simple and straightforward process.

Get your L1 visa business plan in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Fill out our online form.

Step 2
Our consultants will contact you and discuss your case.
Step 3

OGS will prepare a comprehensive business plan and submit the draft within 10-12 days.

Step 4

After considering your comments and lawyer review, we will revise and finalize your business plan.

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About us

OGScapital was established by 8 partners in 2006. We are the #1 immigration business plan-focused company. Every year, our team serves 180 clients applying for L1 Visas. Our team regularly check USCIS guidance/policies and update our plans accordingly. We can stand behind our plans thanks to our 15+ years of experience creating business plans covering 42 industries.


OGScapital was founded in 2006


Our success rate is 95%


Our team members have experience in 42+ industries


We develop 180 L1 Visa business plans per year


Our team consists of 60 consultants


OGScapital successfully cooperates with 45 solicitors and law firms


Our customer feedback is a testament to the quality of our services.

OGScapital has a 9.5/10 Trustpilot score

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I highly recommend them, they were in charge of creating my company's Business Plan, the delivery was faster than the established deadline, the work they did was excellent and the presentation of the document was very good, not to mention that the communication and feedback is constant, friendly and fast, I was really very satisfied with all the service they provided me.

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L1 Visa Business Plan

How to Start a Business on L1 Visa?

If you’re a non-US citizen and considering entering the business world in the United States, you need an L1 business plan to move there and commence the operations. You can move your key personnel including people with focused knowledge, managers, leaders, and CEOs with your business plan for an L1 visa.

Starting a business or a new venture in the USA requires a business plan. You are also required to appeal for a US L1 visa. You need a professional L1 business plan writing service such as OGS Capital to ensure that your y petition meets the visa approval requirements. The business plan for the L1 visa first-time application must provide information succinctly about your venture.

The business plan for L1 visa USA must entail a staffing plan for your new company, number of workers, and finances such as profitability and cost of your venture involves. Obtaining an office lease, filing for your company’s registration, and developing organizational charts are also some critical decisions.

Before you file the one-year petition for your new venture, your business plan for L1 visa USA must highlight the need for employee staff. It justifies the presence of your L1A director or executive in the United States on the L1 visa.

Who Qualifies for L1 Visa Category?

According to USA immigration, workers can qualify for an L1 Visa if they have been employed outside the country by any sponsoring company for 12 months and have working experience in the US to operate as a CEO. That means a company from any industry can qualify for the L1 visa category if it;

  • Provides sufficient physical space to make the office
  • Has beneficiary with at least a 12-months employment record
  • Shows financial skills to establish a business in America

Keep in mind that the company in the USA will provide sufficient support to the staff that is sent for managerial positions within 12 months. It is essential if a beneficiary is visiting the country as a senior manager. When you work through a reference business plan to apply for an L1 visa to work in the USA, it can offer a host of benefits compared to other work visa categories.

Businesses from various industries can get the following on their L1 business plan.

  • You can employ your senior managers and administrative personnel on the L1 work visa
  • The non-immigrant visa doesn’t require any job offer. If you’re qualified as an L1- applicant, you’re considered employed with the USA Company that sponsors you.
  • An L1 visa candidate for a startup doesn’t have to face annual limits for getting approval.

What is the Success Rate of an L1 Visa?

Considering the advantages of this entry permit, it is no secret what makes L1 Visa a sought-after way to enter America for work. However, like other US visa classifications, getting approved for an L1 visa isn’t easy. The rejection rate of L1 visas is increasing each year because of several reasons. The lack of details in the company’s business plan to apply and get approval for an L1 visa is a factor that you cannot ignore.

That means your success rate for an L1 visa depends on the efficacy of your L1 business plan writing. In addition to that, the following reasons can play a role in your L1 visa denial.

Failure to Meet the Eligibility Criteria

The L1 visa includes some particular criteria entrepreneurs and applicants have to take into account. Not meeting the criteria leads to instant visa rejection. For instance, the company owner needs to be an affiliate of an overseas corporation, a parent business, or a subsidiary and have been functional in the USA for at least 12 months.

Salary Structure

The salary structure of a company can also stand as a barrier to an L1 visa. If a visa application has a substantial variance between the standard stipend range and the projected income, it increases the chances of denial.

Failure to Show Focused Knowledge

Of course, a focused skill is the key criteria when it is about applying and getting approved for an L1 visa. If you’re applying for the L1 visa as a beneficiary, you must demonstrate focused skills and qualifications that will benefit the company in a better way compared to other US-based workers.

Hire OGS Consultant to Write Your Business Plans for L1 VISA

Considering the rising rate of L1 visa denial, it is critical to work with the professionals such as OGS Capitals to create a comprehensive L1 business plan.

The most sought-after business plan writers possess a wealth of experience and expertise in developing plans specific to a variety of industries needs. Our writers know how to create a thorough document according to the requirements of USA visa classifications with the incredibly affordable cost of the L1 visa business plan

Our business plan writing experts can modify your L1 visa application with in-depth market research and ensure that you get what you’re looking for. The business plans by OGS Capital include everything from important details, and salary structure, to specialized knowledge to financial projections to meet the visa approval criteria.

OGS Capital is the right choice to craft a well-thought-out business plan for your L1 visa. You can check out a sample resume for an L1 visa application on our website.