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EB-1 Business Plan
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What is EB1 Visa

EB-1 business visa is an immigrant category for businessmen and other professionals such as scientists, athletes, and researchers. This type of immigration process doesn’t involve sponsorship because it indicates that the applicant is a professional in their field of interest.

The purpose of immigration is to continue professional work in a specific field. Furthermore, this type of employment-based immigration is suitable for professionals with extraordinary abilities. These people with advanced degrees will serve the country in the national interest. Since this type of immigration is for professionals, it is a self-petition option.

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Conformity at Its Best

When it comes to designing an EB1 Visa Business plan that can make an impact with its on-point USCIS requirements, you can rely on OGS Capital. Our expert team keeps itself updated with requirement changes and develops plans accordingly. Satisfaction is guaranteed as we make the best modifications.


Business Plans for Turn into a Viable Company

Not sure if your business idea or plan has growth potential? We ensure to incorporate the value propositions and financial projection your business plan needs to become a successful company in future.


Professional Representation

A professional layout matters the most when it is about increasing your chances of visa approval. Our business plan maestros excel at designing plans that demonstrate your business idea in the best possible manner.


Best Industry Knowledge

Developing each document to make it industry-specific is one of our fortes. We have developed more than 6000 business plans and make sure your document comprises the best business knowledge.


Skilled Team

Thorough market analysis and competitive research are the key attributes of our team. With its wealth of experience in developing EB1 business plans, our expert team focuses on your immigration grounds to prepare a plan that fits your exclusive visa needs.


Detailed Action Plan

We work with an aim to develop an EB1 business plan that builds on your professional goals. With 12 years of experience in various international consulting companies, we develop a comprehensive and detailed custom business plan that clearly demonstrates your action plan.

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Who can Apply for EB1 Visa

Only three types of professionals can apply for an EB1 business visas. They should be experts and must have remarkable achievements in the field. The professions in which you should have extraordinary abilities and expertise should include education, arts, sciences, athletics, and business. With the help of the documents, you have to prove your achievements.

List of documents you must attach with your EB1 visa application

  • Letter of previous employment

  • Valid passport with more than six months of limit

  • Labor certification approved by local government

  • Employment offer by the U.S. employer

  • Medical and Vaccine documentation

  • Approved petition

  • DS-260 confirmation page

  • Proof that you are an expert in your profession

  • Court and criminal record

  • Business plan

Our solution

Our tailored business plan will help you to get the EB1 visa approval you need.

EB1 visa business plan:

  • Users: USCIS, EB1 Visa applicants and Immigration lawyers

  • Document size: 50-60 pages

  • Timeframe: 10-12 days

  • Graphic design: included
  • Assigned team: 2 senior consultants with a team lead

  • Unlimited revision period: 3 weeks

  • Rush Delivery Service: Available

Document contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Research
  • Business Model
  • Marketing Plan
  • Management Summary
  • Sources and Uses of Funds
  • Financial Plan
Illustrative sample business plan for EB1 visa

OGS EB1 Business Plans are created using an extremely user-friendly and stunningly modern format. An OGS business plan will substantially increase the success rate of your USCIS. We do not use a EB1 visa business plan template or any other ready-made solutions.


Who is eligible for EB1 business visa?

Businessmen with remarkable achievement in the field are eligible for EB1 business visa.

What sections does EB1 business plan contain?

An EB1 business plan contain an executive summary, market analysis, company description, marketing and sales information, financial projections, and product and service lines.

What is the cost of business plan at OGS capital?

The price depends on the type of business plan and the sections you want to include.

How it works

Having OGS write a business plan for you is a simple and straightforward process.

Get your EB1 visa business plan in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Fill out and submit our online form.

Step 2
An OGS expert will contact you to discuss your business idea.
Step 3

OGS will prepare a draft of your EB1 Visa Business Plan within 10-12 days.

Step 4
After we’ve responded to all of your comments, we will issue the final business plan.

Payment options: debit/credit card and wire transfer

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About us

OGScapital was founded by 8 partners in 2006. Having prepared more than 6,000 business plans covering 42 industries, we are the #1 business plan company focused on immigration business plans. We serve 89 EB1 Visa applicants per year, and we regularly analyze USCIS guidelines to make sure that all of our plans are 100% compliant.


OGScapital was established in 2006


Our approval rate is 95%


Our team members have experience in 42+ industries


OGS develops 89 business plans for EB1 Visa annually


Our team consists of 63 senior experts


OGScapital successfully cooperates with 48 solicitors and law firms


OGScapital aims to exceed our client’s expectations with every project we undertake.

OGScapital has 9.5/10 Trustpilot score.

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Business Plan EB1 Visa for USA

People with advanced skills in education, business, and science can apply for an EB1 visa and perform national duty in the United States. Also, they should be able to demonstrate their extraordinary talent through documentation. But, proving your abilities and achievements in favor of the national level requires extensive documents. Your employment applications won’t be enough to complete your immigration process. That’s why EB1 visa processing time is months and even years. During this time, you have to prove to the government your capabilities in the area of expertise. The government will carefully review the evidence to determine your qualification for the EB1 for business owners.

In most cases, government officials will ask you to demonstrate your achievement in a particular field. If you are a renowned entrepreneur or businessman, you should create a business plan that will show your capabilities. Furthermore, you must have at least one year of experience in the last three years before applying for the visa. Moreover, you have to claim that you were working under the same employer during the time. Keep in mind that you must show your competency while working with a U.S. employer. This means that the employer should be a U.S. citizen and have a huge business within the country or internationally. Also, you can work with a subsidiary or an affiliate to apply for a foreign investment visa program.

How to Get an EB1 Visa?

Only three types of professionals can apply for an EB1 business visas. They should be experts and must have remarkable achievements in the field. The professions in which you should have extraordinary abilities and expertise should include education, arts, sciences, athletics, and business. With the help of the documents, you have to prove your achievements. Let’s explore more about the people who can meet EB1 visa criteria.

An eligible person should have an international or national award in their field of profession. They should either perform as an individual or have a team. In this condition, the government officials will interview the team or company that they have been a part of to ensure their contribution. Furthermore, they should have evidence about their extraordinary performance in the field.

Moreover, they should be a part of a corporation, group, or association with high achievement in the field. Their membership with a small group of businessmen or other groups won’t count. Instead, the corporation should be large, and they must have a major role for its popularity.

Also, they can apply for EB1 visa USA after getting published by a major media or magazine as a business tycoon or businessman. Publication in local press won’t make them eligible for visa approval. They must have notable contribution and achievement for running a profitable enterprise as well. The government officials will evaluate their profiles before making any decision.

The EB1 extraordinary ability business visa is only applicable for qualified and renowned businessmen and entrepreneur. If you are one of them, you should file your application to the U.S. visa department. But, filing an EB1 visa application is a complicated process. You might need professionals help to get the documents ready and create a business plan.

Who Qualifies for EB1 Category?

Applying for EB1 visa to green card requires extensive application process. Also, you have to meet each and every criteria mentioned by the U.S. immigration office. If you are a manager or executive in a multinational company with extraordinary skills and capabilities, you can apply for EB1 category. But, to qualify the immigration process and gain legal permanent EB1 visa requirements you must demonstrate your skills.

If you want to learn how to get an EB1 visa as a multinational executive and manager, you should know the criteria mentioned by the U.S. government. But, while applying in the business field you should meet additional requirements. For instance, you should create a professional business plan and share it with the immigration office with your application. They will review the EB1 business plan to determine whether you are eligible or not. Furthermore, you will also need initial investment for your new business that you will start in the United States.

If you work in a foreign company as an executive or a manager, you should show your work status. Also, the foreign company should be multinational and have good reputation in the global market. On top of that, you should have a working experience for at least a year within a period of three years prior to the application. One more thing to consider is that you don’t need labor certification to apply for EB1 visa. Instead, your employer should file a petition with the USCIS.

What Papers are Needed for EB1?

Once USCIS evaluates the petition and application, they will contact the applicant about the progress. If you receive a green signal from the department, you can visit National Visa Center for the remaining process. However, if they reject your application, you can’t work with that organization as a foreign worker. Let’s say if USCIS approve your application, they will transfer your case to the NVC. The NVC will contact you for extensive documents about your eligibility and qualifications.

Now you have to complete the application for the EB1 visa and send it to the U.S. Consulate or Embassy. The Embassy will process your application and verify your documents. They might also ask you for supporting documents in various cases to evaluate your case in detail.

How hard is it to get an EB-1 visa?

Starting an EB1 extraordinary ability business involves multiple steps and extensive documents requirements. Furthermore, completing the process for EB1 category visa might take up to months and even years. To understand the process in a better way, you can divide it into two major parts. The first part is receiving labor certification and other documentation to complete the petitions. Meanwhile, the other process starts after the approval from the immigration office. During this process, you have to demonstrate your capabilities to the officials.

If you are applying for EB1 extraordinary ability business, you have to send a petition on your behalf because there won’t be any employer. Furthermore, you must have a business plan to support your idea or abilities. A business plan is essential when applying for EB1 for business owners. You have to show your compatibility. But, the business plan in this process might be different than ordinary business plan because of different business goal and position. In this condition, you won’t share the business plan to investor, but you have to show your compatibility as a business owner.

Once the USCIS receives this type of EB1 visa, they will investigate the plan to ensure that whether it meets with the U.S. market. Furthermore, the officials investigating your case for visa EB1 USA will include business experts. They will carefully investigate your expertise in the field.

Benefits for Choosing OGS Capital for Foreign Investment Visa Program

Are you a businessman with high skills and capabilities? If yes, then you should apply for investment visa. Do you want to learn what is investment visa for USA? It is an EB1 visa that U.S. Embassy offers to people with extra abilities and capabilities. People holding investment visa serve the country by creating job opportunities and economic sustainability.

But, applying for a business EB1 visa for USA is a time consuming process and requires expertise. Even if you hire a professional team to help you with the process, you have to handle high EB1 Visa cost. The team will complete the application for you and handle the procedure. But, paying high cost to apply for the EB1 visa can be expensive. Instead, you should hire professionals to take care of critical documents and process on your behalf.

For instance, you can hire a professional team to create EB1 visa business plan. They will create a personalized eb1 business visa template according to your application so you can get instant approval. OGS Capital is a company that offers expert writers to the businessmen. These writers can create different types of business plans for entrepreneurs. If you want more information about how OGS Capital can help you with EB1 visa for USA, you should contact us and talk with our professional teams.