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What is CIM?

A Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), which is also known as an Offering Memorandum (OM), Confidential Business Review (CBR), or Information Memorandum (IM), is a marketing document prepared by M&A consultants or investment bankers hired by the selling company during the Merger and Acquisition process.

CIM is usually prepared for potential buyers or investors giving them a complete overview of the seller’s business. CIM aims to ensure that the selling company looks lucrative from investors'/buyers' perspectives, so that the seller can get the maximum valuation for their business.

Why choose OGSCapital Consultants for your CIM?

At OGSCapital Consultants, we have a team of experts having years of experience in the investment banking industry, which gives us a lot of practical knowledge that can be put to use when crafting your CIM that accurately reflect the value of your company and attract interested investors. You can trust us because we offer:


Result-oriented Solution

We don’t only focus on creating the best CIMs possible, we also make sure that each one of our clients achieves their desired outcome. Whether you are looking for guidance and support during the CIM preparation process or need help to produce a CIM from scratch that represents the value of your company in the best possible light, our team is here to help.


Best practices/guidance

We understand that not all businesses are created equal, which is why we carefully study each business before beginning the process of creating a CIM. This allows us to provide guidance and support that is tailored specifically for your company and goals.


Strategic Advice

We aren’t just content to provide our clients with a great CIM - we also offer strategic advice that can help increase your chances of success. This includes everything from market analysis and business plan development, to understanding the different types of options that are available to you.


High-quality market research

We take our research seriously at OGSCapital - which is why we continuously study the latest industry trends and look for new, innovative ways to help our clients. This allows us to create CIMs that are both interesting and current, ensuring that you stand out from the competition.

If you're looking for guidance on how to craft a successful CIM or if you need help making sure that yours stands out from all the others then Contact Us today. We'll work hard to make sure that each detail in your CIM is perfect and attractive while also ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your company.

About OGS Capital

Contents of a Confidential Information Memorandum

The contents of a CIM will vary depending on the company and its situation, but generally it comprises the following information:

What should not be included in a CIM?

A CIM is not an exhaustive list of every detail about the business; rather, it should be concise and informative. While preparing a CIM, some confidential information like tax information (including copies of tax returns), list of key customers, detailed breakdowns of income and expenditure, etc. are usually excluded. The main reason for doing so is that it protects the interests of the company and its potential investors by safeguarding those details from public scrutiny.

How it works

OGScapital will work closely with you and provide guidance throughout the process.

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Our consultants will draft a comprehensive CIM within 14-21 days.


Step 4

After responding to your comments and revising the document, we will issue the final CIM.

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This is the best company I have ever worked with thus far, outstanding professionalism and great work ethics. The research department did an awesome job with my plans to make sure everything were up to date. The most important aspect of business is communication and OGScapital shown that they can be trusted. So I would definitely recommend this company to anyone at anytime.

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Brilliant service. Quick delivery. Highly professional team.value for money.

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Absolutely great experience I am really impressed thanks Alex

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We had a great experience with OGScapital. They were quick, on top of the BCP, and got us exaclty what we needed. We also had an issue with completing a task in a certain time required and they were nice enough to help us out and allow us an additional week. Thank you Alex for all your help!

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Extremely proactive and reliable . I would strongly recommend to anyone. Peter Saint Pierre

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How much does a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) cost?

There is no set price for a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). However, it usually depends on the complexity and detail of your document. If you need help getting started with CIM or have any questions, Contact Us at OGSCapital Consultants today. We are experts in Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) writing and will be happy to help you get the best possible value for your money.

What is the difference between an Operating Memorandum and Confidential Information Memorandum?

The term Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) is sometimes used interchangeably with the term Operating Memorandum (OM). CIM is also termed as Offering Circular (OC), Confidential Business Review (CBR), Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) or Confidential Offering Memorandum (COM). It can be difficult to differentiate between these terms, especially as some financial institutions use these different terms for these same documents.

About us

OGScapital was established in 2006 by 8 partners with extensive experience working in the world's best-known consulting companies (Bain, BCG, Deloitte). Since then, we have provided an increasingly wide range of business consulting services. Our company has a separate risk advisory team focused specifically on CIM development.


A team with 15+ years' experience developing CIMs


More than 60 CIMs completed annually


Projects spanning 42 industries and 31 countries


CIMs fully ISO 22300 compliant

What a Confidential Information Memorandum Is Not?

Now that we have covered what should form a part of a CIM and what shouldn’t, it’s now super important to understand what a CIM is not.

  1. CIM is not a legally binding agreement/contract: A CIM is not a legally binding document. It is just a marketing document for potential investors or buyers that outlines the investment opportunities in the company. CIM is designed to make a company appear as attractive as possible. However, it should be ensured that all the information stated in CIM should be true and not misleading.
  2. CIM is not a pitchbook: A pitchbook is a sales document prepared by an investment bank used to help businesses and their sales teams sell products, services and even attract new clients. Pitchbook should not be mistaken for a CIM. When a corporation wants to sell their business, an investment bank will use a pitchbook, whereas CIM is used by the investment bank you hired to convince a third party to purchase your business.
  3. CIM is not a valuation document: When an investment bank is trying to sell a business, they try to get the maximum possible value for it. Thus, while preparing a CIM, the investment bank doesn’t include any specific information on the exact valuation of the business. This way, they can let the potential investor place a bid by themselves and obtain a maximum business valuation.

Need help writing a brilliant Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)? OGSCapital Consultants are here to help

Not all Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) are created equal. A poorly-written CIM can prevent you from obtaining a maximum valuation for the business that you are trying to sell, so it’s important to create one that effectively conveys the real worth of your business to potential investors.

At OGSCapital Consultants, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to bring your vision for a successful CIM to life. Our investment banking experts have years of experience crafting brilliant CIMs that attract interested investors and provide them with vital information about your company's worth. Our success in this arena has led us to become one of the most respected firms in our industry because of our creativity, expertise, and attention to detail when it comes time to create these documents.

We were rated the TOP4 Small Business Consulting Firm in 2020 per Clutch
We were rated the TOP4 Small Business Consulting Firm in 2020 per Clutch