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Professional Business Plan
Writing Services to secure Bank/SBA Financing

#1 OGS business plans helped our customers (start-ups and existing businesses) attract $1.3bln+ in SBA loans and debt financing


Why Us?

OGScapital develops business plans that reliably raise capital.


Bank/SBA compliance

Your business plan for bank loan will be 100% compliant with all SBA and bank requirements, including detailed sections on market research, strategies, the business model, financial model, etc.


Strategic support

Our team of senior experts will critically assess your business concept, suggest improvements to the business model, and identify market opportunities. OGScapital will help you to create a selling story.


Experienced consultants

Our MBA business plan consultants have 15+ years of experience working for globally recognized consulting firms like PWC, Deloitte, EY and serving market leaders worldwide.


Professional market research

Your business plan for banks will cover the market analysis prepared by prominent market research firms including IBISworld, Mintel, Datamonitor, Freedonia, MarketLine, Statista, etc.



All documents are fully customized and prepared in a user-friendly format without recourse to templates or read-made solutions. All business plans feature eye-catching and modern design including full-color graphs, tables and charts.

Our solution

Get a 35-50-page business plan that will fully comply with lender requirements and help you reach your fundraising goals.

Bank/SBA Business Plans:

  • Users: SBA, banks, private lenders, and financial institutions
  • Size: 35-50 pages
  • Timeframe: 12 days

  • Graphic design: included

  • Assigned team: 3 business plan consultants with a project lead

Document contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Model
  • Business/Operating Strategy
  • 5 Forces Analysis and SWOT Analysis
  • Financial Model
  • Use of Proceeds
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Forecast
  • Mission/Goals
  • Services/Products
  • Marketing Strategy and Mix
  • Management Team

Illustrative business plan samples

OGS graphic designers create each and every business plan from scratch. We do not use either an SBA business plans tool or a template. No ready-made solutions.


How much does an OGScapital business plan cost? 

Our fee is highly competitive and entirely reasonable, scaling up or down depending on task complexity.

What sections will be included in the business plan?

Business plan structures vary depending on the client’s unique needs. All documents, though, include the following key sections: market analysis, business model description, operational strategy, goals, financial model, etc.

Can you guarantee that my business plan will lead to successful fundraising? 

We can guarantee that the business plan we prepare for you will comply fully with all SBA and lender requirements. However, we cannot take responsibility for the success of your fundraising efforts—there are simply too many factors that we cannot control (e.g., your credit score, relevant experience, etc.)

How it works?

OGScapital provides support and guidance to customers seeking SBA business plan development.

Your business plan for bank loan in 4 easy steps

Step 1
Fill out and submit our online form.
Step 2
An OGS consultant will be in touch shortly to discuss your case.
Step 3

The project team will build a business plan for banks and issue a draft within 12 days

Step 4
After considering your suggestions/comments, we will revise and finalize the business plan.

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About us

OGScapital was established in 2006 with a focus on providing business plan services for fundraising purposes. Our business plan consultants all have 15+ year industry and investment banking experience, and the OGS team has helped to attract more than $1.5bln of debt financing for our customers.


OGScapital was established in 2006


Our business plans have helped attract $1.5bln+ in SBA loans and debt financing


Our consultants have experience spanning 42+ industries


Our track record includes 5,000+ happy clients from all over the world


OGScapital employs 60 senior experts


OGScapital clients are happy clients.

OGScapital are in the TOP3 on Trustpilot with a score of 9.5/10.

Valentin Marinov

excellent work

excellent work, competent advice. Alex is very friendly, great communication. 100% I recommend CGS capital. Thank you so much for your hard work!

∙ Valentin Marinov
David d.

Definitely use Alex and his team – one of the best business plans I’ve ever seen!!

I was skeptical at first to use a company that I haven't heard of before, but after my first phone call with Alex it became very clear that Alex was the right person for the Job. He not only gave me full confidence to take him on, but his performance was outstanding. He fully understood the business very quickly and didn't need much from me to get going! Alex delivered the final business plan for me before it was needed with the first draft only needing a couple of changes, I was absolutely blown away. I have already referred Alex to two of my friends and I will most definitely be using Alex again. Thank you again Alex for you amazing work. My investors and partners were truly impressed! I very much look forward to working with you again in the near future! Kind regards, David

∙ David d.
Mohit R.

L-1 Update – RateGain – KOTHARI, Siddharth

Alex has been super quick with his responses to my emails. I needed my business plan very urgently and whether it was Saturday or Sunday, Alex made sure that i had my plan ready in the shortest amount of time possible. My finance team is also very impressed. Well done Alex and keep up the good work!!!!! Sid Kothari Executive Vice President www.rategain.com 470.422.8578 8300 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800, Mclean, VA, 22102

∙ Mohit R.
Marc Jacobs

Great service

Great service. Good turnaround time and quality work. Thanks!

∙ Marc Jacobs
Renee M.

Great Work!!

Had the pleasure of working with Alex on a business plan for a new venture. The end result looks very professional. His communication is always prompt and he was very patient with my detailed requests. I would definitely work with this company in the future.

∙ Renee M.

Brilliant service

Brilliant service. Quick delivery. Highly professional team.value for money.

∙ Aaliya
Jennifer H. Adair

We had a great experience with OGScapital

We had a great experience with OGScapital. They were quick, on top of the BCP, and got us exaclty what we needed. We also had an issue with completing a task in a certain time required and they were nice enough to help us out and allow us an additional week. Thank you Alex for all your help!

∙ Jennifer H. Adair
Sohaib Ahmad

Very Efficient Service

Very Efficient Service! Knowledgeable team! Helped me to get the positive result from the concerned entity Very happy with the outcome; Alex and his team are highly efficient,committed professionals with a diverse bank of knowledge.

∙ Sohaib Ahmad

Our clients

More than 5,000 companies have used OGScapital’s services.

African Energy Distributor
Lyndon Energy
Global Impact
The Smugglers Inn
Baggage Freight
ContinEight Group Corp.
Real Estate Company
Precision Science
Panama Wildlife Corp.
Tiger City
Manatee Holdings LTD
FOX Models
Einstein HR
Destinations USA
Saleem Technologies
888 Markets
Vertical Studio
Pure Loyalty
Pronto Hotel
Flip Flop Shops
Waves Coffee House
Sylvan Learning
Blaze Pizza
Twin Peaks
Heavy Rus Cargo
Go Kin
Gat Patch
Diamond Sun Labs
Strawberry Star
Ayurveda Service

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There is no denying that effectively writing a business plan for a loan is a communication tool for entrepreneurs to get investment capital from banks and financial. Many business owners use their sba business plans to convince potential financiers not only to secure credits but also to work for their enterprise.

OGS Capita, in this respect, is one of the best business plan for bank loan services to help entrepreneurs focus on the steps necessary to secure finances for their startup through an impeccable business plan for banks. Their teams of qualified professionals carefully map out a business’ short and long term objectives. This helps them add essential components of entrepreneurship an investor or lender looks for.

Take a look at the details to find out how you can use a well-constructed business plan to secure financing.

Benefits of using Business Plan Services to Secure Financing

As mentioned above, one of the critical requirements of any small bank financing company or loan application is a sba business plan. It not only demonstrates that an entrepreneur has a clear roadmap for business growth, financial data, researched aspects, and product strategy, but ensures that it matches the lender’s loan program. Plus, it includes the business goals and financial projection they need.

That is why “how to write a business plan for bank loan` is one of the most common questions of many entrepreneurs. Put simply; writing a business plan for a loan bank is much more than just a set of steps for securing finances.

Thanks to reliable firms like OGS Capital that craft a perfect business plan for banks. The plan plays a functional role in shaping your path towards success. At OGS Capital, writing a business plan for a loan incorporates an effective financial statement into your business plan to help you steer your startup to success.

Check out the following benefits of hiring professional business plan writers to craft a plan that you can use as a finance tool.

Analyze Business Financials

Showing financials in sba business plans is a key requirement for any loan application. A team of professional business writers gathers and analyzes financial statements and other documents. This includes business credit reports, cash flow statements, tax return reports, balance sheets, payables, and account receivables.

Performing an in-depth analysis enables business plan for bank loan writers to establish a good understanding of the current financial status and future requirements of a business. Adding a summary of the financials to a business plan for bank loan is an effective way to let banks and lenders see the potential of your business idea.

Give Lenders an Idea of how your business will Generate Revenues

This is another important benefit of hiring a business plan company. Whether you approach a bank to finance your business or submit a loan application to a SAB, your lenders want you to pay back the money. And a business plan keeps them interested in finding out how your business makes money.

Only the professional SBA business plan writers at OGS Capital have the right skills and experience to give your lenders a clear idea of how your business will serve customers and generate revenues. They know creating a business plan for bank loan requires a separate section in the plan to explain lenders how your business delivers services or products and collects money.

Highlights the Marketing Strategies to Appeal to Lenders

It is worth mentioning that banks and financial institutes consider the population of your target audience and the viability of the market you serve.

Not only this, but lenders are also interested in knowing who your competitors are and your strategic plan to set your business apart from others. It includes all publicity and marketing tactics you will employ, such as broadcast advertising, presentation, and social media partnership.

OGS Capital’s competent writers efficiently link your business revenues to its marketing strategies in the sba business plan. It helps business investors and banks see the potential of your marketing strategies in encouraging revenue growth and creation.

 Presents a Snapshot of Business Financial Health

A professionally constructed business plan includes a detailed financial state of a startup that shows all assets, revenues liabilities, and, most importantly, repayment structure. These necessary details give banks and finance institutes a clear picture of your business’ financial health. That is why you need an expert who knows exactly how to write a business plan for bank loan.

Know that it is one of the areas where several business loans and credits are refused either because of inaccurate or poor accounting presented by the business owner. If your startup is struggling due to debt coverage ratios or insufficient cash flow, our business plan analysts can help you find solutions and connect you with investors who can help improve the financial health of your business.

OGS Capital- Your Key to Get a Business Plan that Secures Finances

 OGS Ensures SBA/Bank Compliance

The local business plan writers at OGS Capital crafts a business plan that meets the requirements of small business administration.  Because they are experts in writing a business plan for banks, they conduct detailed market research and create strategies that are appropriate for your business and financial model.

For instance, you want to expand the services of your beauty salon and need an effective business plan for bank loan to secure finances. Business plan writers at OGS will help you present you with a list of growth opportunities for your salon. Also, they will mention how it can become a progressive venture with the right sponsors.

Connects You to Potential Investors

At OGS Capital, we have a wide network of potential investors willing to invest in startups with a strong business idea, marketing strategies, and repayment plan. Our local business plan writers ensure to add all necessary elements that investors are looking for in a plan.

Once the plan is complete, business analysts assess it and send the draft to multiple investors to help entrepreneurs secure finances for the new venture.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, banks, lenders, and financial institutions have certain requirements when it comes to funding a business. From growth opportunities, repayment structure to financial health, lenders see everything in the business plan for bank loan and assess the potential and capacity of a business to generate revenue.

Thus, OGS Capital has experienced business plan writers who know the essentials to craft a plan that can convince banks and investors to fund a growing business

  • Developing business plans
  • Connecting with investors
  • Finding lenders
  • Getting expert advice on strategies and plans
  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of markets
  • Getting assistance with business presentations
  • Planning business growth
  • Refining business ideas and concepts
  • Planning business scalability
  • Conducting financial planning
  • Creating a pitch deck
  • Developing an elevator pitch

Creativity plus Practical Business Sense

As our experienced OGS Capital consultants in Boston know, getting the business plan right the first time is critical to success, whether it is startup, expansion, or finding investors or lenders. What is “right”? It is a business plan that:

  1. Clearly summarizes the business sections in an informative manner in the Executive Summary but in a captivating way that inspires the reader to continue reading
  2. Uses consultants in Boston MA who can explain product and service ideas from the perspective of how they meet market needs, a more difficult process than just writing a description
  3. Presents the right kind of detail about the specific market for the products or services, calling upon expert research and compiling that information into a concise and easy-to-read format
  4. Goes beyond describing the competition and clearly explains through the description the competition’s role in the market and how your company differentiates itself in terms of customer products and services, customer support, filling an unmet market need, and/or creating a new opportunity.
  5. Presents a marketing strategy that clearly targets the market niche and explains the sales approach, tying the strategy to what preceded this information in terms of the business purpose, market conditions, and competition.
  6. Lays out an operations plan that supports business goals and objectives for success, describing everything from operational procedures to equipment to licensing to professional services to staffing
  7. Describes the management team in terms of qualifications, education, and experience, tying this information to the type of startup or expansion that is planned to make it clear the managers are fully qualified to run the business or project
  8. A financial plan for five years that also indicates the initial investment needed to ensure there is adequate capital to get the business fully operational and to ensure adequate cash flow while building a customer base

OGS Capital is one of the top consulting firms in Boston for many reasons, and one is the careful, customized attention each client project gets from experienced business people. Our focus is on developing an eye-catching business plan that makes a professional business case for future success, investments, growth, and/or expansion.

Reasons to Choose Only the Best

Selecting from among the many Boston area consulting firms may seem a bit daunting at first, until potential clients realize OGS Capital offers everything they could want in the way of services and experienced consultants too. Our company excels in the consulting industry because we deliver exceptional customer services. Each client is assigned an experienced consultant who follows the project from beginning to end, directing a team of business people who know the particular industry and market.

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We were rated the TOP4 Small Business Consulting Firm in 2020 per Clutch
We were rated the TOP4 Small Business Consulting Firm in 2020 per Clutch