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Professional Real Estate Business Plan from OGScapital

Our real estate business plans have helped 150+ clients attract more than $200m in financing


Real Estate Developing Business Plan

Every business needs a real estate investment business plan to define a clear path to success. It’s is more than an arbitrary plan of where you want to go. Rather, it lays out your business’ goals to help you navigate your next milestone.

Also, it helps you venture capital, get financing, define managerial roles, determine a product line, and much more. But creating a business plan for Real Estate Development Company is a bit different. 

Using a real estate business plan will direct you in the right direction. In addition, the result will help you estimate strategies and get leads. Contractors and real estate agents specialize in building and purchasing and selling properties. But they rarely come across source material to learn and create real estate developer business plan that can make their business look presentable. Please check how you can create a real estate business plan in a few simple steps.

Why Us?

OGScapital is a reliable real estate investment business planning firm with the experience to help you grow your real estate business. Our competent planners can curate strategic plans to get your startup off the ground.


Results-driven solutions

With our expertise, your business plan for real estate will meet all investor requirements, helping you secure much-needed initial investments and funds. Our qualified team can highlight your business idea and its unique advantages to make it seem more attractive. They know how to design a real estate developer business plan that emphasizes on your real estate startup’s investment returns, competitiveness, and market potential.


Strategic advice

Structuring your business professionally is not the only thing we do to help you kick-start your real estate developer business plan startup. It is our in-depth market research and understanding of the industry that sets our real estate developer business plans apart from the rest. We ensure adding the most successful and advanced practices to your business plan that make it more enticing for investors.


Experienced team

We work with a team that is skilled and has a significant amount of expertise in the real estate industry. Our business planners are MBA graduates from the top US, UK institutes and possess relevant experience of working for world-class investment banks and consulting firms. Having held senior positions in firms like UBS, PWC, Morgan Stanley, and Deloitte, they know what investors look for in a plan before funding a business.


High-quality market research

We understand how important market analysis is for evaluating the economic trends and characteristics in a specific area or location. That is why we devise your business plan after comprehensive market research and analysis with the help of accredited firms such as Statista, IBISWorld, and Datamonitor. To add more proficiency to your business plan, we also consult our skilled opinion leaders and industry analysts in our extensive network.


Full customization

We are a team of professionals and experts who know what appeals to investors. We make sure to devise every aspect of your real estate business plan from scratch using the most appropriate and attractive graphics, illustrations, tables, and pie charts. Our firm assigns three MBA consultants to work on each business plan.



Raising funds for your business becomes easier when you’re connected with the right people. OGScapital has a vast network of professionals and investors to help you approach the most relevant people. You can connect with venture capitalists, global financial institutions, and banks/private lenders.

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Real Estate Strategic Planning

First things first, create a lead generation strategy even before you search for your first job. But this requires in-depth education on this specific topic, such as audience engagement and customer service.

This section also includes your mission statement, purpose, and goals. It works as the foundation of your real estate investment business plans. Therefore, you need to be careful while writing this section.

Next up, create a SWOT for your business strategy. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. These factors support the strategies and help you examine your progress. After strategies and goals come marketing strategy, another significant aspect of real estate development business plans. While creating this section, consider your target audience and create an estimated investment plan.

After marketing strategies, establish metrics that help you evaluate the overall health of your business. Every real estate business owner focuses on building a client’s database for revenue and closing more deals, which leads to a bigger profit margin. When choosing appropriate metrics, make sure they help you accomplish the aforementioned goals. Now, complete your real estate developer business plan by creating ground rules for lead generation and nurturing.

Specify how you’ll track the success and failure of each sale and define how you’ll categorize a qualified lead. At last, schedule how often you’ll revisit the plan. With time, you need to evaluate your progress and assess the direction you are heading. If your real estate development business plan is taking you in the wrong direction, it’s a sign that it needs modifications. Consequently, it’s essential to create a business plan for a real estate development company by collaborating with professionals with extensive field experience.

Key types of Real Estate business plan

OGScapital has huge experience in delivering add value to various Real Estate businesses

Illustrative business plan samples

All Real Estate Business Plan are prepared using our extremely user-friendly and eye-catching format. Review the sample and you’ll see what kind of quality you can expect from OGScapital.

Real Estate Trading Business Plan

Starting a real estate business is a different ball game as opposed to other businesses. This business doesn’t require that you hunt down dozens of leads every day. Instead, you should focus on closing approximately five deals a year. That would be enough to earn abundant profit. However, due to a lack of planning, many agents fail to achieve their targets. In this section of the guide, we will discuss an effective way to start a trade business for real estate.

As technology is streamlining other businesses, it also facilitates real estate agents with lead management. A CRM tool helps organize contacts and offers actionable insights, so start by integrating your business with this automating tool and walk leads through the sales funnel. After selecting a CRM tool, create a business plan for real estate. As we discussed above, a real estate developer business plan is crucial to outline clear financial and business goals. A well-designed real estate business is all you need to get started the right way. Ensure that your real estate development business plan aligns with your real estate business model. Combine your personal and business identity to make a profit-driving machine and visualize a better future for your business.

Rental real estate trade or business requires a consistent marketing plan as well. Although a business plan for real estate includes this section, you need to give it individual thought. Learn methods to strategically create a lead generation plan. Seek help from a professional team to prepare a business and marketing plan. Make sure that your marketing plan adapts to the latest online strategies. Today, a web presence is highly essential to engage online leads and attract a bigger audience. Integrate your website with the CRM tool and organize consistent social media promotions to direct your audience to the website.

Many real estate business owners become a victim of shiny object syndrome and turn their potential opportunities into a big problem. But, a consistent agent eventually wins as they aim to buy short sale real estate properties.

How it works

OGScapital guides you through the entire process of devising the most effective real estate investment business plan.

Get your real estate investment business plan in just four steps

Step 1

Complete an online form on our website.

Step 2

Discuss your ideas with our senior real estate business plan expert.

Step 3

We start working on your real estate developer business plan and hand over you a draft within ten days.

Step 4

We amend the changes according to your requirements and issue the final draft of your final real estate business plan.

Due Diligence Real Estate

Many real estate agents find the process of purchasing and selling the property complicated because they are unaware of what is due diligence in real estate. Real estate due diligence is different from how it’s done in other kinds of businesses.

But don’t worry. While due diligence real estate meaning is different, once you get the hang of it, dealing in properties will become an easy job.

Due diligence definition in real estate involves preparing before you purchase a property. Therefore, it entails doing your homework before buying a home for the real estate business. This helps you reduce costs and minimize risks.

Our solution

OGS with help you meet your goals by creating a Real Estate business plan that will comply fully with all investor and government body (licensing) requirements.


  • Users: Family & Friends Seed Funders, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists, Government Bodies and Private Equity Funds

  • Size: 40-50 pages

  • Timeframe: 12 days

  • Graphic design: included

  • Unlimited revisions: included

  • Assigned team: 3 senior experts with a project lead

Proposal contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Model
  • Mission/Goals
  • Services
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Mix
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Forecast
  • Exit Strategy
  • Business/Operating Strategy
  • 5 Forces Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Use of Proceeds

Why OGS Capital is the Best Option for Business Plan?

As we already discussed, creating real estate business plans is a bit complicated than others. Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional company and create a real estate development business plan that covers every significant factor. Writing a good real estate developer business plan requires a critical skill set, the ability to research the market, and knowing how to write a real estate developer business plan. Furthermore, understanding what is real estate due diligence is just the basic step.

In addition, you require extensive knowledge about running a successful real estate business. So, collaborating with a professional team, such as OGS Capital, should be on your list of objectives. At OGS Capital, we save your time and provide amazing results by assigning experts to handle your real estate developer business plan. Writing a plan for a real estate business seems like an easy task, but not every person is cut out for it.


How do I write a real estate investment business plan?

To write a real estate business plan, you require experience and knowledge about the market, especially when your goal is to create the best real estate business plan; you need to conduct market research and assess successful businesses. Starting a real estate business is easy but including financials and other essential elements needs thorough understanding. Therefore, it is critical to consult a professional service provider such as OGS Capital.

How much do you need to start a business plan for real estate? 

The real estate business is a zero-budget business that requires effort and time, and if done correctly, you can generate more leads and boost revenues. While starting business projects, many real estate agents require investments. They purchase a condo, apartment, property, or a house on their investments and sell it on a profitable return, so they need a proposal to attract investors.

How do I get into the real estate business?

Start by creating a strategic business plan and decide relevant goals. Come up with real estate business card ideas and surprise potential customers by presenting a professional sales business plan. You need to create an impression that you know how to run a business. In simple words, build trust and create more leads in your database.

What type of business is best for real estate?

When it comes to the real estate business, five major categories are available. These are commercial, residential, raw land, industrial, and special use. As a startup, you can choose from commercial or residential properties, which include rental properties, purchasing a home, and other properties. So, wisely choose an option that ensures maximum benefits in the short term. 

Real Estate Business Plan

OGSCapital will provide you with a complete real estate investment business plan for a reasonable fee.

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Our clients are our top priority, and we do everything in our power to not just meet but to exceed our client’s expectations.

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Jay Sanford

Best Company to work with.

OK, My experience dealing with OGS Capital was one of nothing but pleasure. We have review 3 other company before picking OGS Capital. Our experience with Alex was amazing. I don't know if that guy ever sleeps. We can expect to get emails from him 1 am in the morning. When you answer your email you can expect him to reply wight back. The BP and The PD is amazing. OGS is now trying to help us receive funding. Jay Sanford 8/29/1. Approve!

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Ria Taylor

Great bussiness with the most satisfying service.

To get ones concept from mind to on paper can only be done by professionals, I want to thank OGS Capital for all their dedication, late night work, specialties in all departments needed to complete our bp . Our company GG now able to soar because of the amazing work done by Alex and his colleagues, who gave us more than ever expected. Getting the bp in hand to begin the project was most important and with all of Alex efforts we got it before the time promised, even at times with incomplete information. The BP is amazing. Lynn Taylor 17/09/2019

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Details create the big picture!

With full confidence I recommend working with OGS Capital. It is more than just being professional but the attention to details and full dedication from Alex is what impressed me. Such an intellectual individual who has the patience to listen to the needs of the client which ended by exceeding the expectations. I will definitely use their services again whenever required.

∙ Amina Tena

Great service!

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Awesome job!

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Highly recommend !

I was very impressed with Alex and OG Capital. They got to work immediately and produced a top quality business plan that I am very proud of. Will definitely recommend their services.

∙ Jackie
Santino Banks

Best of the best

I was a little nervous at first because they seemed to charge quite little in comparison to what they claimed to be able to deliver, but that scepticism was soon erased. These guys were second to none. Responsive every step of the way and achieved a result far beyond my expectations from a fairly limited amount of information given, it was almost surreal to see. Legends in their field.

∙ Santino Banks
Keyvan Karam

Veeeeery good qulaity 😁😁and the best…

Veeeeery good qulaity 😁😁and the best company for your trustt

∙ Keyvan Karam

About us

Founded in 2006, OGScapital is a collaborative venture of 8 partners. Working with competent professionals since then, we have turned into a world-class business plan company in the USA, UK, Canada. More than 5000 clients have successfully built their real estate business with OGS’s team of consultants that only focuses on the Real Estate Industry. We know what works for you when it comes to establishing a real estate business as we have plenty of experience working with international consulting firms and investment banks including Serving Fortune 1000 clients, Bain Deloitte, and PWC.


OGScapital was established in 2006


Our documents have helped attract $200m+ for Real Estate projects


Our senior experts have experience spanning 42+ industries


Our track record includes 150+ happy clients from Real Estate industry


Our team includes 60 consultants including 7 Real Estate professionals


OGScapital has access to a network of 300+ investors

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More than 5,000 companies have used OGScapital’s services.

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We were rated the TOP4 Small Business Consulting Firm in 2020 per Clutch
We were rated the TOP4 Small Business Consulting Firm in 2020 per Clutch