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Our business plans for investment have helped 5,000+ clients attract more than $2.7bln in financing

Why Us?

OGScapital knows the secret to preparing a business plan for investors that will raise the money you need.

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    Results-driven solutions

    OGS business plans will comply with all investor requirements. Our dedicated team will emphasize your business idea’s unique advantages and attractiveness, highlighting the market potential, investment returns, and competitiveness of your value proposition.

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    Strategic advice

    We do more than just structure your inputs in a professional way. We also take our internal knowledge and market research into account. We will challenge your business idea, adding best practices and providing guidance that will make your ideas more attractive to investors.

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    Experienced team

    Our experts are MBA fellows from TOP10 schools. Together, we can boast wide-ranging experience working in senior positions in top investment banks, consulting companies like PWC, Deloitte, UBS, and Morgan Stanley and serving Fortune 1000 clients.

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    High-quality market research

    Your business plan for investors will include market analysis and research from globally recognized research firms including IBISworld, Datamonitor, MarketLine, Statista, etc. In addition we are using our network of industry experts and opinion leaders.

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    Full customization

    Each document is prepared from scratch, with rich and eye-catching design that utilizes graphics, tables, pie charts and illustrations. No templates and no ready-made solutions. Three MBA consultants will work on your business plan for investors.

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    OGScapital connects you with our extensive and global network of investors. Our network includes different profile of investors, such as venture capitalists, private equity funds, angel investors, banks/private lenders and international financial institutions.

Our solution

OGS with help you meet your goals by writing a business plan for investors that will comply fully with all requirements.

Business Plan for Investors:

  • Users:   Family & Friends Seed Funders, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists, and Private Equity Funds

  • Size:   40-50 pages

  • Timeframe:   12 days

  • Graphic design:  included

  • Assigned team:   3 senior experts with a project lead

  • Rush Delivery Service:  Available

Document contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Model
  • Business Model
  • Services
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Mix
  • Management Team
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Business/Operating Strategy
  • 5 Forces Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Model
  • Use of Proceeds

Illustrative business plan samples

Our business plans for investors are designed by our team of graphic designers.



How much does an OGScapital business plan cost?

Our fees are highly competitive and entirely reasonable, scaling up or down according to task complexity


What sections will be included in the business plans for investment?

Content varies depending on the client’s needs. We know that making a business plan for investorsis not a one-size-fits-all process. All documents, though, include the following key sections: market analysis, business model description, operational strategy, goals, financial model, etc


Can you guarantee that my business plan will lead to successful fundraising?

We can guarantee that the business plan we prepare for you will comply fully with investor/lender requirements. However, we cannot take responsibility for the success of your fundraising efforts-there are simply too many factors that we cannot control (e.g., your credit score, relevant experience, etc.)

How it works

OGScapital will work closely with you and provide guidance throughout the process.

Your business plan for investors in 4 easy steps

Step 1
Step 2

A senior expert will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Step 3

We will begin writing a business plan for investors and issue a draft within 10-15 days.

Step 4

We consider your comments, revise as necessary, and issue the final business plan.

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    About us

    OGScapital was established in 2006 by 8 partners. Since then, we have become the #1 business plan company with a track record including more than 5,000 satisfied clients. OGS team members have wide-ranging experience working in globally recognized investment banks and consulting companies (PWC, Bain, Deloitte) and serving Fortune 1000 clients.


    OGScapital was established in 2006


    Our documents have helped attract $2.7bln+


    Our senior experts have experience in 42+ industries


    Our track record includes 5,000+ happy clients from all over the world


    Our team includes 60 consultants


    OGScapital has access to a network of 300+ investors


    Our clients are our top priority, and we do everything in our power to not just meet but to exceed our client’s expectations.

    OGScapital are in the TOP3 on Trustpilot with a score of 9.5/10.

    Adam D.


    Business Plan & Pitch Deck Development

    Alex and his team carefully studied my document guide and developed from it a brilliant business plan and pitch deck in a timely manner. Alex is very patient and takes his time to understand exactly what you want in a document. Don’t even think about anywhere other than OGS Capital for your BP and other documentation needs.

    ∙ Adam D.

    belkis toredi


    Alex and his team have great expertise…

    Alex and his team have great expertise in their business. They care for the customer expectations and seek the best outcome.I am highly satisfied and would truly recommend their service!

    ∙ belkis toredi

    Reginald Pierre


    My EB2 NIW case has been approved…

    My EB2 NIW case has been approved within only 3 months without any questions from USCIS. Under the leadership of Alex Silensky, OGS Capital has provided me with a very high-level professional service in a very short time. OGS Capital knows how to turn your background profile into a well-designed business plan to meet the USCIS expectation. Alex is available at any time to assist you until after the final version is provided. The team is very flexible to address comments and bring possible adjustments to the first draft. Very realistic statistics have been added to the document to back up the narrative. Their business plan will definitely be used for my entrepreneurship journey in the US. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND OGS CAPITAL FOR ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS PLAN.

    ∙ Reginald Pierre

    Umut San


    Good service and very professional…

    Good service and very professional approach.

    ∙ Umut San



    Great Business Plan writer, highly recommended

    Alex did a great job. Before i worked with him i asked from some Business Plan writers a sample. OGS Capital’s sample was the best. Also Alex responded my messages always very fast. Easy communication is very important for me. The Business Plan they made for our company was great. We asked some updates a few times and he did all the updates in short period of time. Overall he delivered a great Business Plan, very fast and efficient communication. For us it was a pleasure to work with him. We highly recommend the OGS Capital. Thank you.

    ∙ Bulent



    Happy with the final output

    Alex and team have delivered the business plan on time and met my expectations. There were some revisions which were required to the original draft and they were provided to us in a day or two. Thanks for all the hard work on market research and preparing this business plan.

    ∙ Prasad

    Daniel Burnside


    Did exactly what I needed them to- very…

    Did exactly what I needed them to- very helpful.

    ∙ Daniel Burnside

    Walter Shields


    They responded quickly after I first

    They responded quickly after I first sent my contact information in. I feel they did a good job, they researched areas I hadn’t thought of to help make my business plan better.

    ∙ Walter Shields

    Our clients

    More than 5,000 companies have used OGScapital’s services.

    African Energy Distributor
    Lyndon Energy
    Global Impact
    The Smugglers Inn
    Baggage Freight
    ContinEight Group Corp.
    Real Estate Company
    Precision Science
    Panama Wildlife Corp.
    Tiger City
    Manatee Holdings LTD
    FOX Models
    Einstein HR
    Destinations USA
    Saleem Technologies
    888 Markets
    Vertical Studio
    Pure Loyalty
    Pronto Hotel
    Flip Flop Shops
    Waves Coffee House
    Sylvan Learning
    Blaze Pizza
    Twin Peaks
    Heavy Rus Cargo
    Go Kin
    Gat Patch
    Diamond Sun Labs
    Strawberry Star
    Ayurveda Service

    Any questions? Get in Touch!

      Content on page reviewed by:

      Alex Silensky – co-owner of the leading business consultant firm OGS Capital.



      Business Plan for Investors

      Investor business plans provide a foundation for the establishment and development of new businesses. They are a vital tool for organizations for raising capital and ensuring they are ready for investors. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur wondering how to create a business plan for investors? If the answer is yes, continue reading as we will discuss all you need to know about business plans investors.

      What is a Business Plan for Investors?

      Have you ever written an investment group business plan idea on a piece of paper or a napkin? Most individuals planning to start a business often jot down their ideas, mentioning essential tasks they intend to accomplish. Investor business plans are quite similar to these but contain more details. At its core, writing a business plan for investors is a written document discussing how your business will operate and what measures you need to follow to ensure your company’s success.

      Contrary to popular belief, not every business plans investor’s document contains hundreds of pages and minute details. You’d be surprised to learn that some companies have documents lasting within a page or two- it all depends on your particular operation and logistics. In most cases, companies use lean business plans for investment. These documents are relatively short and contain bullet points focusing on the organization’s tactics, strategy, milestones, responsibilities, financial projections, and other critical elements pertinent to your business’s venture.

      There is a defined way to create or present a business plan for investors. You can choose a format that suits you and jot down the important details about your business, ensuring they are easy to understand. Also, you should only print your company’s strategy documents for limited events. Besides printing the business plan for an investor or team member, it would be best to save it digitally on your smartphone or personal computer.

      The reason for saving your plan on digital is that these documents often change as time passes. Look at every successful organization, and you will realize that they make tweaks and adjustments to their business plans investors according to their needs. Your strategy does not remain constant. It changes with the times, and having a printed document unless you want to show it to an interested party, would not be a good idea.

      How to Present a Business Proposal to Investors?

      While making a detailed business plans investors is crucial for your organization’s success, you must be able to present it to your investors. There is no point in having a writing a business plan for investors companies strategy document if you don’t know how to present writing business plan for investors. Let us discuss some helpful tips to ensure you can secure funds during your pitch meeting.

      Create a Narrative

      Investors will listen to you keenly if you present your idea as a story. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that creating a narrative and being personable are arguably two of the most important elements behind presenting a business proposal to investors. Consider spending some time to create a meaningful story that helps you present your business with passion and detail.

      Tell them How You Stand Out

      You should know how to make your idea stand out when presenting the business plan for potential investors. There is a high likelihood that there is a company that offers similar products or services to yours, and your investors most likely know about it. Therefore, convincing them how you will solve your customer’s problems and how your solution will be better than your competition would be in your best interest.

      Do you know what do investors look for the most when presented with a business plan company? The answer is stats and sources. Provide investors with credible sources and statistics to support your claims to increase your chances of getting funded.

      Don’t Forget to Practice

      The days and weeks leading up to your meeting about the business plan to get investors should be full of rigorous training. You must leave no stone unturned to ensure that the investors love your pitch and provide you the funding necessary to start your business. Every great entrepreneur does practices his or her business plan pitch for months or even years to ensure they get every detail right. It is the only way to stand out from others and present your offer with enthusiasm instead of nervousness.

      Have a Realistic Mindset

      People’s pitches rarely go according to their plans, so you shouldn’t worry about fumbling your words or making small errors. If you prepared enough, you would have no trouble recovering from your mistakes and getting your pitch back on track. It is a significant reason why you should have a realistic mindset. Expecting things to go smoothly and without interruptions is just a pipe dream and is almost impossible.

      Remembering and implementing the elements mentioned above is a surefire way to give a winning pitch and obtain the funding you wanted to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. However, this will only be possible if you have a solid business plan.

      It would be best to hire a professional writing a business plan for investors service instead of writing one by yourself. Why? Because individuals experienced in this field know how to create winning business plans for investment for different types of businesses. They know what to add and avoid, ensuring your document wins investors over.

      Luckily, you will not have to do a lot of searching for a professional writing a business plan for investors service as we at OGS Capital consider ourselves the best in this field. We have an endless list of clients from different fields and out expert writing a business plans investors developed their business plan companies according to their industry. Contact us, and our skilled team will create a document suited to your company’s particular objectives and goals.

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