Professional Operational and Strategic Planning services from OGScapital

OGS strategic planning consultants move companies to the next level by helping them achieve their goals and become market leaders.

Why OGS?

OGScapital bring best practices to your business to make it successful

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    Value-added service

    Our team will critically assess your case, analyze the market, identify opportunities for further business development/improvements, and provide guidance in due course. OGS support helps build market leaders.

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    Workable documents

    The business plan is structured as a business development road map, which can then be used as an actionable strategic operations plan for your business. It will be a live document that can be updated/revised in due course.

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    Complex solutions

    Our senior experts know that developing a strategic business plan starts with conducting thorough market research, to which are added sophisticated financial modelling and winning strategies.

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    Experienced consultants

    Our experts are MBA fellows from TOP10 schools with 15+ years of experience working with Fortune 1000 companies in senior positions in globally recognized consulting companies like PWC, Deloitte, and Bain.

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    Professional market analysis

    OGS strategic business plans include market analysis and research from leading research firms including IBISworld, Datamonitor, MarketLine, Statista, etc. as well as insights from other industry and market experts.

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    Full customization

    All documents are prepared from scratch in a user-friendly format with eye-catching graphics and stunningly modern design. Our team creates only tailored strategic plans.

Our solution

Our strategic planning support will help you create growth and add substantial value to your business.

Strategic Business Plan:

  • Users:   Founders, Top and Middle Management, and Investment Committees

  • Size:   40-70 pages

  • Timeframe:   15-20 days

  • Graphic design:  included

  • Assigned team:   3 senior experts with a project lead

  • Rush Delivery Service:  Available

Key elements of a strategic plan:
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Potential
  • Goals/Objectives/Mission
  • Operational/Business Strategy
  • Financial Modelling
  • Industry and Competitive analysis
  • Company Overview
  • Marketing Plan and Mix
  • Management Profile

Illustrative business plan samples

Our business plans for investors are designed by our team of graphic designers.



How much does an OGScapital operational plan cost?

Strategic business plans are typically focused on mid- and long-term goals and include detailed descriptions of strategies that will help the business achieve its obiectives and become a market leader


How much does an OGScapital operational plan cost?

Our fee is highly competitive and entirely reasonable, scaling up or down depending on task complexity.


What sections will be included in the strategic business plan?

Components of strategic plan vary depending on the client’s needs. All documents, though, include the following key sections: market analysis, business model description, operational strategy, goals, financial model, etc.


How will an OGS business plan help take our company to the next level?

We will prepare a business development road map, challenge your current business concept, and ask you to consider a wide range of market and financial perspectives. You’ll learn more about your company’s strengths and weaknesses and how best practices can make your company’s future brighter.

How it works

OGS business plan consultants will guide and support you throughout the process

Get your strategic plan in 4 straightforward steps

Step 1

Fill out the online form or call us.

Step 2

One of our senior experts will contact you to discuss your case.

Step 3

We will begin creating a strategic business plan for you. It will be ready within 15-20 days.

Step 4

After reviewing your comments,
we will revise and finalize your
business plan.

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    About us

    OGScapital was established by 8 partners in 2006. We are the #1 business plan company, with a track record of 5,000+ satisfied clients. Our team members have wide-ranging experience working for Fortune Top 1000 companies. Our experience helps us bring industry-specific knowledge and solutions to bear on the problems faced by small and medium-sized businesses.


    OGScapital was established in 2006


    Our senior experts are MBA fellows from TOP10 schools


    Our team members have experience in 42+ industries


    We have 5,000+ happy clients spanning the globe


    Our team consists of 60 consultants


    OGScapital has served Fortune Top 1000 companies


    Our team is committed to exceeding our client’s expectations for each project. Our aim is to add value to everything we touch

    OGScapital are in the TOP3 of Trustpilot with a score of 9.5/10.



    Happy with the results

    Alex did a great job with what I needed. He was responsive, thorough and patient. Thank you.

    ∙ B

    Roger Castillo


    I liked how easy an helpful it was

    ∙ Roger Castillo



    Highly recommended

    Alex and the team were fantastic! We had an initial meeting to define the brief, they came back within the agreed timeframe with comprehensive business plan. There were a few amends after the initial draft, however this was concluded quickly. Communication was great throughout, and the final document was well received by our investors. Would definitely recommend!

    ∙ Anonymous

    Jojo Rassekh


    Very quick and professional service

    Very quick and professional service. I would highly recommend. Alex has done an outstanding job.

    ∙ Jojo Rassekh

    Taisia Guzeeva


    The best I could find!

    The top quality business plan, professional team and fast delivery for the very reasonable price!! Alex is absolutely amazing to work with, knows what he does and always responded very quickly to me! I will highly recommend OGScapital for anyone looking for a professional support with starting a new business!

    ∙ Taisia Guzeeva

    joshua moore


    Alex at OGS Capital was great in…

    Alex at OGS Capital was great in working with me and to receive the detailed informational needed for them to customize a very robust, appealing business plan geared towards both Legislators and investors. They were happy to be quick to respond with additional revisions, allowing us to polish our plan into the finished product that we were really happy with.

    ∙ joshua moore

    Elie Nakhoul


    A Special thank you to Alex for…

    A Special thank you to Alex for undertaking the urgency and special specific detailed nature of the business plan requested from his company. He took ownership and handled the situation from the very first day and delivered and surpassed my expectation!! Strongly recommend OGS capital. Thank you!

    ∙ Elie Nakhoul

    Barry Stone


    Here’s the absolute truth

    Here’s the absolute truth. I found OGS on the internet and took a flyer. I called them up and spoke to Alex. He provided me with the confidence to go ahead. The end result was a very well done business plan that supports my goal to develop an £8,000,000 RV Park in Oregon. Both SBA and my lender commented on the accuracy and completeness of the plan. Alex was always available and added features to the business plan that I would otherwise have overlooked. This is a first class company and Alex is a real pro. Barry S.

    ∙ Barry Stone

    Our clients

    More than 5,000 companies have used OGScapital’s services.

    African Energy Distributor
    Lyndon Energy
    Global Impact
    The Smugglers Inn
    Baggage Freight
    ContinEight Group Corp.
    Real Estate Company
    Precision Science
    Panama Wildlife Corp.
    Tiger City
    Manatee Holdings LTD
    FOX Models
    Einstein HR
    Destinations USA
    Saleem Technologies
    888 Markets
    Vertical Studio
    Pure Loyalty
    Pronto Hotel
    Flip Flop Shops
    Waves Coffee House
    Sylvan Learning
    Blaze Pizza
    Twin Peaks
    Heavy Rus Cargo
    Go Kin
    Gat Patch
    Diamond Sun Labs
    Strawberry Star
    Ayurveda Service

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      Professional Strategic/Operational Planning Services

      If you do not have a strategy for your business, it is likely to face a plethora of challenges.  Regardless of what business you run, strategic business plan development remains one of the substantial parts of successful operations. If you want your business to remain profitable, agile, and relevant to your customers’ needs, developing an operational strategy business plan is vital.

      It is worth mentioning that when businesses are successfully growing, their operations and functions become even more complicated. This is when a comprehensive strategic business plan is crucial; it helps devise actions that support growth.

      Know that a successful business strategy is the result of an in-depth analysis of business data, current conditions of the market, and, most importantly, consumer demands. That means it is vital for entrepreneurs to know how their business works in order to create the most appropriate strategic and operational plan in business plan.

      That is to say, thought-out strategic planning business development can bring plenty of benefits to all types of businesses, whether they are small start-ups or giant corporations. If you are considering revamping your operational strategy business plan, we have included everything you need to understand the role of strategic business plan development for the success and growth of your business.

      Private Placement Memorandum

      What is a strategic business plan

      A strategic business plan provides businesses with a roadmap to help them accomplish their goals. Precisely, it is a process of setting a direction and documenting a strategic operations plan for your business by assessing its current status and future goals. A comprehensive strategic business plan is a document recording a business’ vision, mission, and values along with the short and long-term goals and the steps they need to take to reach them.

      Many expert entrepreneurs define a strategic business plan as a tool that outlines a path for the business. If strategic plans are well-written, they can play a significant role in the success and growth of a business. They tell business owners and workers how to respond to not only the challenges but also the opportunities in the best possible manner.

      In short, an organization’s strategic operations plan improves entrepreneurs’ business awareness. By developing planning business strategies, entrepreneurs get a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their business concerning potential competitors.

      As mentioned earlier, when an individual has planning business strategies of a business, they know what direction to take if they want to excel in the respective industry. And that is what sharpens their focus reach that milestone. Strategic planning business development, therefore, helps businesses develop targets and goals to help employees direct their efforts into the right tasks to meet them.

      Moreover, an essential part of developing a strategic business plan is an ability to see beyond short-term goals and small gains. With comprehensive planning business strategies, significant gains and future-oriented goals become the target. This helps companies bring and manage sustainability in operations and remain focused on long-term goals.

      Features of the Strategic Plan

      Keep in mind that writing a strategic and operational strategy business plan takes some time, but it is tremendously advantageous for the seamless growth process. As a part of a strategic management process, it ensures that all aspects of an organization are working towards achieving the goals with an intended direction.
      Here we have enumerated some of the most important features of a planning business strategy.

      • 1

        A strategic operations plan is more like an analytical process that formulates various operational plans for a business. Companies implement strategic plans through projects while other divisions and units execute operational plans.

      • 2

        The time horizon is another critical feature of strategic and operational planning. It typically focuses on long-term planning as it keeps in view existing and future opportunities. Besides this, a robust operational strategy business plan helps it analyze strong and weak aspects through a situational investigation. For instance, if your business attracts local buyers, it is a strength, while an inability to attract a non-local customer base is its weakness.

      • 3

        A planning business strategy always highlights the core values – a set of beliefs of a business. It devises actions and strategies that reflect the vision and mission of a business. It focuses on the resources and strengths of high-priority activities instead of day-to-day tasks. Put simply; strategic and operational planning is one of the important forward-looking activities that ascertain a business’s future threats and opportunities while considering market share, competition, profitability, and products.

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        Effective planning entails a process that helps companies or setups select the best strategy by considering their personal values, interests, and corporate responsibility. That helps executives and strategic managers reduce risks by choosing a strategy that takes the best advantage of future opportunities.

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        A well -written operational plan business plan coordinates the company’s internal environment with its external environment, long-term with short-term plans, and financial with non-financial resources.

      • 6

        Last but not least, strategic planning is a logical effort. It helps strategic managers or entrepreneurs envision a future they want for the firm. A strategic business plan produces many decisions, and alternative ideas, to formulate a successful course of action that can help a brand attain success and strengthen its position in the industry.

      OGS Capital – Professional Strategic and Operational Planning Consultants

      Strategic and operational planning requires specialized expertise and experience in the field. At this time, you need professionals who are well aware of all the components of a strategy and can offer an untainted and unbiased viewpoint in the planning.

      At OGS Capital, competent strategic and operational planning consultants focus on discovering what is best for your business. The professional business strategy consultant not only helps you find solutions to various business problems but also assists you in choosing attainable and realistic goals that can enhance operations. They make sure that your strategic operations plan is precise and clear about business goals, priorities, and includes your entire team to propel the company to the next level.

      Call us to improve your strategic operational plan in business plan process and develop an effective execution plan.

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      Alex Silensky – co-owner of the leading business consultant firm OGS Capital.



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