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OGS nonprofit business plans help nonprofit organizations raise money

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    Well-structured document

    An OGScapital nonprofit start-up business plan will clearly present the problem and the solution that your project is offering. The document will comply with the investor requirements for nonprofits who are to receive either private or public grants.

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    Strategic support

    Our senior experts will provide guidance and strategic advice throughout the project. We will challenge your nonprofit start-up business idea, analyze the market, and suggest further ways that the project might be developed to make it more attractive to donors.

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    Experienced team

    OGScapital has a separate team of the business plan writers who have been focused on non-profit business plans for 12+ years. OGS clients have successfully raised $1.2bln from leading donor organizations/programs.

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    High-quality market research

    Your nonprofit start-up business plan will include market research prepared by globally recognized agencies including IBISworld, Datamonitor, MarketLine, Statista, etc. as well as business insights from industry experts and market gurus.

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    Full Customization

    Each document is prepared from scratch, complete with rich and colorful graphics and eye-catching design. No templates and no ready-made solutions. You will get a carefully tailored document, which will increase your chances of fundraising success.

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    OGScapital will also provide clients access to our extensive network of investors and donors. Upon request, our MBA consultants can distribute your business plan among our network of contacts.

Our solution

Get a 501(c)(3) nonprofit start-up business plan that will help you secure funding and/or get tax-exempt status for a nonprofit organization

Nonprofit Start-Up Business Plan:

  • Users:   Government authorities/agencies, Donors and Investors

  • Size:   30-40 pages

  • Timeframe:   12 days

  • Graphic design:  included

  • Assigned team:   2 senior experts with a project lead

  • Rush Delivery Service:   Available

Document contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Legal structure
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Product/Services
  • Operating Plan
  • Management and Staffing Plan
  • Appendixes



How much does an OGScapital business plan cost?

Our fee is highly competitive and entirely reasonable, scaling up or down according to task complexity.


What sections will be included in the business plan for nonprofit organization?

Business plan structures vary depending on the client’s needs, but all documents include the following key sections: market analysis, business model description, operational strategy, goals, financial model, etc.


Can you guarantee that an OGS business plan will lead to successful fundraising?

We guarantee that the business plan we prepare for you will comply fully with the requirements of investors/donors. However, we are not responsible for the success of your fundraising efforts—there are simply too many factors that we cannot control.

How it works

OGScapital will work closely with you throughout the project, offering crucial advice and guidance that will help make your fundraising efforts a success.

Getting your nonprofit start-up business plan in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Fill out our online form or call us.

Step 2

An OGS consultant will contact you to discuss your needs.

Step 3

We will begin developing a nonprofit start-up business plan and issue the draft within 10-12 days.

Step 4

After responding to your comments with the necessary changes, we will issue the final nonprofit start-up business plan.

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    OGScapital was founded by 8 partners in 2006. Our team members have 15+ years of experience preparing business plans. This experience, paired with our success rate, has made OGS the #1 business plan company—the choice for 670 non-profit organizations. We support non-profits that, with their charity activities, actively try to make the world a better place for everybody.


    OGScapital was established in 2006


    Our documents have helped nonprofit organizations attract $1.2bln+ in funding


    Our business plan writers are MBA fellows from TOP10 schools


    Our team members have experience in 42+ industries


    Our customers are based on 6 continents


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    Our project teams are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We endeavor to exceed our clients’ expectations in every conceivable way

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    Somebody Japanese

    I am deeply grateful for Alex and OGScapital! The business plan I received was very inspiring, innovative and well-designed. This was not just a plan. It turned my simple idea into a fantastic blueprint, giving me completely new insights. It scrutinised relevant markets, added the strategy to compensate for my potential weakness, and established feasible financial plan. Alex responds very quickly. I live on the opposite side of the earth, but I didn’t need to mind time difference. Also, the plan was completed just in 14 days, as promised. Payment system is fair, because I didn’t have to pay everything before I checked the outcome. Above all, it is unbelievably low-priced compared to expensive immigration solicitors, but I assure you that quality was greatest. もし日本の方で英語で会話できる方は、ビジネスビザの申請時のビジネスプラン作成にはAlexが絶対にお勧めです!

    ∙ Somebody Japanese



    Alex Silensky – OGS Capital

    Alex Silensky at OGS capital was recommended to me by a colleague when I was looking for help with the business plan for a new venture. Alex provided clever ideas and viewpoint, contributing to a cohesive plan. He is efficient, easy to contact anytime of the day, and professional in all interactions.

    ∙ MYD

    Lawrence Samour


    Impeccable attention to details

    I fully support this perfect team on their dedication and thorough work delivering my business plan as promised… excellent attention to details… direct to the point business plan with clear objectives and easy to ready … I recommend them with confidence

    ∙ Lawrence Samour

    Sam Breaux


    Detailed report.

    Alex was very professional. The due diligence report was detailed and to the point. I loved the risk level assessment in the different categories. I loved the different analysis reports. This is what I was looking for. I wanted to minimize my risk before making a big investment. The report was worth the money. I ended up not investing in company. It saved me a lot of money and help me avoid a disaster.

    ∙ Sam Breaux



    We engaged with Alex just under 4 weeks…

    We engaged with Alex just under 4 weeks ago, After our initial consultation we realised Alex and ogscapital was a exactly what we wanted. From start to finish Alex was professional and understood exactly what our business plan was meant to deliver. He delivered the plan in just 14 days, the amount of research and time that got put into the plan was exceptional. The pricing was very reasonable for such a in-depth plan. I can not recommend Alex and OGSCapital highly enough. Thank you Michael

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    Very professional and timely done business plan. Thank you Alex! Will be back to you soon with another project!

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      When making a charity organization or starting a nonprofit start-up business, most of the entrepreneurs already know the driving force behind it. While many want to help poor or help kids receive education, for others, it is about taking care of neglected older adults or abandoned animals. There is no denying that nonprofits businesses are mission-driven.
      But it does not mean that you should not consider the business side of the organization. You need a business plan for a nonprofit start-up organization to make it not only survive but also thrive. Even though you don’t intend to run the business for profits, having a working business model is essential to achieve your goals and execute the mission.
      You might need a business plan for the following reasons:

      • To persuade significant foundations and donors to fund the organization

      • To recruit board members to make them understand the aim of the organization

      • To set a compass for the organization not to lose track

      • To apply for a business loan if you want to set up a gift shop, store or an enterprise to fund the programs

      That is to say, a business plan for a nonprofit organization may vary according to its nature and type.  Let’s plunge into the details to understand how a nonprofit start-up business plan can help you establish a successful organization.

      What is a Nonprofit Business Plan

      It is worth mentioning that running a charity organization is like running any other business. Many nonprofit organizations incorporate the same business structure when they apply for tax-exempt status.

      Although both profit and non-profit organizations are different in terms of making revenues, they apply the same rules when it comes to establishing a nonprofit business plan. That means a nonprofit company needs to do nonprofit business planning as much as any other firm does.

      A nonprofit start-up business plan typically describes the current status of an organization and sets a roadmap for the future. It lays out the organization’s plans and goals for meeting the targets. A nonprofit start-up business plan organization is more like a living document that reflects on action plans of making a positive impact on society.

      Moreover, a foundation nonprofit business plan helps entrepreneurs secure necessary support from the people, be it unpaid assistance or monetary.

      Nonprofit Business Plan

      For business owners, it is of paramount importance to understand the tasks a business plan serves before starting a nonprofit organization. A comprehensive non-profit business planning allows entrepreneurs to:

      • Establish milestones and lay out their goals

      • Evaluate the feasibility of nonprofit document and fundraising model

      • Understand their beneficiaries, stakeholders, and partners

      • Attract volunteers and a board

      • Attract investments and prove that they are serious about their nonprofit

      • Force them to uncover new opportunities

      • Iron out kinks in the plan and help them hold themselves accountable

      • Position their nonprofit and help them get clear about their message

      Features of a Nonprofit Organization Business Plan

      How to create a nonprofit start-up business plan is one of the common questions that come to many entrepreneurs’ minds when they decide to start a nonprofit company. As mentioned earlier, the format of the plan varies according to the organization’s type. However, all nonprofit start-up business plans have several universal features. The most common ones are as follows.

      • 1

        Executive Summary

        It is a concise and precise overview of the entire nonprofit start-up business plan. Entrepreneurs need to make it crisp and interesting to keep potential donors or readers engaged. Plus, it describes the mission, history, strengths, and assets of a nonprofit organization. Many foundation business plans include a list of programs and services of their organization. Marketing and financial plans are also an essential part of the executive summary.

      • 2

        Structure of the Organization

        This part features the organizational structure of a nonprofit company. Plus, it may include objectives, growth plans, and subsidiaries. Many nonprofit organization business plans list the trends of the nonprofit area.

      • 3

        Marketing Plan

        Starting from the audience that a nonprofit is trying to target to describing constituencies for explaining market trends, this component features everything. It also includes promotional efforts, media outreach, market research, and communication channels a nonprofit will have.

      • 4

        Programs and Services

        A comprehensive nonprofit organization business plan also describes what products a company distributes and what programs it will offer. Also, it lists the services the nonprofit plans to provide. Besides this, it includes some unique features that include delivery processes, product sources, and benefits of what they offer.

      • 5

        Financial Plan

        This is one of the most critical parts of a nonprofit organization business plan. It lists the current financial status, income source, cash-flow statement, and balance sheet. It often lists the grants a nonprofit company has received, fundraising plans, and significant contributions.

      Why Hire an OGS Consultant for Writing Nonprofit Business Plan

      Developing a business plan for a nonprofit organization requires professional skills and expertise. At OGS Capital, our competent business plan writers know how to tailor an existing business plan to the requirements of your nonprofit organization. They modify the nonprofit business plan and include financial projections based on the services and programs your nonprofit company offers.

      Thus, if you want a well-thought-out nonprofit organization business plan, there is no better choice than OGS Capital. You can contact our consultants to discuss the specific requirements of your nonprofit company and seek the assistance of our experts to make an effective business plan.

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