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Helping businesses create successful ICOs — 20+ OGScapital success stories

The main advantages of partnering with OGScapital

Support from a team of Professional MBA ICO consultants with 15 years of fundraising experience

Complete spectrum of ICO-related services
Get access to OGScapital’s full-scope consulting services. Our blockchain consultants can support you from the start and even with post-deal support. The process is easy and comfortable.

Improved investment attractiveness
We’ll help you develop and amend the business model, significantly improving its attractiveness to investors. Our focus is on adding value to your initial business concept and carefully considering current market trends and innovations.


Blockchain technology expertise
Each dedicated project team, including 5-8 ICO consultants, all with relevant blockchain experience and expertise, will put you in touch with blockchain consulting gurus with specific knowledge pertaining to your unique project.


Opportunities in ICO and business development
Our partnerships with key ICO stakeholders and our established contacts, including both investors and crypto traders, will help you achieve your business goals and make your ICO launch a successful one

Our services

We help you launch a successful ICO campaign by offering you comprehensive and professional services.

  • 1

    ICO Due Diligence

    Comprehensive evaluation of your ICO project, covering the legal compliance and regulatory analysis, the technical audit and security assessment, the token economics and valuation, the team background and reputation check, and the market research and competitive analysis.

  • 2

    ICO Consulting

    Full range of services, from token design and smart contract development, to ICO strategy and roadmap, to white paper and pitch deck creation, to investor relations and community management, to launch and post-ICO support.

  • 3

    Writing an ICO White Paper and Other Crucial Documents

    Preparing a high-quality and persuasive white paper and other documents to showcase your project’s problem, solution, technology, token, and team in a clear and compelling way that are compliant with the relevant legal and regulatory standards.

  • 4

    Marketing Guide

    Effective marketing plan to boost your brand awareness, website traffic, social media engagement, media coverage, and investor interest to help you reach your target audience and attract more investors for your ICO project.

How it works

OGScapital will work closely with you and provide guidance throughout the process.
Your business plan in 4 easy steps:


Step 1

Call us or fill in our online form.


Step 2

We will contact you shortly to discuss your case.


Step 3

We provide professional ICO advisory support (depending on selected service).


Step 4

Accelerate your business development to achieve your strategic goals and objectives

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    Our Testimonials on Trustpilot

    OGScapital has a TOP-5 rating and a 9.5/10 Trustpilot score.

    PMJ Relations


    Great Satisfaction

    Great communication and coordination. The quality of the work delivered is very professional and exceeded my expectation. I would definitely engage with OGS Capital again in the future. Thank you OGS Capital!

    ∙ PMJ Relations



    Highly Efficient Service

    I am incredibly happy with the outcome! Alex and his team are highly efficient professionals with a diverse bank of knowledge!


    ENGIN Z.


    High Quality Business Plan and Professional Support

    It was amazing to work with OGS Capital for our business plan. They promptly responded our enquires and delivered document on time.The document was well organized high quality and content.We succeded with Alex and his team support. We thank you guys again for professional approach and easy communication.

    ∙ ENGIN Z.

    Mohit R.


    L-1 Update – RateGain – KOTHARI, Siddharth

    Alex has been super quick with his responses to my emails. I needed my business plan very urgently and whether it was Saturday or Sunday, Alex made sure that i had my plan ready in the shortest amount of time possible. My finance team is also very impressed. Well done Alex and keep up the good work!!!!! Sid Kothari Executive Vice President www.rategain.com 470.422.8578 8300 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800, Mclean, VA, 22102

    ∙ Mohit R.

    Marc Jacobs


    Great service

    Great service. Good turnaround time and quality work. Thanks!

    ∙ Marc Jacobs

    Linda K.


    Very professional

    Had a great experience with OGS, especial ly Alex. Understood exactly what I wanted and did the job when promised. I was little skeptical about them at first but they definitely were amazing. Very happy with the work. I highly recommend them!

    ∙ Linda K.

    Jennifer H. Adair


    We had a great experience with OGScapital

    We had a great experience with OGScapital. They were quick, on top of the BCP, and got us exaclty what we needed. We also had an issue with completing a task in a certain time required and they were nice enough to help us out and allow us an additional week. Thank you Alex for all your help!

    ∙ Jennifer H. Adair

    Thomas Faerber


    OGS capital

    OGS capital, namely Alex, has gained my trust within the first minutes of engagement. Very professional, very reliable and even under time pressure a trustworthy source. Excellent-no reservations, I can only recommend this company to anyone.

    ∙ Thomas Faerber



    Is an ICO the right course of action for my project?

    To determine whether an ICO is right for your business, we suggest you start with due diligence that will analyze your current business model and ICO readiness.


    How long will it take to prepare for an ICO?

    Projects timeframes vary from case to case based on ICO readiness and marketing strategy, but the process usually takes 3-6 months.


    What are the payment terms?

    Our terms include a 50% prepayment—the remaining balance will be paid at the end of the project (only when you are 100% satisfied).

    OGScapital – one of the world’s leading ICO services providers

    OGScapital was established in 2006 by 8 partners, all of them with working experience in the high-profile investment banks (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc.) and consulting companies (Bain, Deloitte, etc.).


    15+ years of professional consulting experience


    Helped to attract more than $1.5bln for our clients


    Helping more than 5,000 businesses attract much-needed financing


    20+ successful ICO launches


    Our network includes more than 600 investors and crypto traders

    What is the role of an ICO consultant?

    Businesses that want to raise funds by selling digital tokens to investors for crypto or fiat currency can benefit from the services of an ICO consulting firm. These experts assist businesses in launching their own STOs or ICOs thanks to their extensive knowledge of smart contracts, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance. From the beginning to the end, they guide and support the businesses, while making sure that the initial coin offering (ICO) has a clear and organized strategy.
    Consultant for an ICO project provide various services to their clients, such as:

    Market research and analysis to determine and comprehend the market demands, possibilities, and difficulties for the ICO project.

    Token design and development to create and implement the token or coin that represents the value and utility of the ICO project.


    White Paper and website creation to produce and publish the whitepaper and the website that communicate the vision, the goals, and the details of the ICO project.


    Legal and regulatory compliance to ensure that the ICO project follows the laws and regulations of the relevant jurisdictions and authorities.

    Bank-SBA compliance

    Marketing and promotion to plan and execute the marketing and promotion campaigns that attract and engage the investors and the public for the ICO project.


    Investor relations and community management to establish and maintain the trust and loyalty of the investors and the community for the ICO project.

    Advantages of hiring an ICO consultant

    Hiring an ICO consultant can have many advantages for the ICO project, such as:

    • pro-support-icon
      Expertise and experience

      in launching successful ICOs and providing valuable guidance and advice for the ICO project.

    • pro-support-icon
      Save time and money

      by streamlining and optimizing the ICO process and avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes.

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