Financial Due Diligence Services

Are you planning to acquire a business? Deal value from $500k to $30m?
We will assist you in identification of red-flags / deal breakers before making a deal.
QoE / Financial Due diligence will be conducted by M&A experts with 15+ year experience.

Key Financial Due Diligence Services

Quality of Earnings Assessment
We assess the target company’s earnings quality, reliability, and accuracy. OGSCapital’s experts identify any adjustments or risks that could affect the business’s valuation or future performance and highlight them in our ​quality of earnings report.


Financial Statement Analysis
We analyze the target’s financial statements, policies, and disclosures as per our ​​financial due diligence checklist. OGSCapital’s team performs analysis and benchmarking to compare the company’s performance with peers and industry norms.


Working Capital and Cash Flow Analysis (Proof of Cash)
We review the target company’s working capital cycle, current assets, and liabilities. OGSCapital’s team analyzes the target’s cash flow statement, reconciling it with the income statement. Our Proof of Cash assessment ensures accuracy and reliability.


Capital Expenditure and Capital Structure Analysis
We review the target company’s historical and projected capital expenditure, including maintenance, expansion, and acquisition capex. OGSCapital’s analysts analyze the target company’s capital structure, including debt, equity, and hybrid instruments.

Profitability and Growth Analysis
We analyze the target company’s revenue streams, cost structure, margins, and profitability ratios. OGSCapital’s financial experts evaluate the company’s growth prospects, strategies, and risks and estimate their impact on earnings and cash flows.

Our Approach to Financial Due Diligence Services

OGS senior experts will provide support and guidance throughout the project

Advantages of Selecting OGSCapital as your Financial Due Diligence Advisor

OGScapital are focusing on traditional (offline) as well as web-based businessesExpertise and Experience

  • 1

    Expertise and Experience

  • 2

    Tailored Approach

  • 3

    Time and Cost Efficiency

  • 4

    Confidentiality and Security

  • 5

    Industry Recognition

  • 6

    Comprehensive Analysis

Traditional (offline) Business
Deal value > €3m

Enhanced Report

Timeframe: 3-4 WEEKS

Key focus areas:

  • Quality of Earnings, Historical Revenue and Cost base

  • Key drivers of business growth

  • Working Capital requirements, Net Debt position

  • Recommendations

Traditional (offline) Business
Deal value < €3m

Standard Report

Timeframe: 2-3 WEEKS

Key focus areas:

  • Analysis of Adjusted EBITDA, assistance in calculation of Normalized EBITDA

  • Overview of Cash Flows

  • Overview of Financial Position

  • Recommendations

Web-based Business
Deal value > €3m

Enhanced Report

Timeframe: 3-4 WEEKS

Key focus areas:

  • Financial analysis, including verifications

  • Traffic Sources, Sales and marketing Analysis

  • Operations and Legal Analysis, Industry & Competition Analysis

  • Recommendations

Web-based Business
Deal value < €3m

Standard Report

Timeframe: 2-3 WEEKS

Key focus areas:

  • Financial analysis

  • Traffic Sources, Sales and Marketing Analysis

  • Operations and Legal Analysis

  • Recommendations

How to Order Professional Financial Due Diligence


Step 1: Contact Us

Fill out a simple form with your basic details and the scope of your project and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.


Step 2: Consulting

Our senior financial analysts will understand your goals, objectives, and requirements based on our financial services due diligence questionnaire. Our approach is customized accordingly.


Step 3: Financial Due Diligence Process

Our team thoroughly examines the target company’s financials. OGSCapital’s experts use rigorous analytical methods following our financial services outsourcing due diligence checklist to uncover risks and opportunities.


Step 4: Financial Due Diligence Report

You’ll receive a comprehensive report outlining key findings, risks, growth opportunities, and recommendations. Our report provides actionable insights.

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    Our clients

    Our clients include private equity funds, industry leaders, operators of Amazon/Shopify stores as well as serial entrepreneurs and private investors:

    We were proud to be a trusted partner
    of (#1 marketplace to buy/sell online businesses).

    OGScapital conducted
    buy-side due diligences for all transactions
    on that marketplace in 2020-2022.


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    Our team has a spotless record of 5-star feedback

    Ns Suthakaran


    we have been OGScapital for few years…

    we have been OGScapital for few years now for our business plan and Alex knows what he does and he always do a full research before writing up the plan and the content is well written.

    ∙ Ns Suthakaran



    Excellent work from OGS capital and i…

    Excellent work from OGS capital and i will recommend this company to any one for sure.

    ∙ Melanie

    Mark Hammond


    OGS provides great end product for MECS

    Alex and his team gave MECS an excellent service. It was responsive , timely and their market research has certainly helped ‘beef’ up our Business Plan. It looks highly professional and exactly what we need for our next step. Thank you OGS , I would certainly recommend you to any of my contacts.

    ∙ Mark Hammond



    It is all about service excellence…

    It is all about service excellence… I wanted to share my experience working with OGScapital since every step in writing, discussing a business plan, hearing and understanding my needs it was always purely about fantastic service excellence of Alex and his team. And what exceeded my expectations is that OGS team helped me to make a plan for discussion it with a future investor. Once more thank you for all the support.

    ∙ Yuliya



    Alex is so patient and friendly and…

    Alex is so patient and friendly and responsive to help us complete the job. He has done a very hard work and saves us loads of time and hassles. Thanks again

    ∙ Tao



    Very professional and great to work with.

    A great experience working with Alex and his team. Very professional, fast response to requests and produced a great document. I would recommend this company to anyone that requires a detailed professional business plan.

    ∙ Ken

    Francesca Notti


    Would definitely recommend OGScapital

    Millie, thanks for all your excellent job, and timely provided BP. Would definitely recommend you and your team!

    ∙ Francesca Notti

    Yoav Krochmal



    It was great to work with Alex !! He deliver to me the BP fast and done amazing job. Thanks Alex for your help !!

    ∙ Yoav Krochmal



    How will you communicate with us during project execution?

    We will exchange information using Data Room, telephone calls, email and Skype calls.


    What is financial due diligence consulting?

    When you are looking for a business opportunity, you need to know if it is financially sound and worth pursuing. That’s why we offer financial due diligence consulting. OGSCapital’s experts will examine the financial records and risks of the company you are interested in and give you a detailed report. With our financial due diligence consulting, you can make informed decisions and avoid costly surprises before an M&A deal.


    Can you guarantee confidentiality?

    Yes, we will sign an NDA at the beginning of the project.


    Who performs financial due diligence?

    Due diligence financial analysis is carried out by professionals, including CPAs, MBAs, financial analysts, and industry specialists. OGSCapital’s financial due diligence team consists of qualified professionals with extensive experience. We work on your behalf to conduct a thorough and objective assessment of the financial performance, cash flows, assets, liabilities, and other key indicators of the target company during an M&A deal.

    About us

    OGScapital was established in 2006 by a team of former Big 4 consultants. Over the last 12 years, we have successfully completed more than 200 business due diligence services projects in 42+ industries. Our corporate finance team has wide-ranging experience with commercial, financial, and operational due diligences service and valuations.


    OGScapital was established in 2006


    OGScapital was involved in M&A deals worth a total of $9.0bln


    Our senior experts have experience in 40 industries


    We have a track record of 200+ happy due diligence service clients worldwide


    Our corporate finance team consists of 30 consultants


    OGScapital has served clients in 25 countries

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