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OGScapital knows the secret to preparing a business plan for medical cannabis that will raise the money you need.

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    Results-driven solutions

    Your business plan for dispensary will comply with all investor requirements. Our dedicated team will emphasize your business idea’s unique advantages and attractiveness, highlighting the market potential, investment returns, and competitiveness of your value proposition.

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    Strategic advice

    We do more than structure your inputs in a professional way. We also take our internal knowledge and market research into account. We will challenge your business idea, adding best practices and providing guidance that will make your ideas more attractive to investors.

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    Experienced team

    All of our experts are MBA fellows from TOP10 schools. Together, we can boast wide-ranging experience working in senior positions in top investment banks, consulting companies like PWC, Deloitte, UBS, and Morgan Stanley and serving Fortune 1000 clients.

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    High-quality market research

    Your cannabis business plan will include market analysis and research from globally recognized research firms including IBISworld, Datamonitor, MarketLine, Statista, etc. In addition we are using our network of industry experts and opinion leaders.

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    Full customization

    Each document is prepared from scratch, with rich and eye-catching design that utilizes graphics, tables, pie charts and illustrations. No templates and no ready-made solutions. Three MBA consultants will work on your cannabis manufacturing business plan.

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    OGScapital connects you with our extensive and global network of investors. Our network includes different profile of investors, such as venture capitalists, private equity funds, angel investors, banks/private lenders and international financial institutions.

Key types of cannabis business plan

OGScapital has huge experience in delivering add value to various cannabis businesses

Cannabis Dispensaries & Distribution

Hemp/Cannabis Processing & Packaging


Hemp/Cannabis Cultivation


Hemp and Cannabis Products

Our solution

OGS with help you meet your goals by creating a business plan for cannabis dispensary that will comply fully with all investor and government body (licensing) requirements.


  • Users:   Family & Friends Seed Funders, Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists, Government Bodies and Private Equity Funds

  • Document size:  40-50 pages

  • Timeframe:   12 days

  • Graphic design:  included

  • Unlimited revisions:  included

  • Assigned team:   3 senior experts with a project lead

  • Rush Delivery Service:  Available

Document contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Model
  • Mission/Goals
  • Products and Overview of facilities
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Marketing Mix
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Forecast
  • Exit Strategy
  • Business/Operating Strategy
  • 5 Forces Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Use of Proceeds

Illustrative cannabis cultivation business plan sample

Our investor-ready business plans for cannabis dispensary are designed by our team of graphic designers.



How much does an OGScapital cannabis processing business plan cost?

Our fees are highly competitive and entirely reasonable, scaling up or down according to task complexity


What sections will be included in the hemp business plan?

Content varies depending on the client’s needs. We know that making a cannabis cultivation business plan for investors is not a one-size-fits-all process.

All documents, though, include the following key sections: market analysis, business model description, operational strategy, goals, financial model, etc


Can you guarantee that my business plan for dispensary will lead to successful fundraising?

We can guarantee that the hemp business plan we prepare for you will comply fully with investor/lender requirements. However, we cannot take responsibility for the success of your fundraising efforts—there are simply too many factors that we cannot control (e.g., your credit score, relevant experience, etc.)

business plan for Cannabis

Cannabis Business plan

OGSCapital will provide you with complete cannabis growing business plan for a reasonable fee.

How it works

OGScapital will work closely with you and provide guidance throughout the process.

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We consider your comments, revise as necessary, and issue the final hemp business plan.

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    About us

    OGScapital was established in 2006 by 8 partners. Since then, we have become the #1 business plan company with a track record including more than 5,000 satisfied clients. OGScapital has a specific team of consultants focused on Cannabis industry only. In addition we have wide-ranging experience working in globally recognized investment banks and consulting companies (PWC, Bain, Deloitte) and serving Fortune 1000 clients.


    OGScapital was established in 2006


    Our documents have helped attract $300m+ for cannabis projects


    Our senior experts have experience spanning 42+ industries


    Our track record includes 200+ happy clients from cannabis industry


    Our team includes 60 consultants including 6 cannabis professionals


    OGScapital has access to a network of 300+ investors

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    More than 5,000 companies have used OGScapital’s services.

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      How to start a cannabusiness?

      Starting a cannabusiness can be an exciting and rewarding venture. Depending on the state where you plan to operate, the requirements to start the business can vary greatly. Before getting started, you should conduct some research to ensure you are up to date on all applicable technologies, regulations, and laws.

      According to recent data, the legal cannabis industry has the potential to create jobs and stimulate economic growth. The top cannabis researcher Brightfield Group states that the US cannabis market is estimated to reach over $50.7 billion in annual sales by 2028.


      No matter which part of the cannabis industry you choose to focus on, there are a few basic steps you should take to start your cannabusiness.

      1. Research the Cannabis Market

      Before jumping into the cannabis business, take the time to conduct thorough market research. The weed growing business plan includes researching the size of the market, industry regulations, and potential customer base. You should also research the competition in the area where you plan to operate and look for opportunities to distinguish yourself from the competition.

      2. Draft a Business Plan

      Once you’ve done your market research and determined which segment of the cannabusiness you wish to enter, the next step is to create a comprehensive marijuana business plan sample, this plan should address all aspects of the business, including the product or service you plan to offer, pricing, financial projections, and marketing.

      3. Obtain Licenses and Permits

      Cannabusinesses are subject to different levels of regulation depending on the state in which they operate. To be legally compliant, your business must obtain all necessary licenses and permits. This includes registering with the state taxation and revenue body and acquiring a business license as well as a Certificate of Occupancy, zoning permits, and any other applicable permits. Additionally, you may need to pass another set of tests or receive a certification specific to your type of business.

      4. Choose Your Business Structure

      The type of business structure you choose for your cannabusiness will determine the size of your business, the amount of taxation you pay, and how your business is managed. Some popular weed business plan’s structures include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability corporations, and corporations.

      5. Develop Your Brand

      Once you’ve obtained the necessary licenses and permits, it’s time to start developing your brand. The marijuana business plan includes developing your business’ logo, mission statement, and other touchpoints. Additionally, you should create a website and social media profile to promote your business.

      6. Set Up a Payment System

      Since cannabis is still largely a cash-only industry, you must implement a payment option allowing your customers to pay in cash. You should also consider accepting digital currency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

      7. Create an Inventory System

      Since you will be dealing with various cannabis products, one of your top priorities will be setting up an inventory system. The cannabusiness consultingX includes documenting and tracking all inventory received, stored, and sold. You should also create a system for tracking customer orders and managing customer accounts.

      8. Hire the Right Employees

      You cannot run a successful cannabusiness without the right staff. Ensure that you hire experienced employees who are knowledgeable about the industry and have impeccable records.

      Starting a cannabusiness plans X can be a complex and costly endeavor, but it also provides a unique opportunity to make a significant impact and capitalize on the burgeoning legal cannabis industry. Simply follow the steps listed above, and you will be well on your way to operating a successful cannabusiness.

      Cannabis Business Plan Consultants

      Cannabis business plan consultants provide custom-tailored business planning solutions for cannabis businesses. They are experts in analyzing and interpreting the local, state, and federal regulations and laws that are specific to cannabis businesses. Consulting services may include assistance with obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, developing a comprehensive business plan, evaluating market analysis, financial planning and forecasting, creating marketing strategies, and more.

      Due to the evolving legal landscape and the increase of opportunities in the cannabis industry, cannabis business consultants have been in demand in recent years. As cannabis cultivation X products become legal for both medical and recreational use in several US states, many investors are turning to cannabis business plan professionals to profit from the economic benefits of hemp cultivation.

      Recent updates in financial tutorial X show that the cannabis industry in the US is experiencing significant growth. Its income varies depending on the state and the specific segment of the industry; This amply demonstrates how profitable it may be for anybody interested in cultivating, researching, or selling cannabis to jump on the bandwagon.

      Be aware that the market for cannabis businesses has already reached saturation in the places where it is legal. A new firm must have a comprehensive cannabis growing business plan if it wants to succeed. OGS Capital will be your safe choice if you want to seek advice to build an effective cannabusiness plan.

      1. Growing Hemp

      Growing hemp is a profitable venture, especially for those who have the proper business plan. Different states have developed laws that permit growing hemp, and growing and selling cannabis is often taxed. The potential for large-scale growth in this field makes it attractive to many investors. In terms of consulting, the experts at OGS Capital can help cannabis business owners to develop a comprehensive business plan that includes outlining the legal and financial aspects of the business.

      2. Cannabis Distribution

      The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and many entrepreneurs are turning to independent distributors to build profitable businesses in this fast-growing sector. However, this is a highly competitive space, as numerous businesses are in this field. A cannabis distribution business plan should include a detailed analysis of the market and potential competition, as well as an evaluation of the company’s objectives, potential profit margins, and strategies for marketing and sales. OGS Capital’s team of experts can help to create a custom-tailored business plan cannabis nursery that not only satisfies investors but also is well-suited to the business owner’s goals.

      3. Wholesale Hemp

      Wholesale hemp refers to the bulk purchase and sale of hemp products, typically from a producer or distributor to a retailer or other business entity. Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that is grown specifically for industrial purposes.

      As the cannabis industry continues to expand, more businesses are turning to wholesale hemp to diversify their offerings. A wholesale hemp business plan should detail the steps to be taken to register the business, secure a license, choose inventory and other supplies, develop prices, and more. The business plan should also include projections for potential profits and market analysis. OGS Capital can help entrepreneurs create a comprehensive business plan for their wholesale hemp business.

      4. Recreational Cannabis

      The recreational cannabis sector is experiencing a surge in demand. Many entrepreneurs are now investing in businesses that produce, sell, and distribute recreational cannabis products. A recreational cannabis business plan should provide an overview of the company’s objectives, include a market analysis, and outline marketing, sales, and distribution strategies. A complete cannabis business plan should also include financial forecasts and projections for potential profits.

      5. Medical Hemp

      The phrase “medical hemp,” also known as “medical cannabis” or “medical marijuana,” refers to cannabis plants or products that are used therapeutically to treat a variety of illnesses and symptoms. It includes substances known as cannabinoids, among which tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the two most well-known and extensively researched.

      The psychoactive component in marijuana, THC, is what gives users a “high,” whereas CBD is not psychoactive and has grown in popularity because it may have medicinal benefits. It is highly important to mention that many different medical illnesses and symptoms are treated using medicinal hemp.

      Business owners must be well-seasoned in the laws and regulations that govern this field if they wish to succeed. A medical hemp business plan should include a comprehensive legal analysis and overview of the proper license and permit requirements.

      6. Cannabis Cultivation and Extraction

      Cannabis cultivation and extraction are two important sectors in the cannabis industry. It requires a thorough business plan that includes an analysis of the market and potential competitors, strategies for acquiring investors, and a thorough financial analysis.

      A cannabis cultivation and extraction business plan should also include a brief legal overview and the necessary steps to maintain legal compliance. OGS Capital provides cannabis business plan consultants that can help create a comprehensive plan for your cannabis cultivation and extraction business.

      7. Is It Profitable To Start a Cannabis Business?

      With the ever-growing movement to legalize cannabis at the state and federal levels, the industry is poised for explosive growth in the near future. This creates an incredible opportunity to capitalize on the increased demand for cannabis products and services. Currently, the industry already generates billions of dollars in revenue each year, so someone looking to make a good profit could succeed in the cannabis industry.

      According to business news daily, in the United States alone, the legal marijuana market is projected to grow from its current value to $72 billion annually by 2030. This means more money and opportunities for those willing to invest in cannabis businesses. Additionally, cannabis businesses have plenty of potential to make money from selling marijuana, CBD products, edibles, and more. With the right business plan and strategies in place, cannabis businesses can experience significant financial success.

      8. Choose OGS Capital to Launch Your Cannabis Business Successfully

      With a comprehensive understanding of the cannabis industry, OGS Capital has the experience and knowledge to create a successful cannabis business plan for startups and existing businesses in this industry. OGS has been involved with the cannabis business since its inception, helping to shape the industry and provide guidance to our clients. Our team of expert consultants helps businesses in the cannabis industry develop and execute strategies that maximize their profits and achieve their goals. With years of experience in financial modeling, market analysis, and operational management, we create optimized, data-driven plans that help our clients seize opportunities and minimize risk.

      At OGS, we tailor our cannabis business plan to our client’s specific needs and goals. We identify key issues to consider, such as regulations, licensing, product design, financing, marketing, and sales. With the current trend of legalization, the cannabis industry is rapidly growing and becoming more competitive. Our plan will help our clients stand out in a crowded industry.

      An OGS Capital cannabis business plan is the blueprint you need to help you remain competitive in today’s constantly changing market. With our experienced team of cannabis specialists, you can easily navigate this new and complex industry. Call us today to get your cannabis business plan started.

      9. FAQ

      What makes a cannabusiness successful?

      A successful cannabusiness considers many factors, including a clear vision and business plan, an understanding of the regulations and laws, marketing and networking opportunities, knowledgeable staff, access to industry know-how, effective management practices, and an ability to provide quality products or services. Quality control is also essential, as the reputation of the business depends on it. Finally, funding or the ability to fundraise is also important as it helps the business grow and tap into additional markets.

      Is managing a dispensary hard?

      Managing a dispensary can be difficult, as numerous local and state regulations must be followed. It also requires an understanding of inventory management, merchandising, and customer service. In addition, businesses must monitor fluctuations in the markets to ensure prices are competitive and profitable while at the same time adhering to the law.

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