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What is a E1 Visa

The E1 treaty trader visa is an exchange Entry Permit that enables outsiders to go to the U.S. for the commencement of business using E1 visa. This Entry Permit grants them access to things like administration, products, and anything that is a commodity.

This nonimmigrant Entry Permit is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and representatives of the entrepreneurs who must venture into global import or product selling.

The E1 visa treaty trader permits candidates from a country that has marked a deal of trade and route with the U.S., and is aware of the global trade arrangement. On the other hand, the nation ought to be articulated as a trade country according to the regulations in the United States.

Assuming you have workers, they are likewise qualified for the US E1 treaty trader visa. You should go through the rundown of trade nations to see whether your nation is applicable for an E1 settlement trader visa or not. There is a significant exchange necessary for the Treaty dealer Entry Permit E1. This sum is set for exchange that incorporates trading products, banking around the world, interchanges, and things like protection and travel industry. You can likewise rely on trading the global administrations. There are no lines for any monetary worth or the exchanges you make.

Why select us?


Full compliance

Your E1 Visa Business Plan will be fully compliant with USCIS requirements. Since these requirements constantly change, our team regularly checks the USCIS policies to make sure that OGS business plans are fully up to date. This is one of the reasons we can boast a success rate above 95%.


Results-driven business plan

Your document will clearly show that your business idea has growth potential, your value propositions are fully supported by in-depth market research, and that your financial forecast and action plan will lead to a fully viable business.


Full Customization

You will get a tailored business plan with proper highlights and content structure. This will increase your chances for visa approval. All OGScapital business plans are prepared from scratch, featuring stunningly modern design and full-color tables, graphs, and pie charts.


Industry knowledge

With more than 5,000 business plans prepared covering 42 industries across the US, OGScapital is able to bring industry-specific best practices to bear on your unique business problems. We also have access to extensive market research prepared by IBIS world, Datamonitor, Marketline, etc.


Experienced team

Our Immigration Service Line deal with nothing but immigration cases. OGScapital has a separate team of writers focused exclusively on immigration cases that has been helping recent arrivals for 15 years. We develop E1 visa business plans each year.


Operational guide

The E1 business plan we create for you will be nothing less than a fully reliable business development roadmap. We know our operational guides lead to success because we have 12+ years of experience working in top consulting firms (Bain, Deloitte, PWC) serving Fortune 1000 clients.

What are the Qualifications for an E1 Trader Visa

To get it, you should satisfy all the E1 visa business plan requirements. There are various necessities for a businessman or, on the other hand, in the event that you are a worker of a businessman. We should analyze the requirements separately.

A Worker of Treaty Trader

Workers of a Treaty Trader are expected to have similar identity as them as they have the E1 treaty trader visa. You should likewise have had a chief or elevated position in the business. For the people who don't play a main role in the business, you will be expected to have various capabilities to ensure that your administrations are vital to the prosperity of the business.

Treaty Trader

It might be ideal in the event that you were a part of any of the 78 nations with which the U.S. has made a deal. It is fundamental for both the nations to sign a deal of trade for you to be qualified. You should likewise take part in significant trading and proceed with the main trading between your nation and the U.S.

You should keep at least half of the trade volume between your nation and the U.S.

Our solution

Our tailored business plan will help you to get the E1 visa approval you need.

E1 visa business plan:

  • Users: E1 Visa applicants and immigration lawyers

  • Document size: 25-30 pages

  • Timeframe: 10-12 days

  • Graphic design: included
  • Assigned team: 2 senior consultants with a team lead

  • Unlimited revision period: 3 weeks

  • Rush Delivery Service: Available

Document contents:
  • Executive Summary
  • Industry and Competitive Analysis
  • Products/Services Offering
  • Involvement in international trade with treaty countries
  • 5-Year Financial Projections
  • Local Market Research
  • Business Model
  • Marketing Plan/Strategies
  • Organizational Chart
  • Management Team

Other than the essential necessities for treaty trader visa E1, here are the prerequisites for your reports:
  • Visa duplicate (half year legitimacy past your remaining period).
  • Structure DS-160 affirmation page
  • Structure DS-156E Nonimmigrant Treaty Trader with an official's mark
  • Installment affirmation for the Entry Permit installment
  • Variety ID photo 5 X 5 cm. It ought to be recent and obviously show your face
  • An introductory letter to sum up E1 Entry Permit necessities with subtleties of how your selling can satisfy every one of them.
  • Copies of authoritative records.
  • Other strong documentation
Illustrative business plan samples

OGS E1 Business Plans are created using a user-friendly and highly modern format. It will increase the changes that your E1 visa application is successful.


What is an E-1 visa?

The E1 Treaty Traders visa is for international traders from US treaty countries. It provides a viable option for those who wish to establish trade operations with the United States. The E1 Treaty Traders visa can provide temporary work authorization for traders actively engaged or looking to engage in the trade of goods or services, or in international banking, insurance, transportation, tourism, technology or certain forms of journalism.

To obtain the E-1 Trader Visa, applicants must demonstrate that they will be conducting more than 50% of their trade between the United States and the treaty country of which the individual is a national. They must also demonstrate that this trade will be substantial.

Who is eligible to participate in the E-1 visa program?

The E1 Visa allows nationals of treaty countries to enter the U.S. for the purpose of carrying out international trade, the bulk of which must be between the U.S. and their country.

What are the E1 Visa requirements?

  • The visa holder must show that they plan to engage in “substantial trade” (this is not strictly defined).
  • At least 50% of the trade volume has to be between the U.S. and the designated treaty country.
  • Trade can take the form of goods moving between countries, transportation, or non-physical services, including insurance and banking, tourism, technology, or journalism.
  • The visa holder must be a treaty country national (this only applies to the applicant, not to their family members).
  • Applicants need to demonstrate that they plan to return to their home country when their visa expires.

How much does an OGScapital business plan cost? 

Our fee is highly competitive and entirely reasonable, scaling up and down depending on task complexity.

What sections will be included in the business plan? 

Business plan structures vary depending on the client’s needs, but all documents include the following key sections: market analysis, business model description, operational strategy, goals, financial model, etc.

But will you do if USCIS rejects my application?

Our success rate is over 95%, so there is very little chance of this, but if your first application is rejected, we will make the necessary changes to the document free of charge.

How it works

Having OGS write a business plan for you is a simple and straightforward process.

Get your E1 visa business plan in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Fill out and submit our online form.

Step 2
An OGS expert will contact you to discuss your business idea.
Step 3
OGS will prepare a draft of your E1 Visa Business Plan within 10-12 days.
Step 4
After we’ve responded to all of your comments, we will issue the final business plan.

Payment options: debit/credit card and wire transfer

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About us

OGScapital was founded by 8 partners in 2006. Having prepared more than 5,000 business plans covering 42 industries, we are the #1 business plan company focused on immigration business plans. We serve 85 E1 Visa applicants per year, and we regularly analyze USCIS guidelines to make sure that all of our plans are 100% compliant.


OGScapital was established in 2006


Our approval rate is 95%


Our team members have experience in 42+ industries


OGS develops 85 business plans for E1 Visa annually


Our team consists of 60 senior experts


OGScapital successfully cooperates with 45 solicitors and law firms


OGScapital aims to exceed our client’s expectations with every project we undertake.

OGScapital has 9.5/10 Trustpilot score.

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excellent work

excellent work, competent advice. Alex is very friendly, great communication. 100% I recommend CGS capital. Thank you so much for your hard work!

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Definitely use Alex and his team – one of the best business plans I’ve ever seen!!

I was skeptical at first to use a company that I haven't heard of before, but after my first phone call with Alex it became very clear that Alex was the right person for the Job. He not only gave me full confidence to take him on, but his performance was outstanding. He fully understood the business very quickly and didn't need much from me to get going! Alex delivered the final business plan for me before it was needed with the first draft only needing a couple of changes, I was absolutely blown away. I have already referred Alex to two of my friends and I will most definitely be using Alex again. Thank you again Alex for you amazing work. My investors and partners were truly impressed! I very much look forward to working with you again in the near future! Kind regards, David

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L-1 Update – RateGain – KOTHARI, Siddharth

Alex has been super quick with his responses to my emails. I needed my business plan very urgently and whether it was Saturday or Sunday, Alex made sure that i had my plan ready in the shortest amount of time possible. My finance team is also very impressed. Well done Alex and keep up the good work!!!!! Sid Kothari Executive Vice President www.rategain.com 470.422.8578 8300 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800, Mclean, VA, 22102

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Great service. Good turnaround time and quality work. Thanks!

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Had the pleasure of working with Alex on a business plan for a new venture. The end result looks very professional. His communication is always prompt and he was very patient with my detailed requests. I would definitely work with this company in the future.

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Brilliant service

Brilliant service. Quick delivery. Highly professional team.value for money.

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We had a great experience with OGScapital. They were quick, on top of the BCP, and got us exaclty what we needed. We also had an issue with completing a task in a certain time required and they were nice enough to help us out and allow us an additional week. Thank you Alex for all your help!

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Very Efficient Service! Knowledgeable team! Helped me to get the positive result from the concerned entity Very happy with the outcome; Alex and his team are highly efficient,committed professionals with a diverse bank of knowledge.

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How To Get Individual Business Plan Approved For E1 Visa?

It isn't not difficult to meet the business E 1 visa requirements. If you have a strong business plan you will be able to get the E1 visa without any hassles.

The business plan should fulfill all rules and norms, so they don't deny your visa. The business plan for the E1 Entry Permit incorporates a few necessities, like the chief rundown and all the exploration material.

Include details of monetary plans, service provided, and products. Delineate clearly the business plan, define goals and your plan to meet them.

What is the contrast between E-1 visa and E-2 visa?

The fundamental E1 E2 visa difference is that the E1 visa is for residents of a country that has signed the treaty with the U.S. Then again, the E2 Entry Permit is for individuals who can concede into the U.S. with a funding for a business.

OGS Capital Is Here for You to help with E1 visa business plan!

OGS Capital offers you the best business plan for E1 Visa. We know what you are looking for and can devise a business plan that will help you get your business E1 visa right away! Just take our expert advice and you will be good to go!

Our experts are trained to give you the best solutions and ensure that your business plans satisfy all E1 visa USA requirements.

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