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An OGS Continuity Plan will help your business achieve long-term sustainability

Compliance with best practices


Main advantages to selecting OGS as your business continuity plan provider


Fully customized solution

No templates or ready-made solutions. We prepare all business continuity plans (BCPs) from scratch.


User-friendly format

Our plans are prepared in a highly user-friendly and eye-catching format, including full-color graphs, tables, and illustrations.


Track record of complete satisfaction

OGScapital creates 50-60 documents per year. All completed BCP projects have received positive client feedback.



Members of our team have 15+ years of business continuity plan consulting experience in more than 42 industries.



Our plans are fully ISO 22300 compliant. OGScapital has internal ISO experts who conduct review before BCP issuance.


Affordable and quick

OGS plans are affordably priced, and our turnaround time is between 14 and 21 days. We do not miss deadlines.

Our solution

OGScapital provides business continuity plan consultants and disaster recovery plans, which will support business sustainability and improve process efficiency.
Business Continuity Plans from OGScapital:

Seven steps to support business sustainability

Planning for business continuity includes 7 sequenced stages with specified outcomes.

Business Continuity Plans

  • Project

  • Business Impact

  • Risk

  • Strategy

  • BCP Development
    and Execution

  • Testing

  • Maintenance

About Business continuity plan

Benefits of creating business continuity plans

A BCP will give you the following:

  • Minimization of financial risks
  • Operational and organized restoration of business processes
  • Compliance with legislation and framework
  • Support of assets savings
  • Guarantee of employee and supplier security

How it works

OGScapital will work closely with you and provide guidance throughout the process.

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Step 1

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Step 2

An OGS expert will contact you shortly to discuss your case


Step 3

Our consultants will draft a comprehensive BCP within 14-21 days.


Step 4

After responding to your comments and revising the document, we will issue the final BCP.

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Amazing with helping anyone and would…

Amazing with helping anyone and would advise people in the future to use your support.

∙ Leon Barker
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I found Alex via a Google search and…

I found Alex via a Google search and read endless reviews before finalising my decision to use his services and he certainly delivered. The quality and detail in the business plan was impressive and I’d highly recommend OGSCapital to anybody in need of a robust plan. We’re planning to secure funding with the plan and hope for the best in this regard too.

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Veeeeery good qulaity 😁😁and the best…

Veeeeery good qulaity 😁😁and the best company for your trustt

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I was a little nervous at first because they seemed to charge quite little in comparison to what they claimed to be able to deliver, but that scepticism was soon erased. These guys were second to none. Responsive every step of the way and achieved a result far beyond my expectations from a fairly limited amount of information given, it was almost surreal to see. Legends in their field.

∙ Santino Banks

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I was very impressed with Alex and OG Capital. They got to work immediately and produced a top quality business plan that I am very proud of. Will definitely recommend their services.

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Alex is very talented and creative. He is very dedicated and work with you with so much support. Always answers your questions even if it is after work hours. Deliver outstanding and professional results. On time and great work didn't even need to make any changes to the work he delivered. Thank you so much for making the first step of my dream come true.

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More than 5,000 clients from all over have trusted OGScapital.

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What is a business continuity plan?

business continuity plan consulting help protect your business from disaster by identifying, preparing for, and even preventing business disruptions

Why do I need a BCP and DRP?

You need a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for operational purposes. Vendors, clients and financial institutions often require that you have these plans to confirm business sustainability.

How much time will it take to develop a BCP?

Timeframes vary depends on the complexity of your business. On average, a fully BCP and DRP will takes between 2 and 3 weeks

Who will be engaged on my project?

Our team currently includes 15 risk-advisory consultants. Depending on the industry in which your company operates, we will create a project team consisting of 3-4 experts with relevant expertise and at least 5 years of BCP development experience. In addition, we will reach out to third-party experts with industry-specific expertise as required

What are the payment terms?

Our standard terms suppose 50% prepayment, with the remaining 50% due when the project is complete and you are fully satisfied.

About us

OGScapital was established in 2006 by 8 partners with extensive experience working in the world's best-known consulting companies (Bain, BCG, Deloitte). Since then, we have provided an increasingly wide range of business consulting services. Our company has a separate risk advisory team focused specifically on business continuity plan development.


A team with 15 years' experience developing BCPs


More than 100 BCPs completed annually


Projects spanning 42 industries and 31 countries


BCPs fully ISO 22300 compliant

Business Continuity Plan

Running a successful business means your company needs to be operational. Whether it is a pandemic, a natural disaster, an economic downturn, or any other critical situation, it shouldn’t disrupt your business flow. This is where the role of an effective business continuity plan (BCP) comes into play. Starting a business is easier than managing it in complex situations.

Figuring out the strategies to continue business operations during unplanned disruption is essential. What is the purpose of a business continuity plan consulting is one of the common questions of young entrepreneurs. They don’t understand the difference between a business continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan is. A business continuity plan consulting definition is broad, and a disaster recovery plan is just one part.

That is to say, the business continuity plan (BCP) is not only more comprehensive but also contains several contingencies for different business processes. It includes business partners, human resources, and assets. Whether a business is in its initial phase or making good cash flow, it must have a business continuity plan checklist.

This checklist typically includes a variety of equipment and supplies, data backup, and site locations. Plus, BCP plans help business owners identify administrators such as key personnel, site providers, and contact information of important emergency responders. BCP provides detailed strategies to help business owners maintain short- and long–term business operations and outages.

So what does a business continuity plan typically include?

 Take a look at the primary components of a business continuity plan.

  • Disaster Recovery: As mentioned above, a disaster recovery plan is one of BCP's critical components. It establishes a way to help businesses recover their data center at different sites if any disaster destroys the main site or renders it. In addition, it has strategies to handle networks, IT disruptions, devices, and servers.
  • Continuous Operations: BCP safeguards businesses' ability to keep operational tasks running during disasters or disruptions during planned maintenance and outages, for example, scheduled backups.
  • High Availability: A comprehensive business continuity plan enhances businesses' capability and process so that it can access various applications despite local failures. The failures may be in the business processes, physical facilities or IT software, or hardware.

There is no doubt that the business continuity plan consultants has great significance in addressing resiliency synchronization among IT infrastructure applications and business processes. Many organizations create and rely on a holistic business continuity plan consulting for their business running to protect data, retain customers, and save the brand. Ultimately, BCP can help enterprises to reduce operating costs over a long period.

What is a Contingency Plan in Business?

As mentioned earlier, plan making is one thing many growing businesses overlook or forget, especially when the industry is booming. However, it doesn’t take much time for the scenario to turn around. One technical disaster can crash the server and can cause severe business damage.

Disaster recovery and business continuity plan consulting, in this regard, can help businesses build a process to prepare for the worst time. For companies, it is essential to understand the business contingency plan definition. Typically, it refers to future circumstances and events that are possible but hard to predict. These events can be on a large or small scale, such as employee theft and natural disaster.

A contingency plan for small business has great importance. It provides a roadmap that helps startups and companies create a comprehensive strategy to respond to an unpredicted event that can occur in the future.

That is why small setups or firms cannot deny the importance of incorporating a business plan contingency. They must understand that a contingency plan aims to help organizations resume business operations after facing a disruptive event. Moreover, managing risk, avoiding negative publicity, and handling employee injuries are examples of risk assessment and contingency plan in the business plan.

A contingency plan is imperative for businesses to react quickly and effectively to deal with unexpected events. Know that faster your business can get back to its normal operations, the less damage it will face. That means to protect revenues and profits; companies need to understand the importance of business contingency plans.

How can you write a business contingency plan?

Look at the following steps to develop a thorough business contingency plan for your business.

  • Risk Identification: Businesses need to think about possible risks they might face in the future. It may include security threats, natural disasters, and sudden changes to personnel or revenues.
  • Risk Prioritization: Businesses need to prepare for the events that have a high likelihood of occurrence. For instance, you have included flood as a possible risk, but if your region does not experience flood frequently, there is no point in spending time and resources preparing for it.
  • Contingency Plan Development: Once a business identifies and prioritizes the risk, it is time to develop a contingency plan to ward off those risks. Including a step-by-step guide is essential in a plan to keep operations running. The plan must include detailed information about who to contact and how to contact at the time of the event.

Where to Start - OGS Capital

To prevent any interruption in your business, hiring professionals from OGS Capital is the best idea. Whether you what is a business continuity plan template or business continuity plan sample, the professional business plan writers can do everything. They have a lot of experience to help businesses create a plan to deal with vulnerabilities.

We have professional business consultants to offer expert advice on developing the best continuity and contingency plan. Our business plans are comprehensive and allow companies and startups to reopen and resume quickly when facing disruptions. Our plans offer entrepreneurs to enjoy a competitive edge over their rivals.

Our competent business consultants and plan writers assess and prioritize risk and include the business continuity plan consultants' best information. Do not let the stressful circumstances take a toll on your business. Contact OGS Capital and get the best advice or continuity plan for your business.

We were rated the TOP4 Small Business Consulting Firm in 2020 per Clutch
We were rated the TOP4 Small Business Consulting Firm in 2020 per Clutch