It takes a special kind of entrepreneur to start a helicopter company because of the high equipment cost involved and the specialty nature of the business. The success of the company depends on carefully identifying the niche market and designing business strategy services, both of which are carefully described in the helicopter business plan. There are many directions an entrepreneur can choose to follow. For example, the business may decide to capture the aerial tourism business, carrying passengers over city skylines or spectacular natural wonders like canyons or volcanoes.

Helicopter business organization

Helicopter business organization - checklist helicopter business
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Other types of customers likely to be interested in helicopter flight services include photographers, couples looking for romance, birthday or anniversary celebrants, and adventurers like heli-skiers. The helicopter business might target corporate clients or provide emergency medical transport services.

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The location of the helicopter business is very important. A business that plans on flying sightseers over city skylines will naturally want the heli-base to be located close to the city and hotels where sightseers are likely to be staying. If the base is outside the city, providing transportation service from the hotels to the heli-base is a possibility. Of course, a common location is the local airport. Typical information included in the helicopter business plan is as follows:

• Pilot experience and proof of proper licensing and FAA certification
• Description of the helicopter model and the number of passengers it can safely carry
• Helicopter purchase or lease agreement, including the payment schedule
• Equipment safety procedures, including maintenance schedule
• Amount of commercial and aviation insurance needed to cover business liability and assets
• Service quality and other differentiators
• Business location, available aircraft hangar space, and space lease arrangements
• Projected number of annual flights and passengers for the first five years of operation
• Flight plans and service prices
• Marketing plan to attract regular and repeat customers

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Anything to do with aircraft is highly regulation by the FAA under Part 135 aircraft charter regulations. The pilot must obtain a commercial airline transport pilot license with a helicopter (rotor) rating per the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Part 61.161. The FAA also requires very a certain level of routine aircraft maintenance and inspection. The helicopter business plan needs to include proof of compliance with federal regulations before investors will be interested. Since a helicopter business plan requires a large initial investment for asset purchases and to cover the first year or two of operating expenses, the business plan is a key document for obtaining necessary funding.

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