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    Once called kennels, animal care facilities are now often known as pet hotels, pet retreats, and pet spas. However, using these descriptions implies a business offering pet owners much more than simple boarding services.

    Showing how your business is different to a standard kennels is critical to success. People will not pay higher prices unless they are getting something quite special in the way of services beyond room and board for their pets. The comprehensive boarding kennel business plan needs to describe of a state-of-the-art facility that gives animals the extra attention their pet owners expect them to receive.

    Investors are sure to be more intrigued by a pet hotel business plan that describes concepts in animal care like the following:

    Frequently asked questions about dog and cat kennel business

    Frequent questions that your pet hotel business plan should answer include the following:

    • Are there climate controlled facilities that ensure pets do not have to adjust to conditions radically different from home environments?
    • Is luxurious bedding provided with all the comforts of home?
    • Do you offer bathing and grooming services?
    • Will clients’ pets have play time to ensure animals are regularly exercised and entertained?
    • Are there separate areas based on types of pets, i.e. cats and dogs are separated?
    • Is a veterinarian always on call?
    • Do you have expert staff with proven experience in animal care?

    Executive Summary

    The executive summary is one of the most important sections of your dog boarding facility business plan. It is usually the last section to be written, using one or two sentences from each of the more detailed sections.

    It’s important because it’s the first part of your business plan to be read and must draw the reader in so they look at the rest of the plan. Show here your passion and determination for the business and why it is a good investment.

    Business Description

    Any business, however small, has to comply with certain legal obligations and establish the business structure. Will it be a partnership, a limited company or something else?

    This section of your business plan for a dog kennel should also give an overview of the industry, what your companies unique selling proposition (USP) is and the products and services you will offer.

    Market analysis

    This is a critical section, explaining in detail the market research you have carried out for your business sector and specifically in relation to your marketplace.

    The idea of this section of your dog hotel business plan is to show investors that you know your market and that there is sufficient demand to build a sustainable business, this is the business plan presentation for potential investors.
    Part of this is to identify your target market. Who are you looking to sell your products and services to? Why would they want to purchase from you?

    You’ll also need to prove through research examples that there is a demand in your target market area. What about your competitors? Describe who they are and why your company can be successful by finding a weakness that your company can use.


    In this section of your business plan for a kennel operation, you should explain exactly what your company will offer. Are you going to be a very niche focussed business, catering for the luxury end of the market for example?

    Will you offer a range of additional services, such as collection and delivery of pets, grooming services and maybe a pet supplies store.

    Franchise Business Plan
    Helps the franchisee get business case approval from the franchisor

    Marketing Plan

    Having the best cattery or kennel in the business means nothing without customers! Marketing your business is an essential step to be detailed in your dog kennel business plan.

    This ties in closely with the market analysis of your business plan, which should have described your target market. With that knowledge, you can then formulate a plan to engage with them and generate interest in your products and services.

    Describe your image and branding, and if necessary use a professional business service to design these. Now look at the different methods available to market your business. Will you use traditional printed media or focus more on digital marketing such as websites and social media?

    Which social media platforms are your target market most likely to be using and how much business can be generated via that platform? How much do you intend to spend on marketing and where?


    A description of the most important roles and the people responsible for them is required in your dog and cat kennel business plan. If you are looking for investment, focus on why the particular person is good for the role and the relevant experience and skills they bring with them. Include a copy of the persons CV to back up your selection of the person.

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    Financial plan

    Starting kennels for dogs and cats will require some financial investment in both land and buildings. A financial plan is essential to describe where the funding will come from and how the business will repay the investment.

    It is normal in this section to include standard accounting reports, such as the profit-and-loss statement, cash-flow statement and income statement, along with a brief analysis of each report.

    For an established business the accountant can provide these, but a new business will need to rely on projections and estimations. Professional help from an accountant may be required.

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