Economic activity in Dublin, Ireland and the immediate surrounding area known as the Greater Dublin Area accounts for 47 percent of the entire country’s GDP. That makes Dublin a leading location for nurturing entrepreneurship. OGS Capital provides critical business plan writing services to entrepreneurs interested in establishing a business startup in this thriving economy or planning on expanding an existing business. We offer a high level of market knowledge and business expertise, and access to a large investor network.

OGS Capital Delivers Dublin-Focused Services

Every economy is different, so we never rely on business plan templates. Each business plan is customized to deliver unique business solutions within the context of the local economy and marketplace, in this case Dublin. The business plan writers Ireland assigned to your project have in-depth knowledge of the Greater Dublin Area which includes Dublin, and the counties of Wicklow, Kildare, and Meath. This ensures the final document is accurate and contextual, as well as professional and high quality.

Dublin’s main industries include software, information and communication technology, tourism business, and education. It is a very business friendly city that offers over 80 different government support services for startups and small businesses. This creates a culture of entrepreneurship that attracts business owners from around the world looking for a place that encourages innovation. OGS Capital business plan consultants have already worked with many Dublin entrepreneurs who then were able to land necessary funding through our wide investor network.

Operational and Strategic Planning
This deliverable will contain a business development road map that will help the company achieve its goals and become a market leader.

OGS Capital Delivers Numerous Advantages

Your business concept needs nurturing and development in order to become an active business. Developing a high quality business plan is one of the most important steps an entrepreneur can take to ensure success. OGS Capital has written thousands of business plans, marketing strategy plans, business proposals, and other business documents that lay out a path for entrepreneurial success.

Following are just some of the advantages of choosing OGS Capital for business plan writers in Ireland:

  • Meet investor requirements – Most entrepreneurs need capital, so our consultants are experienced in business plan writers Ireland that meet private investor or bank lender requirements. We have developed a broad investor network too, and final business plans are sent to the network members upon request.
  • Fast process – When you are ready to start a business in Dublin, the last thing you want are unnecessary delays. Place an order online, and we develop a project proposal within 12-24 hours. The typical business plan is 35-50 pages long and delivered within 10-12 days. During the process, you will consult with the project team, providing information as needed. It is a fast, efficient, and productive process.
  • Tailored business plans – No templates are used. Your final business plan is unique to your business, offering a customized solution. That is a major reason we have been able to help over 4,300 SMES find necessary funding from private investors. We also prepare bank business plans that meet lender requirements.
  • Project teamwork – Each project is assigned a consulting team consisting of a project manager with a high level of experience, analyst, researcher, writer, and editor. The client is, of course, a member of the team too and will regularly consult with the project team as necessary.

Dublin, Ireland welcomes entrepreneurs looking for success. OGS Capital has the right level of service, the right expertise, and the right process that leads to a professional business plan. Take advantage of the online contact form to begin a conversation with an OGS Consulting professional. Even better, complete the online order form and jumpstart the process.

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