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The idea of having a successful hotel business might sound very interesting considering the level of progress it is achieving on a global scale. If you are passionate about starting your own hotel business and looking for experts to help you devise a thorough hotel business plans sample, then we are at your service. At OGS Capital, you will be completely assisted in starting your own hotel business with the help of well-crafted hotel business plan template by our team.

Starting a hotel business plan is certainly not an easy task and seems a bit harder to do. Taking the first step in the start is what you may find quite difficult in the beginning, but if you have a hotel business plans template and a sample as well, it would not seem that difficult. Getting to know about the industry trends, market preferences, approaches to target relevant customers are some of the key areas that must be known to you before you can start hotel business planning. Our OGS Capital experts are familiar with the orientation of a hotel business and thus, they will be covering all the basics of this particular niche in a comprehensive hotel business plan template.

Hotel businesses have gained a special attention since the world has become a global village. People have started to move across countries more often in the name of business expansion, finding employment opportunities, studying or any random personal visit. This has led to the rise in demand of good places for temporary accommodation where one can feel comfortable while away from the home. Hence, the hotel sector is built on the principle of hospitality. If hotels are capable of providing good hospitality followed by a special focus on the comfort of customers to make them feel at home, they will earn more loyal customers.

Starting a hotel business can be challenging if you do not own enough financial resources; thus you will need an investor to help you with your funding and investment needs in the start. This is where the importance of managing financial resources and having a sample in hotel business planning comes in. You must be open about your resources. Your initial capital must be managed efficiently.

Furthermore, this will require an open and clear financial strategy that can help attract the investors and compels them to go ahead with your business. Our financial experts at OGS Capital will be responsible for doing that job and they will be making a transparent and quite open financial sample to help investors understand the dynamics of your hotel business. This financial strategy will gain their confidence and you will have enough funding for the use of your business in order to get started with our sample.

At the end of this hotel business plan template, there is a brief internal (SWOT) and external (PESTLE) analysis for helping you in understanding where your business stand in the sector, how competitive the market is and what is the current trends in the global market. You will gain a lot of insight about this particular business niche with the help of this hotel business plan template and sample, thereby making the policies and strategies openly in the light of these insights.  You can save this hotel business plans pdf file in your system so whenever you need to look for the information, you can easily access it.

Importance of Hotels in a country:

Hotels are of great importance for any country. They facilitate foreigners visiting the home country with accommodation, food, comfort depending upon their type of visit. Either someone has to come for a recreational purpose, for international conferences, for business meetings or just for tourism, hotels are the first thing they plan before entering the country. This is how hotels bring out a strong feeling of community across different cultures.

Good hospitality by the hotels adds a lot to a country’s good image. People coming from other countries spend the money to contribute towards the local economy, if they would not find the comfort worth spending their money, it will eventually home country’s loss; and the hotels must not miss on such opportunities.


This is why, it is very important that hotels in the country are considered valuable and progressive policies and plans should be made in order to facilitate hotel sector of a country.

The hotel niche comes under the umbrella of hospitality sector. Hospitality is basically all about welcoming people, guests, tourists from the other country and making them familiar with your own country’s culture, norms, food and lifestyle.

Hotel sector contributes a lot to the progress of a country. The growth is quite rapid; hence, there is a lot of potential when it comes to having your own hotel business plan. In the last two decades, this sector has seen an exceptional boom in terms of investment, revenue generation, Market share and overall profits.

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Economic importance of a Hotel business:

Statistics have repeatedly shown that almost 10 percent of the world’s GDP is being contributed by hotel sector. Governments around the world understand this sector as an integral one; therefore, proper policies and plans are made to support the continuously evolving dynamics of hotel sector. Not only, they are growing nationally and globally at an exceptional pace, but they are also becoming a source of providing employment opportunities to a number of people. The level of service of hotels is mainly dependent upon its efficiency of plans and its manpower. Not only educated people in the management role are being hired, but the less educated ones also get a chance of being recruited in hotels; which enhances the benchmark of employment opportunities of a country.

The biggest and the most direct impact of the hotel sector is on the tourism. Both of these industries are inter-linked in terms of progressive development. As long as hotel sector of a country is stable and secure for the potential visitors, people would prefer to come frequently in that country. This will lead to a boom in tourism sector; therefore it should also be a part of plan.

The major source of income in the hotel sector is the travel and dining in. These two factors contribute to net income of the hotels. Thus, it is very important that you craft an efficient solution for the accommodation and food needs of the people travelling across other countries. Your management needs to be smart enough to rake care of their comfort and luxury beyond their basic needs. This is how hotels generate enough wealth and business for the country, thereby making a great deal of contribution in the economy.

The flow of people across the border for their businesses or for the sake of recreational purposes enables hotel and tourism sector to make the most of their comfort staying needs. And when this is catered efficiently, a level of trust is being built which enhances the competency level of the hotel industry. This is where the need of having an effective hotel business sample comes in; and, in order to do that, it is important that you chalk out a sample hotel business plan template before starting out properly. Our team at OGS Capital is here for you to make that sample.

Types of hotels businesses:

Before you go ahead with starting the plan of your own hotel, you must know the types of hotels that exist in the industry. Hotels can be divided into following types:

Business Hotels:

Business hotels are the ones that cater specifically to the people with all their business needs across the country. They constitute the largest share in the industry and are a center of attention for people flowing in and out of the country for their businesses. Hotels belonging to this class are usually more expensive than the other ones observing the luxurious preferences of business class; hence, they take a significant portion in the generated wealth of this industry. Business hotels are best suitable for corporate meetings, conferences, local or international seminars, foreign delegates etc.


Suites are basically rooms with additional capacity for living rooms along with bedrooms. These are being preferred by many individuals for a comfortable stay at another place. People who are a bit outdoorsy like to stay in a room with free space and a delightful view, and suites are the best option in such cases. Of course, the prices vary from the normal and conventional rooms.

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Apartments are built for the temporary stay for a shorter period. They are like residential places, privately owned for a small period in which the guest has access to everything a normal house has i.e. kitchen, bedroom, small living room, bathroom etc.


Casinos are no different than the other business hotels except for the one thing that is the facility to play gambling games. The target market for casinos is usually the people with elite and luxurious preferences in everything.

Breakfast Inns:

Inns are basically built for the overnight stay. The management of the inns is responsible for serving breakfast to the guests the next morning. People who look for the options for staying a night somewhere prefer to go to an inn.


Motels are also built on the same principle as inns. They are usually built on the national highways, or the roads between the cities. Guests tend to stay for the rest in motels. They also provide parking space for the people with their own conveyance.

Categorization of hotel industry:

The categorization of hotel business depends upon various factors such as, locality, type of hotel, market segments, diversity of services, pricing, sizing, and rating.

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Locality is the geographical location where you plan on building your hotel. The options in locality include center of the city, suburban areas, outskirts of a city, near/at highways etc. Opting for localities mostly depends upon various factor, out of which, the most important one is the amount of capital you have.

Types of hotels:

Hotels can be divided into different types which include resorts, casinos, motels, suites, inns, guest house, villas etc. You can plan on building any of these depending upon the capital and your preferred locality.

Market segmentation:

Market segmentation, generally, depends upon the kind of audience you want to target for your hotel. It further depends upon the socio-economic class of your target audience. If you want to build hotel for people belonging to section A of socio economic class, then you are most likely to opt for resorts, casinos, villas, suites etc. Whereas, if your target audience include people belonging to middle level of socio economic group, you can build economic hotels and motels that can be afforded by people belonging to that particular segment.

Diversity of services:

Diversity of services includes the extent to which you include the kind of services in the hotel. Boutiques, suites, inns, lounge; breakfast inns are all kind of services which you may want to select for your potential hotel business.


Hotels can also be categorized on the basis of pricing depending upon your targeted audience and the level of facilities you aim to provide to the customers.


Sizing of the hotels can be varied. The capacity to incorporate number of rooms, then having to decide if you want to keep the space of the room large or small are the kind of options you decide.


Hotels can also be categorized on the basis of ratings. A 5 star of 5 diamond hotels would be different from the one star in terms of services, affordability and accessibility.

SWOT Analysis of hotel Industry:

SWOT (Strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threat) is a great tool that helps businesses understand its position in an industry. With the help of SWOT, businesses are able to perceive their situation mainly in an internal context. Like any other businesses, hotel sector is also subjected to some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These can be explained as:


The hotel businesses are of global scope. It is an open market with great international potential. People are never going to stop flying across the countries, and hence, this sector will never face a decline in terms of revenue, provided that hotels keep on evolving with time. One of the biggest strengths of hotel sector is its ability to provide people with jobs. Hotels comprises of countless people appointed in the upper as well as lower management, which gives a chance to many people to enhance their skills in hotel industry and to run their household expenses as well.

Another strong aspect of hotel business is that it provides people with a sense of home while they are away from their homes. This feeling can prove to be very beneficial if hotels management knows how to make the most of it. The more people will feel at home, the more it will be easier for them to keep on visiting.

Hotel sector is quite dynamic and it adapts the global changes aptly. The way global markets are open and continuously evolving; the only businesses that go further towards achieving their goals are the ones which remain in the race. Therefore, the chances of development in this particular sector are quite bright and open.

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Even though the industry yields high profitability and revenue, there are times when the footfall of visitors and guests become limited due to various factors. Such kind of situation is a drawback to the hotel industry. Starting a hotel business requires a lot of capital. It is not easy to start with a small amount of money. Either you should have enough capital to start or you have to find an initial investor, which is quite a difficult task in the start of any business.

The hotel industry is quite sensitive to the country’s political and economic conditions. It affects the profits and footfall of the customers vigorously, which can prove to be a difficult situation for the business. Since the hotel industry offers variety of luxury and comfort at good expense, its revenue if often subjected to high tax ratio. This can result in low profit margins and slow productivity of the business. This also affects the salaries of employees working in the hotels, which eventually makes them give up their jobs.

Another aspect which adds to the weakness of the hotel industry is its inability to maintain a balance between the cost and quality of services. There are two extremes to it; the bigger and expensive hotels tend to charge more for their services in exchange for quality and comfort while on the other hand, the hotels with lower rates have to compromise on the quality. This makes it difficult for the people from middle class to get access to the good standard thereby limiting the chances for hotels to cover the wider base of customers.


The hotel industry holds a lot of potential when it comes to providing employment opportunities for women. There is lot of potential opportunities open for females to work which empowers them and helps the economy indirectly. It can open doors to the home based female workers as well who have expertise in cooking continental and local cuisines.

Due to the new wave of globalization, it has become frequent for people to travel more for their recreational and business needs. Businesses are expanding on a global scale and adopting strategic international practices on a rapid scale, hence, making people move across the oceans every now and then. It will have a great impact on the hotel industry in terms of more visitors and inter country business needs.

What hotels can further do in terms of opportunities is to incorporate attraction factors for the tourists. If they can build or even create such attraction factors, the chances of frequent visit will increase further. The attraction factors can be of any type, it could be new technology that does the work for guests in the limited amount of time. Or it can also be an additional amusement part or site that can be built inside a hotel to attract more visitors.


One among the few eminent threats to the hotel businesses includes the instability of the condition of the country. No one would like to compromise on their safety while they are away from the home. There are few areas in some of the countries which often remains unstable due to unexpected circumstances; the hotels that are built around such areas will more likely to suffer from the loss as a result of this.

The competitive market can also prove to be a threat for the hotel businesses. With hotels being built around every nook and corner of the cities, competition can be raised to an exceptional extent. This can force the strategy makers to cope up with situation by crafting effective and sustainable strategies that are beyond the conventional practices; thereby putting pressure on the decision makers and upper management. The experts that we have onboard with us at OGS capital are well experienced in combating the potential threats for your business that you may encounter in early stages. The hotel business plan example can be used to know about the various threats of this business.

PESTLE Analysis of hotel industry:

PESTLE (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental) analysis is a great strategic tool to help ventures understand their position in the external context. With the help of PESTLE analysis, companies are able to craft effective business strategies in order to make their business thrive in both local and international platform. The PESTLE factors that affect this industry can be explained as:

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Political scenarios of a country affect a lot on its business sectors; especially in the case of hotel industry, even a little amount of political instability ends up being a trouble for the ventures. Political unrest cause tourists and, people flying in for other purposes, to think for the alternative options; as no one wants to face any kind of threat while being away from home. Strikes, civil wars, clashes between different groups create a very negative image of the country for people wishing to visit it. Thus it limits the plan of business growth directly and indirectly.

In addition to this, the situation of terrorism and chaos also stops people from coming into the country. The wave of terrorism has affected a lot of things on a global level. As a result of this, this industry has had its fair share of suffering. This discourages people to come to the country for any kind of purpose; be it recreational or business.

The strategic relation between two countries is another factor that affects hotel ventures. Unless two countries are at peace with each other, there cannot be any person who would prefer going to that particular country. Hence, this creates a significant impact on the profitability of a venture. The hotel business plan template devised by team of OGS Capital will cover the basic political aspects of your venture to help you understand the picture.


The economic fluctuations in the country prevent the people coming in for their business needs. It is important that economic condition of the country is in a good shape. Inflation rate, tax brackets, spending power, exchange rates and interest rates are the indicators from which economic progress of a country can be depicted. If these indicators are favorable for the hotel ventures, their ability to flourish in terms of revenue will be enhanced.

Also, the seasonal factor of customers is a huge turn off for these ventures. The seasons in which there will be lower footfall of the customers will suffer from decrease in income levels; thereby making it difficult for the management to run the administration and manage expenses.

Rising tax and inflation level on an international scale has also put a limit to the spending power of people across the globe. They prefer the cost saving element in making choices among the decision to stay and opt for the one in which they have to spend the least. This causes adverse effect on the established hotels which provide ease and facilities to the customers in exchange for good cost. Our economic experts of OGS capital will assist you devise a kind of plan that covers all the basic economic fundamentals of any venture in the industry to save you from all the hassle. This plan, or let’s just say sample, will have the strategies to make people choose your venture over others.


The social factor in this industry cannot be neglected. The lifestyle of people, demographics, preferences and other various things are the factors which influence this particular industry in many ways. There are people who prefer visiting other countries at just the time of their need, whereas some people would go for the sake of spending their leisure time, without having a solid plan. This situation can be, both adverse and beneficial.

The people who will come from Asian backgrounds will have expectations of getting special kind of economical packages, which makes it difficult for the management to attain a balance between their cost and revenues. Whereas, the customers who belong to the developed countries will more likely to pay easily for the services, without the demand of extra offers and packages. This creates a certain kind of segregation among the customers in terms of their spending preferences.

The cultural aspect also affects this industry in several ways. People coming from a more hospitable environment will have higher expectations from the hotels as compared to the ones who are not very bothered with the level of hospitality. This raises the concern for management team to meet the diverse expectation of people. Either way, the place can be a great source of diversity as it makes people from different cultures aware of the culture of the host country. The experts, at OGS Capital, will get to know about all the social aspects of your venture through hotel business plan example, which can prove to be really useful in the beginning. This can prove to be an effective sample to follow.


With the exceptional technological revolution that has been taking place all over the world, it has become equally important for hotel ventures to adapt to this revolution to enhance their services for the customers. Many hotels are now utilizing good sources of technology to incorporate modern practices in their management and it their customer service level.

The ease with which people can book their rooms online using a website has brought a lot of benefits for the hotel ventures. This has led to invention of a new business niche within the industry i.e. online hotels booking. People from all over the world can access the information of the hotels online and read reviews about their service levels. After doing enough research, they choose the hotels suitable to their needs and cost aspect. This chain of businesses leading to businesses is what boost the economy and represent progressive development of a country.

In addition to this, with the help of online strategic tools and frameworks, the management is able to craft their policies and strategies according to the trend going on in the industry. With the help of statistical tools available online, businesses are capable of assessing the customer preferences based on their choices and lifestyle related data. This makes it convenient for startups to plan their future strategies based on the emerging trends that are most likely to get popular in the upcoming months. They can also cater to the potential threats in the industry using that data. The expert, at OGS capital, will make sure to enlighten you about all the technological facilities with the help of sample that can be incorporated by your startup.


The legal constraints and policies also affect this niche in many ways. The kind of land/specific locations on which you should be building, the dimensions which are allowed, the architect according to the acceptable standards, safety issues of the VIP delegates, getting a license, copyrights procedures, tax issues, regulatory frameworks are all the kind of legal issues that businesses are bound to follow if they want to operate within a country.

It is advisable to have legal business consultants on board before getting into starting their businesses officially. Our team at OGS Capital will make it easier for you to cover all the legal aspects of your hotel business plans.


The hotel sector utilizes various sources of energy to provide facilities to its customers which brings the need of environmental sustainability practices into the use. Generation of own electricity even in small hotel business plan requires mass consumption of fuel which leads to producing various harmful gases in the environment. Therefore, a check on the environment preserving practices is a must before you start your operations officially.

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Marketing Strategies:

The marketing win in this particular business mainly relies on the customer happiness level; and hence, strategies are built upon the idea of achieving customer happiness. The conventional marketing practices such as bill boards, flyers, and television advertisements do help to spread the information to a wider audience but these are a bit too vigorous strategies for the beginning of a business. Hence, for starters, a rather slow and a bit more penetrating strategy is required for targeting potential customers. Another thing that attracts the customers is the level of facilities offered; such facilities must be properly advertised and highlighted through effective advertisements to attract masses regardless of the geographical boundaries.

A wisely planned social media strategy can also prove to be a good source of marketing for your businesses. One among the many ways to gain global recognition is through reaching online audience by effective messages. Positive feedbacks from the people, good reviews about the facilities can help build a high rank on social media sites.  This adds credibility and enhances authenticity of your business among people and potential customers.


All businesses require many people to run their administration. These people comprises of diverse educational backgrounds with managerial capabilities to manage the operations. CEOS, Floor manager, Human resource manager, accountants, financial analysts, and cashiers, guest officers, marketing advisors, maintenance engineers, front desk officers, security guards, cleaners and IT technician are all the kind of people needed by hotel administration.

All these people are responsible for delivering the allocated services to the customers and upper management. Therefore, it is important that they work in collaboration and hence, require a kind of manager who knows how to get things done by their subordinates. Apart from assuring happiness of the customers, the happiness of these personnel is also quite mandatory so they can perform their roles efficiently. We, at OGS Capital, will do our best to connect you with the right kind of people who are passionate about building your business as well. Our template will have processes through which you can hire people after thorough screening of their capabilities.

Financial Strategies:

Managing finance of any business is a crucial aspect which needs to be in the control of highly skilled manpower. The capital must be allocated with expertise and this allocation must be open to questions for investors as they have to invest their money so they need to know all. Assets, liabilities, expenses, incomes and loans are the basic areas that cover your business; therefore, it is necessary that these are handled by experienced financial experts. If your numbers are not good in the balance sheet and income statement, there is no way you can earn the confidence of your stakeholders and potential investors.

Hence, our financial team at OGS Capital will assist you in formulating profitable financial strategies, on which you can build financials of your business. To perform well on the financial side is a factor that must not be neglected, so we will be performing the financial activities on your behalf to ensure that you can manage the allocation of resources and capital with much ease.

Factors of success:

There are various factors on which the success of hotel sector depends on; these factors can either build or demolish the sector depending upon the utilization in an effective way. Its success relies on its services which include accommodation, food, comfort etc. These services further dependent upon few other things as:

Contented guests

The satisfaction and contentment of the guests is the biggest factor that contributes to the success of this particular business.  In fact, customer satisfaction is becoming an obsolete concept now and customer happiness, instead, is becoming the main focus. The management must have effective strategies to carry out activities in such a way that becomes the factor of happiness for the customers. At OGS Capital, our focus will be helping you in crafting the kind of hotel business plan template that will incorporate a lot of customer happiness strategies.


The success of the hotel business also depends upon its facilities. And it’s not only about the number of facilities that it provides; instead, it’s more about the quality of those facilities. The more good is the quality of services being delivered to the customers, the more it will contribute to their comfort level and hence, their satisfaction level would definitely come closer to the happiness level.

Repeat visits of guests

The repeated visit of the guests also indicates the success of a hotel business. And the frequent visits depend upon the level of services they receive during their stay. If they will develop likeliness for the services they get, they will most likely to come again next time they are in town.

Better quality, affordable pricing

Everyone wants to make efficient use of his financial resources without wasting their money. The same kind of approach also applies to this sector when one has to opt for the kind of place where he can get the maximum advantage without spending extra. Therefore, management has to do the cost benefit analysis and set the kind of prices which don’t seem too much for the basic services.


Innovation is the game changer in the age of industrialization and globalization. No business can thrive without constantly innovating and evolving strategies according to the changing environment. Hence, the success of this business also depends heavily upon the kind of innovation that is brought to its operations.

Ease of customers

Ease of customers generally goes for all businesses but for this business, it becomes ten times more important, as the success of it relies on the level of comfort and ease provided to the customers. Therefore, management needs to focus more towards the ways through which they can provide ease for the customers. Our template will incorporate all the strategies required to achieve ease of customers.

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