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    The entrepreneur who owns a film production company has likely been through the film company business plan development process at least once. However, this particular type of business is a bit different than most other businesses because each film project is likely to need investors. That means a unique film business plan is required each time a new film is produced.

    Designing a Successful Film Business Plan

    Needless to say the production company owner has a lot riding on the quality of the film business plan. Investors interested in funding films do so only when a best bussiness plan contains the elements of a successful film production, like a well-written script, experienced crew members, and good starring talent

    The film industry is very competitive, meaning potential investors expect the producer to have a detailed production, marketing, and distribution plan, among other success factors. Investors will look for:

    • Product: Tested script – The script is a crucial component of the final product – the film. It should be read multiple times by a variety of people, including actors and producers, to test interest and quality, and to get an assessment as to whether the anticipated costs match the complexity of the script.

    • Shooting schedule – The shooting schedule not only influences the film budget, it impacts the timeframe investors can expect to get a return on their investment.

    • Distribution plan – This section describes the process used to distribute the film and how distribution rights are designed. There are many possible distribution channels today, including pay-per-view, big-screen theaters, cable companies, DVD, and others.

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    • Marketing plan – It takes careful and inspired marketing to target the population segment most likely to appreciate the film. In this case, marketing will address how the film compares to other films of the same genre, the advertising and marketing strategies developed, the cost of marketing, and so on.

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    • Financial plan – The financial plan includes the cost of producing the film, but the entrepreneur must find a way to project revenues. One strategy is to determine the amount of sales made through distribution rights. Another business strategy services is to review what similar films generated in revenue. Resources like Box Office Mojo and Hollywood Reporter provide data concerning box office grosses.

    Specific to the Industry

    The film marketing plan includes the standard sections like the Executive Summary, Company Description, Management Summary, Operations Plan, Marketing Plan, and Financial Plan. However, it also needs to include the information specific to the film industry, like the film summary and film industry overview.

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