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    The trucking industry is one of the most difficult markets in the world but very lucrative. It is important to understand the business thoroughly and preparing a trucking business plan is an essential step. Over the last ten years, the increase in demand for quality trucking services has enabled new investors and entrepreneur to set up trucking services.

    OGS Capital is a reputable firm that is well known for providing professionally written truck driving business plan services to thousands of people from all across the globe. The team works together to ensure that each program is based on facts and is implementable.

    This greatly helps in ensuring that the entrepreneur succeeds and does not end up wasting millions of dollars in savings and loans on incentives and strategies destined to hear no fruit.

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    No matter how you look at it, it is important that you have a trucking company business plan in place to help you make the right decisions. Today, we look at some of the core reasons why you should spend time and money looking for a company that can write quality business plans for your company.

    • Streamlining operations of the firm
    • Explaining the roles of the various departments and team members
    • Managing finances professionally
    • Breaking down of the registration and accreditation process

    Indeed, it is important to set aside some amount of money to cater for the business plan writing services. Let us get into the fine details of having a trucking startup business plan

    Streamlining Operations

    Time is one of the important resources that a trucking company should strive to manage well to achieve its goals and objectives. Poor time management can result in delivery of goods way past the agreed timeframe, and we all know that such occurrences can lead to loss and bad reputation. Therefore, it is important to have management teams as well as advanced software to ensure that the services are offered in a smooth and professional manner. Nowadays the things we used to do manually have been automated by software.

    So, embrace such innovations to improve the manner in which your trucking company operates. While there, make sure that you get into the fine details of how they function to choose the right one. For instance, sophisticated software that will take months to master how to use could set back the reputation of your company as it could hamper its operations.

    Leasing and Purchasing of Trucks

    If you are on a tight budget, you could start off the business by renting many trucks from leasing companies. However, at a later date, you will need to have your trucks. One of the constraints of leasing is that you will be required to pay a monthly fee even if you do not succeed in getting clients or meeting your profit margin. In addition, you will be needed to foot the repairs and maintenance of the trucks. The only plausible solution to these two challenges is by purchasing the vehicles using the revenue generated over time, or you can apply for financing from a local bank or a private lender.

    Registration and Accreditation Processes

    A trucking company needs to get legal accreditation just like any other business in the world. The registration process is designed to vet the company’s ability to deliver quality trucking services to the consumers as well as its capacity to conform to the stipulated regulations. In most parts of the world, trucking companies are required to seek new registration after the expiration of the licenses.

    All this information has to be put into consideration to ensure that the company is always operating at its best. The guidelines for these processes can be requested from the relevant authorities or government websites.

    Executive Summary

    This is probably the most important section of the business plan. It is the first section that anyone reading your trucking business plan will look at, so it must give them a reason to carry on reading.

    You must provide enough detail to convince the reader that your business is viable and has a clear plan for success.

    The easiest way to write your summary is to complete the detailed sections of your business plan and take one or two sentences from each section you have already written.

    Company Description

    The structure of your new business should be described in this section. What legal form will the business take? Sole trader, partnership or limited company?

    Your management team should be identified here, with the CV, experience and qualifications of the key members.

    Where will the company be based and are the facilities adequate? When starting a trucking company business plan, you must include details of the legal obligations and how they will be achieved and maintained.

    Getting this section correct at the very start will put your company on a stable platform for growth and success.


    This section should not only describe the services the company plans to offer but also what is different about your business and why your target market will buy from you.

    This services section is closely related to the marketing and market analysis sections of your general freight trucking business plan and together they should clearly show what you intend to sell, who to and how.

    Market Analysis

    To be successful in any business, thorough research of your competitors and the target market is an essential part of the business plan for a trucking company.

    Understanding your competitors products and services allows you to identify why your offering is superior and stands out from the crowd. You may also identify a product or service where your competitors are not fulfilling the market.

    Identifying your target market and their needs will allow you to fine tune your business to your customers requirements.

    Marketing plan

    With your products, services and target market established, you can develop a marketing plan that promotes your business to the right people.

    Your marketing plan should specify where you propose to advertise, online and offline, and your pricing strategic business plans, such as special offers and promotions. The marketing should highlight any unique selling points of your products and services, which is an important part of your successful trucking business plan.

    Finally, explain here how your marketing will persuade your customers to buy your services  and the processes involved in completing a purchase.

    Financial plan

    The financial viability of any company is of course an important aspect, but if you need investment, it must show how investors will make a profit.

    Your truck driving business plan should include some standard accounting reports, such as the balance sheet, income statement and cash-flow projection and any other relevant information.

    When considering the cost of setting up the business, remember to include one-off payments, such as business registration along with initial inventory and equipment costs. Any recurring costs such as property rental and business licencing should be included.

    Completing this section will highlight any areas that may need to be reassessed and the level of funding that you require.

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    The above is just some of the detail required in a business plan. OGS consultants can supply you with free trucking business plan examples and guide you through the process of writing your own professional business plan from start to finish.

    Contact us now for a no obligation discussion with one of our consultants.

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