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    Every transportation business plan needs to be based on a thorough knowledge of the market in which the business intends to operate. Without this solid foundation, the plan may only be effective on paper.

    Your business can have a very short life if it does not consider its major competitors and the availability of clients. Your transportation business plan should show what fares can reasonably be charged given the current demand for such services and the expected profit level.

    A quality transportation business plan from us will account for all of this.

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    Frequently asked questions of transportation business plan

    • Your transportation business plan should explain what your goals are regarding profits and other measures of success?
    • How will those goals be met in the current transportation business market?
    • What fares will be necessary to reach these goals and are these fares realistic?
    • How many employees and vehicles will the business have?
    • How much will vehicles, fuel, maintenance, insurance, and everything else cost?
    • How will the transportation business plan manage all this and still gain enough clients to avoid being run out of business by its competitors?

    Executive Summary

    The executive summary section of your business plan for transportation service should give an overview of the content of the plan, leaving the finer detail to the following sections. For this reason, it is often written after the detail of the transportation business plan has been completed.

    Franchise Business Plan
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    It’s important that the first paragraph gets your readers’ attention and draws them in. This is your opportunity to show your excitement for the new business and the problem it intends to solve.

    Company Overview

    This section of the transportation business proposal describes the structure of the company. It details the name of the company, any trading names that will be used and where the company is registered.

    You will also need to decide the form of the business, such as a sole proprietor or partnership and give the reasons for this choice. You should name the directors and shareholders here along with a brief history of the company and why you started it.


    What transportation services do you plan to offer? What are the benefits for your customers and why would your ideal customer choose your company? What problem does your service solve for your clients?

    Don’t forget to include the basics. You are the industry expert, but the people reading your transportation business model may not be. Keep it simple and explain the fundamentals of the transportation business you are offering.

    Competitive Analysis

    Transportation Business Plan Sample

    Here you are focusing on the industry you will be operating in, your direct and potential competitors in the transportation business.

    You need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. This can help you provide a better solution for your ideal clients and give your company a unique selling point.

    Look at their marketing strategic plans, websites, social media profiles and any marketing material you can get hold of. Use this information to show how your company will be different and why you will succeed.

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    We can provide you with a free sample transportation business plan that helps you understand this important section.

    Marketing Strategies

    While looking at your competitive analysis, you should have discovered your competitors marketing strategies. What is working or failing and what can be incorporated into your own marketing strategy?

    You should explain how you will build a brand around your services using traditional offline marketing. How will your online marketing compliment this? Taking guidance on how to write a business plan for transportation can help focus on your marketing strategy.

    What is your budget for marketing? Do you have any sales and marketing staff or will you outsource this? You should also point out the key focus of your marketing, such as a USP or any promotional events planned.


    Depending on your transportation business plan structure, this section details the people in your company. Is there a board of directors? Do you need to employ staff and if so what does the role contribute to the company’s success?

    Your passenger transportation business plan should describe the company’s growth plan and identify the staff required and the salary costs. These figures will help determine the income required to sustain the company’s growth plan.

    Financial Plan

    Your transportation business plan maybe just for your reference or could be used to convince investors that your company is a good prospect. This section is vitally important in either case to monitor business growth and sustainability.

    You should include here basic accounting reports, such as the balance sheet showing assets, liabilities and equity.

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    Also important is the cash flow analysis that shows your expected income against the expected expenses. For an established business, you can include a profit-and-loss statement for the previous 12-month period.

    The success of your company very much depends on the business plan transportation logistics and how it can be financed.

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