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    Strategic and production plans lay in the basis of financial planning. Strategic plan (it is also called business strategy) includes the formulation of the aim, tasks, potential stakes and sphere of activity of the company. Very often these aims are formulated on the qualitative level or in the form of general quantities guideposts.

    Production plans are formed on the basis of strategic plans and it provides the definition of production marketing and investment policy. The term “strategic” is not equal to the term “long-termed”. The term “strategic” is more volume idea but of course we can refer it to long-termed plans.

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    There are four types of the aims in strategic planning:

    –        marketing (what segment of market company will take, what are the priorities of production and commercial activity of the company);

    –        production (what structure of the company and what technology will provide the output of the production in necessary volume and of necessary quality);

    –        financial and economic (what are the main financing sources and financial projections of the results of the chosen business strategy)

    –        social (if the activity of the company provide the satisfaction of some social demands of society as awhile and single layers of it)

    In any case the main purpose of strategic plan is verification of the production program and sale markets. Plan is not limited only with establishment of the aims. It also includes the its verification.  Because of this  the integrated part of every strategic plan is financial section.

    Strategic plan can have the following structure:

    Section 1. Content and goal sets of the company’s activity.

    Purpose and strategic goal of the company’s activity, potential stakes and sphere of

    activity, tactic aims and tasks are enunciated here.

    Section 2. Prognosis and guideposts. Projections of economic situation in the markets of capitals, production and labor, intended perspective guideposts of the main indexes are reflected here.

    Section 3. Specialized plans and projections. Production. Marketing (including marketing plan). Finance (financial and business plan). Personnel policy. Innovation policy (research and engineering work). New production and sale markets.

    Methods of planning are the concrete ways and skills of plan’s accounts. Planning of financial indexes is carried out with the help of the following methods:

    –        calculating and analytic method;

    –        normative method;

    –        balance method;

    –        method of optimization of the planning’s decisions;

    –        method of economic and math modeling.

    Due diligence will help to make corrections in financial planning.

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