Every business idea needs a plan that carefully outlines the journey it will take. If you ponder on beginning an asset oversight business, then the business of rental asset management and purchase ought to be the first thing to consider. It is necessary in understanding your business idea as it shows all the phases of the business. Online resources are at your disposal to assist in creating a sturdy as well as an informative rental property business model. The property management company business plan will help you to properly plan for your property management firm.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Assessment
  • SWOT Analysis Report
  • Financial Projection
  • Marketing Ideas and Plans

Executive Summary

Au Fait Property Management Concourse is a certified asset management business situated in Beverly Hills, California, USA. The business niche is asset management, in which we have been a market leader in providing sample property management business model to help real estate owners get the profits out of the investments they make.

Over the years, Au Fait Property Management Concourse has built an accurate catalog of property owners in Beverly Hills as well as the greater state of California. We have accumulated decades of business expertise in the provision of tailor made solutions to our customers with our property management templates. We also have file samples of previous year financial reports that will use to get funding from potential investors.

Our team of real estate agents and business professionals warrants that our clients get the best value for money by properly managing their property. We enable this by providing excellent services to both the property heritor and the tenants. This is possible through earning the necessary real estate certifications via periodic training and property oversight.

Au Fait Property Management Concourse strives to avoid any chance of litigation between our customers the property owners and the lease, which could be bad for the firm. Our property management plan template and sample plans reduce the risk of damages to lease units. It is uniquely diverse from all similar firms based on the fact that it plans to get revenue for this field by reducing the patch up expenses as well as synchronizing the expenses of all property in our management.

Despite the need to lease out the assets under our management, Au Fait Property Management Concourse is intent on structuring a loyal client base. This is the substructure of our property management business by offering competitive rent to law-abiding tenants. They then agree to enter into a long-term real estate rent accord with us. This has enabled us to provide a point-based scheme to loyal talents. The leasees can then redeem the accumulated points for awards.

Being one of the solo property management firms, we are keen on being active as well as ardent when associating with our corporate and syndicate issues where the customer is concerned. This way we have positioned ourselves to avoid lawsuits by addressing syndicate problems when they crop up. Our legal team has ensured we comply with the Fair Real Estate Act when prospecting for clients by avoiding to single out any demographic group.

Jnexty Oloingoru holds a master’s degree in Estate Management, PhD in Entrepreneurship: Real Estate Management and over five years of asset directory expertise. He is the proprietor of Au Fait Property Management Concourse. Financing of the syndicate is via proceeds from over ten years of real estate outlays by Jnexty together with his business associates. A tandem of real estate experts versed in property management superintends the bustle of the business.

Our Services

Au Fait Property management endeavors to provision an arrangement of choice and stature in business ministrations by moving to help property proprietors to deal with their property. We additionally render an unmistakable manual to tenants scanning for property to rent and provisioning the choicest real estate California has to give, depending on their monetary evaluations. The following are our business ministrations.

  • Guiding a property heritor through the compose of selling their property
  • Guiding an imminent property proprietor through the acquiring compose
  • Help in the preparing of the essential deeds for “Available to be purchased by Owner” merchants
  • Organizing property swaps and sustenance
  • Conducting property barters
  • Cataloging properties available to be purchased
  • Readying the essential deeds plotting the property for open houses, flyers, and also publicizing
  • Giving the merchant the genuine property trim rundown and in addition helper basic deeds
  • Conducting open houses to uncover a property to approaching proprietors/renters
  • Warrant the assessment of occupants to pre-qualify them for enlisting and in addition subletting the property
  • Finding land and developed properties that are on sale
  • Property administration directing and avuncular administrations

Vision Statement

To be the property management experts of choice for property investors with regards to property leases and purchases throughout the USA

Mission Statement

We aspire to be the sole-stop shop for rent payers where they acquire the properties of their desires and to assist property heritors to get profits from their properties in the USA efficiently.

Organizational Structure

Au Fait Property Management structure furnishes each jobholder with a road to participate totally in the scale up of the company. Workers who display unwaveringness will benefit from the various motivation offers that we will provide. We have a little number of jobholders laboring away at permanent positions. We additionally outsource administrators whose work is examined by the representatives of the firm. We render satisfactory arrangements to the staff which is in accordance with the present work rates while remunerating our outsourced employees. Here is the structure at Au Fait Property Management with the particular parts and duty in the business.

Chief Operations Officer

  • In charge of administering the business objectives and goals
  • Directing the business augmentation as well as the pursuit of the institution’s long-term subtlety
  • Obligated to actively operate the concourse on a daily substratum
  • Handling all high profile deals or clients
  • Fixing tariffs and signing business deals
  • Signing the concourse tabs and deeds
  • Evaluating the concourse’s progress using regular sample intervals

Project Manager

  • Responsible for devising, harmonizing and managing all the concourse’s projects
  • Supervise all the ventures of the concourse
  • Enforce and ensure adherence amid the execution of concourse projects
  • Provide guidance and counsel on the directorate of company projects
  • Carry out risk assessment for every sample project
  • Use IT computer programs to monitor the momentum together with the people working on each project
  • Responsible for the oversight in balancing the books, valuing and invoicing in all concourse project
  • Represent the concourse’s sanctions in all associate meetings
  • In charge of ensuring the achievement of a venture’s desired results given the choicest utilization of wherewithal and the satisfaction of customer sanctions

Company Secretary

  • Handle all the litigation and arbitration with regards to all sustenance matters within the concourse’s fiscal estimates with granted approval through restrained efficacy of barrister licitly accede to by the property heritor
  • Drawing up all the business and real estate covenant and licit deeds for the concourse
  • Handle and consult on all amalgamated licit concocts
  • Develop the sample company protocols
  • Forecast, study and protect the concourse against future licit risks
  • Represent the concourse in every legal proceedings
  • Analyze the licit deeds on countenance of the concourse
  • Prepare yearly proclamations for the concourse

HR And Admin Manager

  • Oversee the running of the company
  • Define job vacancies for enrollment and interrogatory processes
  • Train, assess, and evaluate all jobholders
  • Superintend the befitting functioning of the regular workstation bustle

Head ofAssets Management

  • Oversee the concourse’s real estate assets portfolio through adjustments, procurement, and daily conveyance
  • Manage the real estate business plan for rental property investment and fiscal estimates for assets
  • Review the sustenance and state of the assigned assets

Business Development Manager

  • Identify, sample, formulate, and reach out to a new business opportunity and real estate associates
  • Identify and sample the growth contingencies, follow up on suggestions and prospects, turbulently participate in the devising and funding of the ventures, and assure the consummation of ventures
  • Find and sample real estate assets and qualify them for renting or leasing following the property requirements of the concourse
  • Develop, asses, and finish all the plans for dilating and increasing commerce
  • Represent the concourse in critical meetings

Sales and Marketing Officer

  • List property for leasing or renting out to the assets
  • Market all the space available for leasing on the traditional together with digital rostrum
  • Prepare all the requisite deeds outlining the property for publicity purposes
  • Organize and run an open house to exhibit the property to prospective tenants
  • Negotiate tariffs for the property heritors
  • Screen prospective property tenant including credit status, criminal record et al.
  • Accounts Manager
  • Responsible for planning money related reports, articulations, and spending plans for the organization
  • Responsible for budgetary gauging and hazard investigation
  • In charge of controlling payrolls
  • Handle every money related exchange of the organization and serve as the organization’s in-house bookkeeper.

Front Desk Officer

  • Receive guests, packages, and archives for the organization
  • Handle request through telephone calls and messages
  • Distribute the mail in the organization
  • Handle different obligations doled out by the venture director

Market Analysis

Business frameworks are changing as more than 4 million children of post war Americans are set to retire making it possible for the millennial era to fill the positions in the property management industry. This youthful era is officially searching for helpful approaches to lease and rent living spaces and syndicate premises.

Au Fait Property Management Company gives a shrewd, simple to utilize, and helpful procedure to interface property proprietors with occupants and the other way around. We have a site and in addition an application where we connect tenants to property proprietors.

SWOT Analysis

As stated in the property management plan sample that we have submitted, we deal with a HR counseling organization to direct the SWOT Analysis. With the monetary standpoint, we anticipate amplifying our qualities and openings while dealing with our shortcomings and dangers.


Since our origin, we have kept up an amazing reputation with property proprietors, and they are our greatest source of new deals through referrals.

We have in our stable, a portion of the best-instructed and experienced staff that put us in a position to offer quality and fabulous management.

We probably have the most desired qualities in the trade as our symbols of respect, which incorporate relationship management through trust and genuineness.


Our essential shortcoming is that we are a moderately new property management company in the provision of property management administrations contrasted with different organizations and it requires additional exertion and investment to persuade on our skills.


We are ready to take on the asset management opportunities available in California and the USA at large as more people in the millennial generation get jobs, move out of their parent’s homes and start to sample different housing units.


Unfavorable government approaches, irrational inhabitants and also the worldwide monetary standpoint are some of our most prominent dangers. We are not in a position to change these dangers, but rather we will work for the benefit of our customers as well as our own.

Marketing Plan

We are making utilizations of the different resource management resources available to us in our property management business plan template and sample. With that objective in mind, our clients are our greatest the advantage especially in the millennial era, conventional promoting devices and computerized advertising assume a huge part in accomplishing our showcasing ability to offer the services.

All through our reality, we have made progress in interfacing these two gatherings to acknowledge resource management syndicate exchanges taking after the two sorts of showcasing arrangements, customary and computerized. We have fundamentally inspected the benefit advertises and arranged a sample real estate rental business plan that is in us in California. We are presently putting aside 5-10% of the monthly income for the sole motivation behind showcasing and growing to the entire of the USA.

Marketing Ideas & Strategies

To gain from this real property business plan we have set up a focused team inside our organization to conceptualize and think of advantageous management services for showcasing thoughts and procedures. We are making strides to digitize each part of our advertising arrangement by enrolling web designers, SEO showcasing experts, and online networking influencers to direct organic traffic to our online management community pages, web journals, and site.

With our brilliant resource software, we are building a database of past occupants and resource proprietors who we depend upon to market us through informal exchange and offer referrals. Each referral that transforms into another syndicate, the customer gets a reward.

We are ceaselessly directing people to our organization, through continued utilization of conventional and non-customary commercials for resource monitoring both on the web and offline. Contact us for more examples of property management strategy for success template today.

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