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    Commercial poultry farming has undergone tremendous changes such as the creation of new chicken breeds that are more productivity and less prone to diseases.  It is one of the modern forms of agriculture developed through farming practice innovation.

    The demand for quality poultry products is high and this means starting a chicken farm is a viable business idea.

    Before you venture into this business, you need to have a business plan of poultry farming to help you make the right decisions and resolve challenges that arise amicably.

    OGS can write a comprehensive and accurate business plan of poultry farming for you without charging you thousands of dollars.

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    Overview of the Farming industry

    When you are venturing into poultry farming, you need to look at the whole industry and not just a segment of it. This is because, unlike other forms of businesses that are independent, poultry farming is interconnected with other forms of agriculture.

    Some of the factors that affect farming businesses have a direct impact on the success of poultry farms. They include;

        • Economy
        • Cost of feeds and medication
        • Weather Conditions; that is some, diseases are more prevalent during certain weather conditions.

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    Hence, it is important to make sure that your business plan for poultry production provides an informed and accurate overview of the farming industry. You will need to do an intensive study of the industry to get the facts right.

    If you intend to get funding from financial institutions such as banks, this section will be very useful as it will help to show the business plan for investors that you know what you are getting into and can handle the challenges.

    Production Projection

    Unlike a cleaning company or an insurance agency whose revenue is linked to the number of clients that they manage to get in a month, profits made from poultry farming are based on the amount of products that you send to the market on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Therefore, your poultry farm business plan should have information on the number of eggs that you expect to produce in a month.


    If this is your first time venturing into this form of fanning, it is imperative to consult other experts to get more insights on production. Wrong projection could result in an incorrect budget and unrealistic expectations.

    business plan of poultry farm

    Opportunities and Challenges

    One of the main reasons most people decide to invest in a poultry farm is to bridge a gap in the market. There are certain parts of the country where the demand for eggs is too high for the local farms to meet. If you decide to start a farm in such an area, your primary goal would be to produce enough eggs to meet the demand deficit in the market.

    It is recommended to carry out a feasibility study to know the various opportunities and challenges that poultry farms face. The study will help you to know how other farmers are dealing with problems such as disease outbreak. Your poultry keeping business plan is not complete if it does not provide such details.


    Location is always an important consideration when writing a business plan for poultry production. In the case of a poultry farm, there are a number of factors to consider;

        • Will you sell to the public or just in bulk to shops?
        • How many birds will be you keeping and how much space do you need?
        • Intensive farming like this produces waste material and smell. Is your location well away from its neighbors?
        • You will need easy access for supplies and to deliver your products to consumers. How far is your site from main roads and your target market?

    Business Plan for Investors

    Equipment and appliances

    Specialised equipment is required and your poultry farming business plan must identify what you need to buy or hire and the cost.

    Some farming equipment can be expensive and often farms will pool together to buy and share equipment that is not used daily. Is this suitable for your plan or perhaps hiring equipment as and when required is more cost-effective?

    Potential investors will want to see that you have planned for these costs in your business plan of poultry farm.

    Feeding birds

    One of your biggest costs will be feeding your birds and your business plan for poultry must clearly describe this.

    How many birds do you intend to keep? Hundreds, possibly thousands of birds require regular feeding, how will you manage this? How do you intend to obtain feed supplies? Who is going to be your supplier and do they deliver or must you collect the feed?

    You need to spell out clearly the procedures in place to make sure the birds are kept healthy.

    template business plan of poultry farm


    The management setup of the company should be described here. Identify the major roles and who will fill them. Use the OGS sample business plan for a poultry farm to create the perfect management section.

    For the senior positions, include a short bio of the person and explain why they are ideal for the post. An organizational chart may be useful here, but a simple list of people and roles is also okay.

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    Marketing plan

    The marketing section of your poultry farm business plan should identify the key people involved and their specific roles. The marketing plan should identify your objectives and explain how your business plan of poultry farm will achieve them. What marketing channels will you use, such as digital or more traditional printed methods.

    Break the marketing down into short and long term objectives to give actionable steps that can be used to analyse how successful the marketing has been. It’s important to set timelines to create a targeted and realistic plan.


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    Financial Projection

    Poultry fanning is a capital-intensive business due to the high cost of establishing and running the farm. Every week, you mall be required to purchase feeds and medications to promote growth and development of the chicken. Hence, it is good to do financial calculations to know the total amount of money that you may need to start the farm

    This information will help you to know the total sum of money that you should request from investors and the amount of money that you should always have in the bank as running capital.

    Examples of the types of financial document required include an income statement, cash flow projection and a balance sheet.

    Any potential investors will be very interested in this section and you should provide them with a copy of your business plan for poultry farming in pdf format.

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