Say the word “lemonade,” and thoughts of wooden stands, children, and summer come to mind. However, lemonade can be the foundation of a successful business. Unlike the days of corner street stands run by kids, there is an enormous opportunity to startup a lemonade company that generates significant revenues by catering to a target market that likes:

• Original lemonade made with sugar
• Flavored lemonade
• Lemonade made with non-sugar sweeteners
• Lemonade made with organic fruit

How Would You Like Your Lemonade?

A business plan for a lemonade company can describe a company that:

• Operates a fixed stand that sells lemonade and drinks containing lemonade, and also food or snacks, under contract with athletic facilities and parks, or as a standalone business
• Manages a mobile lemonade cart that is pulled to and setup in various locations, like parks, festivals, family reunions, downtown food truck areas, etc.
• Opens a manufacturing facility that sells canned or bottled lemonade, lemonade mixes, and/or frozen lemonade to supermarkets, convenience stores, businesses, city facilities, etc.
• Sells lemonade products online
• Sells hard drinks made with lemonade to bars, pubs, restaurants, and other venues where alcohol is sold

The business can sell retail, wholesale, or both, depending on the type of lemonade company started. There are franchise restaurant available also for the entrepreneurs that want to join an established business that provides training and operating assistance. When preparing the financial statements, it is important to include any expenses associated with buying the franchise and paying ongoing franchise fees.

Nothing Sour About this Business

Once the business owner decides on the business model, the business plan is ready for development. Like any business, the company needs a well-written Mission Statement, Executive Summary, Marketing Plan, Operating Plan, Management Plan, and Financial Plan. The business owner needs permits, insurance and licenses, possibly a crew, suppliers, and a lemonade stand or manufacturing facility. There may also be a need to find investors, depending on the type of lemonade company opened.

Contact OGS Capital to find out how experienced business consultants can deliver tailored business planning solutions. Starting on the path to long-term success in the lemonade industry begins with a solid business plan.

Download example lemonade business plan in pdf

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