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    OGS Capital serves clients in the U.S. and around the world, and is pleased to be one of the top Silicon Valley consulting firms. An area named for its technology base and beautiful location in the southern portion of San Francisco Bay, our consultants work with entrepreneurs and businesses in the tech and non-tech industries, helping them take advantage of great business opportunities.

    Silicon Valley is synonymous with technology. This technology hub attracts enterprising innovators from across the country, and many decide to start new businesses as technology consultants, or software or hardware developers. However, San Francisco and the surrounding area offers many more opportunities than just technology. The top industry clusters include hospitality and tourism, retail, education and training, health care services, business services, financial services, construction, and the fast growing biotechnology segment.

    Broad and Deep Experience

    One of the main reasons so many clients choose OGS Capital as their Silicon Valley consulting firm is because our team of consultants has extensive experience in the growing San Francisco and Silicon Valley industries, plus others like social media, energy and resources, transportation, and real estate. Their experience covers 42 industries, so no matter what type of project needs completion, there is a consultant who can bring depth of knowledge and specific expertise.

    In fact, some of the senior consultants are seasoned advisors and business plan developers with over 25 years of experience. It is experience gained at top consulting and management firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ernst & Young, and KPMG. In addition, many team members hold degrees from prestigious schools of business at top universities and have earned additional credentials such as ACCA and CFA. This kind of knowledge and experience is invaluable to clients who depend on business plan writing services that produce documents capable of moving their projects from concept to reality.

    Meeting Business Needs

    Because of their expertise, our Silicon Valley consultants at OGS Capital can offer a depth of business services to entrepreneurs that include:

    • Business plan writing designed to attract investor attention
    • Business plan writing for bank loan request documentation
    • Business plan development for immigration investor applications
    • Business plan development for nonprofits
    • Strategic business planning and business plans
    • Due diligence services for decision-making
    • Developing employee compensation plans
    • Financial modeling and projections
    • Marketing plans and market research

    Clients may need a business proposal, assistance with developing business strategies, specific research, professional review of existing business materials, and much more. One of the hallmarks of OGS Capital services is the fact our consultants have the right experience to do everything from writing the Silicon Valley business plan to doing complex business research projects.

    Importance of the Business Plan

    Most business consulting San Francisco clients are looking for two things: a business plan and investors. The business plan serves as the gateway to getting investors or traditional lenders interested. Each investor has a certain degree of risk tolerance. That tolerance influences whether the investor will consider the business idea, and if approval is given, the terms of the investment.

    The level of service our business consulting San Francisco clients receive are purposely designed to produce products that reflect the importance of the business plan to the business owner’s ability to meet goals. Developing a business plan that attracts investors and lays out a plan for sustained growth means developing a product that:

    • Clearly explains business goals and objectives
    • States the exact amount of initial investment needed
    • Justifies the amount requested
    • Explains the preferred level of control investors will have over the business
    • Includes a specific plan for investment payback
    • Includes a realistic financial plan for achieving profitability within a reasonable amount of time
    • Thoroughly explains the risks determined through expert research

    The business plan is a detailed roadmap for success. Startups, new business projects, and business expansion strategies will only succeed when there is adequate cash. Our Silicon Valley consultants rely on their considerable expertise to develop a business plan that fully supports requests for funding.

    Settle Only for the Best

    As one of the highest quality business consulting firms San Francisco and Silicon Valley clients can access, OGS Capital promises to deliver exceptional services. Each business plan is complete, professional looking, high quality, attractive, and thoroughly researched. Because our consultants ask the right questions, the process naturally assists business owners with their preparations for responding to investor and banker questions.

    When you need an experienced San Francisco consultant for business plan development and/or business research, contact OGS Capital. We take our position as one of the best Silicon Valley consulting firms seriously, and define ourselves by our ability to satisfy each and every client. There is too much at stake to leave this important work to anyone other than the most experienced and professional consulting business – OGS Capital.

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