El Paso, Texas has a rich history as the “Wild West,” but those days are long gone. Today, the city that is located on the Texas-Mexico border is business-friendly and is in the top 20 percent of performing economies in the U.S. That is why OGS Capital business plan writers have worked with many entrepreneurs attracted to the city which is strategically located, has a large manufacturing base, and a population with a large percentage of people who are bi-cultural and bilingual. It is a city that supports business people looking for success.

OGS Capital Goes West
Did you know that El Paso is only one day’s drive away from reaching over 110 million North American consumers? It has the second largest U.S. Army installation, a growing retail market, numerous institutions of higher education, an expanding health care system, and a number of manufacturing plants. As these industry sectors grow, there is a need for more retail businesses, more restaurants, a diversity of technology companies, and much more.

All this spells “opportunity” for entrepreneurs ready for startup or expansion. OGS Capital provides a variety of services that include business plan writing, financial feasibility studies, marketing research, strategic planning, marketing plans, and more. Consultants have a wide range of experience across dozens of industries. No matter which El Paso industry you choose to enter, we can assemble an expert project team with industry knowledge.

Advantages of Choosing OGS Capital

There are plenty of business plan writers available today, but most cannot offer the level of quality and service OGS Capital business plan consultants offer. Our senior business plan writers have worked in top consulting companies like Deloitte and McKinsey. They have consulting and financial advisory experience in more than 40 industries and in-depth knowledge of best practices in business and financial planning.

The advantages of choosing OGS Capital do not end there.

  • Excellent teamwork – When you agree to a project proposal, we assemble a team led by a senior consultant. The team includes a researcher, analyst, writer, and an editor. This ensures the final document has a high level of professionalism. As a client, you are a team member also, providing regular input and getting regular feedback.
  • Engage investors and lenders – Most entrepreneurs need startup capital or funds for expansion. We help in two ways. Our business plan writers can develop projects that are very attractive to investors and lenders because they meet their requirements. We also have a diverse network of investors. Once your business plan is completed, we are pleased to distribute it to our investor network.
  • Fast turnaround – No matter what services you order, business plan consultants offer quick turnaround without sacrificing quality. If you need a job completed within a certain timeframe, just let us know and we will start work right away. Even if there is no deadline, you can expect a completed business plan in approximately 12 days.
  • Always available – You will never have difficulty contacting your project team. We offer responsive customer service. You will always know the status of the project and will be consulted as the team needs additional details. OGS consulting is available 24/7, reflecting our global status as a business plan consulting firm.

El Paso offers the perfect location for entrepreneurs who want access to North American business on both sides of the border. Send us the online OGS Capital contact form, and experience the professionalism and expertise of our business plan writers.

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