Texas has one of the strongest U.S. economies, and that is largely due to growth in the cities of Dallas and Austin. The business plan writers Dallas, TX and Austin, TX movers and shakers look for need experience, familiarity with a variety of markets and industries, and the ability to provide the services needed to support high-quality business plan development.

OGS Capital can meet these demanding criteria and more. Our consultants in Texas also have in-depth knowledge of the remaining state of Texas markets and surrounding areas.

Operational and Strategic Planning
This deliverable will contain a business development road map that will help the company achieve its goals and become a market leader.

Right the First Time

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior executives rely on our expertise when planning a new business startup or expanding an existing operation because they know we will get it right the first time. That is important when planning a new business venture because time is certainly money. A high-quality business plan attracts investors, presents a path to operational success, and lays out a plan for positive financial performance.

Critical business services

OGS Capital offers a number of critical business services. For example, Austin business consultants can provide:

  • Business plan writing for investors, bank loans, immigration, and strategic planning
  • Specialized business plan development for nonprofits
  • Development of employee compensation plans
  • Due diligence services
  • Business proposal writing
  • Financial projections
  • Financial modeling
  • Development of business strategies
  • Marketing plan development
  • Market research

As a top firm offering the services of consultants in Texas, clients quickly discover we can met most business needs when developing business plans and strategies for startup and growth. Our expertise includes knowledge of startups, franchises, mergers and acquisitions, expansion into domestic and global markets, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and planned growth.

The only way to offer such a broad range of services is by having a team of people who can bring their expertise to Austin business consulting projects, and other Texas projects, in a way that produces results. Senior OGS Capital consultants bring over 25 years of experience in top global firms. As a company, business plans and proposals have raised hundreds of millions in capital and funding, proving our consultants deliver much more than documents. They deliver results.

Bringing Expertise to Every Project

When OGS Capital provides Austin business consulting services, clients get a host of advantages. The expertise of consultants is one of the most important. It takes hands-n business experience to understand the nuances of markets, interpret market and industry research, create new business models, and develop executable strategies. The best way to develop that kind of knowledge is to do as our consultants have done – work for premier management and consulting firms like PwC, McKinsey, Deloitte, BCG, EY, and KPMG.


The expertise that business consulting Austin clients, and clients in Dallas and around the state of Texas, get also includes knowledge of the best practices developed by Fortune 100 companies. Knowing which practices are applicable to each project only comes with real world business experience. This enables consultants to customize each business plan or business project.

In addition, the consultants have access to an extensive network of business associates and specialists, and investors. Clients looking for capitalization and funding can request a business plan for investors and assistance with locating the right kind of investors – those most likely to be interested in the business concept.

The Many OGS Capital Advantages

Whether talking about business consulting Dallas, TX style or business consulting Austin, TX style, all Texas clients enjoy a number of advantages by choosing OGS Capital.

  • Access to a credentialed team of consultants
  • Timely delivery of final products
  • Save money by getting the ideal business plan the first time
  • Save time in that consultants do the project research and development that would take clients much longer to accomplish
  • Customized and personalized consulting to ensure the end product is the highest quality possible
  • Customized business plan
  • Availability of continued support, if needed, to assist with the business plan project implementation or when additional research is needed
  • Business plans written with skill and professionalism

OGS Capital consultants also have the knowledge and skills to respond to specialized client requests. For example, Dallas and Austin have large tech industries. Experienced consultants can do technology trend analysis, competitive analysis, and innovative product research. Consultants can work with businesses interested in financial modeling various business concepts or entrepreneurs interested in going global and needing global market research. Consultants bring all their expertise, knowledge, skills, and capabilities to each business project to ensure the final product is exactly what the client needs to move forward.

Name the industry, and clients will find OGS Capital consultants with real-world business experience and experience with business plan writing in that particular industry. The business consultant Austin, Dallas, or state of Texas clients need for best results is found at OGS Capital. There is no substitute for in-depth and broad experience.

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