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    The Windy City is ranked as one of the most cost-effective cities for conducting business, and success begins by accessing the knowledge and expertise of OGS Capital, one of the top business consulting firms in Chicago. Not only is this an excellent location for starting or growing a business, Chicago is also a great place to run operations from when reaching out into domestic or global markets.

    The Right Approach

    The right approach is finding consultants Chicago, Illinois clients are assured have proven experience across industries. Chicago itself has a diverse industry base, with the strongest being manufacturing, business services, biotechnology, financial services, health services, and health technologies. It is also a city recognized as a hub for tech innovation. However, many businesses today are physically located in one place, but thanks to the internet, they do more business outside their home city.

    Wherever the business conducts operations, business planning, including developing a business plan, is critical. The advantages of using an experienced company like OGS Capital include:

    • Developing a clear idea of what it will take to achieve profitability
    • Identifying areas of strength and weakness
    • Addressing flawed ideas or thinking concerning business marketing and operations
    • Identifying potential opportunities not recognized before business plan development
    • Developing a realistic attitude about the business concept, revenue and cash flows, cost of operations, and market potential
    • Avoiding common mistakes young businesses or inexperienced entrepreneurs make

    As our OGS Capital experienced business plan writers in Chicago know, business planning mistakes can be costly. They can cost the business potential investors, take the entrepreneur down the wrong path that leads to customer and revenue losses, extend the time to breakeven, and create a cash crunch. The business plan is a logical plan for setting up or growing a business, finding funding, and establishing a means for measuring regular progress.

    A Plan That Works

    Our business plan writers Chicago entrepreneurs turn to for expert advice know that developing a quality plan is of the utmost importance. They bring to the process the kind of expertise it takes to ensure all the important aspects of operating an ongoing concern are considered. What kind of experience should people look for in professional business planners, and we can deliver?

    • Experience in diverse industries in professions
    • Long track records of personal success
    • Relevant professional certifications
    • Relevant association memberships
    • Ability to do efficient and in-depth industry analysis and market research
    • Knowledgeable of investor expectations of business plans
    • Experience in business plan development
    • Experience in business plan presentations
    • Familiarity with best practices in the entrepreneur’s industry of operation, investor decision-making processes, and bank lending processes

    One of the most important features a business plan should claim is customization. Templates have come into regular use, but they are designed to produce generic documents for very small and uncomplicated businesses. That is why OGS Capital offers customized business plans that properly showcase your business.

    However, starting a new enterprise in today’s business environment is not as easy as it once was 20 years ago. There have been millions of new regulations issued, and there is more competition for limited funding. While the internet has created new business opportunities, it has also created new competition. The business consultant Chicago clients choose for assistance should have current knowledge of the market, and government and investor requirements. That requires regular and as-needed research in order to deliver the best client services, something OGS Capital consultants take great pride in doing.

    Planning to Succeed

    Producing a business plan is one critical aspect of the planning process. Every business – small, medium, or large – needs a business plan. However, business planning can include a variety of services depending on the needs of the Chicago business. In addition to business plan development, OGS Capital, as one of the expert business consulting firms in Chicago, also provides the following business planning services:

    • Strategic planning – a plan for executing a specific strategy over the next year or so, often to take a business to the next stage of growth
    • Employee compensation plans – developing a salary, wages, and benefits plan that is incentivizing, competitive, and value-adding
    • Business Proposal – developing a business concept or idea that can be used to attract investors or as a presentation to senior managers or boards, or investors
    • Due diligence – in-depth research and analysis needed to make a good business decision, like buying, acquiring, or merging with another company
    • Marketing research – in-depth research and analysis on a new market – locally, regionally, nationally, or globally – or on an existing market
    • Marketing plan – creating a detailed and competitive marketing plan that addresses product, price, place and promotion
    • Clients order these and other services by OGS Capital, one of the nationally recognized top consulting firms in Chicago, because they know expert consultants can deliver the information and analysis needed to make hard business decisions.

    On the Financial Side

    When clients need business consulting Chicago entrepreneurs usually need assistance with developing financial information, whether for a full business plan or a special business report. Our Chicago business consulting services at OGS Capital deliver the best services by consultants who have extensive experience in preparing and analyzing financial statements across industries.

    In fact, our qualified consultants include accountants and CPAs who have management experience in a financial services business, or have directed the financial division of a large company. In some cases, our consulting company, offering the services of business plan writers Chicago clients can entrust with their work, will call upon strategic partnerships with financial consulting firms in Chicago, ensuring clients always get the highest quality services. The quality and accuracy of the financial information in any business report is of enormous importance to the entrepreneur and to investors and lenders.

    The advantages of the OGS Capital Chicago business consulting services are clear. Consultants can save time and money, connect clients with investors, and provide knowledge and expertise. In the long run, it never pays to use less than the best.

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