When OGS Capital began operating in 2006, it was with the intent of offering the highest quality business consulting services wherever the services were needed. Since then we have grown into a global company, serving dozens of cities. Our Boston business consultants provide the same set of services offered to all business owners but customized for their specific needs, whether they plan on delivering products and services in the Boston area or products and services around the world.

Accommodating a Wide Range of Business Requests

Every entrepreneur has unique requirements. The business consulting Boston clients come to us to request a wide range of services, knowing we can offer them what is needed for success. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Developing business plans
  • Connecting with investors
  • Finding lenders
  • Getting expert advice on strategies and plans
  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of markets
  • Getting assistance with business presentations
  • Planning business growth
  • Refining business ideas and concepts
  • Planning business scalability
  • Conducting financial planning
  • Creating a pitch deck
  • Developing an elevator pitch

Our business consultant Boston clients work with is one person who confers with a team of experienced professionals. This approach provides a well-rounded perspective on the process so that no details are missed. The customized approach is important because no two businesses are alike. Each entrepreneur has a unique vision.

Cookie-cutter business plans in today’s environment are inadequate because they usually fail to convey the innovativeness and creativeness that entrepreneurs need to compete and that investors are looking for when reviewing funding requests. We top the list of consulting companies in Boston, MA that have the experience to produce unique business plans for each client, no matter how big or small.

Bank-SBA compliance
Bank/SBA Business Plan
Document for raising debt funding from financial institutions to meet the expectations of the banks, SBA, and government agencies.

Creativity plus Practical Business Sense

As our experienced OGS Capital consultants in Boston know, getting the business plan right the first time is critical to success, whether it is startup, expansion, or finding investors or lenders. What is “right”? It is a business plan that:

  • Clearly summarizes the business sections in an informative manner in the Executive Summary but in a captivating way that inspires the reader to continue reading
  • Uses consultants in Boston MA who can explain product and service ideas from the perspective of how they meet market needs, a more difficult process than just writing a description
  • Presents the right kind of detail about the specific market for the products or services, calling upon expert research and compiling that information into a concise and easy-to-read format
  • Goes beyond describing the competition and clearly explains through the description the competition’s role in the market and how your company differentiates itself in terms of customer products and services, customer support, filling an unmet market need, and/or creating a new opportunity.
  • Presents a marketing strategy that clearly targets the market niche and explains the sales approach, tying the strategy to what preceded this information in terms of the business purpose, market conditions, and competition.
  • Lays out an operations plan that supports business goals and objectives for success, describing everything from operational procedures to equipment to licensing to professional services to staffing
  • Describes the management team in terms of qualifications, education, and experience, tying this information to the type of startup or expansion that is planned to make it clear the managers are fully qualified to run the business or project
  • A financial plan for five years that also indicates the initial investment needed to ensure there is adequate capital to get the business fully operational and to ensure adequate cash flow while building a customer base

OGS Capital is one of the top consulting firms in Boston for many reasons, and one is the careful, customized attention each client project gets from experienced business people. Our focus is on developing an eye-catching business plan that makes a professional business case for future success, investments, growth, and/or expansion.

Reasons to Choose Only the Best

Selecting from among the many Boston area consulting firms may seem a bit daunting at first, until potential clients realize OGS Capital offers everything they could want in the way of services and experienced consultants too. Our company excels in the consulting industry because we deliver exceptional customer services. Each client is assigned an experienced consultant who follows the project from beginning to end, directing a team of business people who know the particular industry and market.

No Selling, Just Service

Many business consulting firms Boston offers are more interested in selling business plans than providing the real services that clients need for success. OGS Capital offers a full menu of business planning services, so the client can get the information needed to take a project from idea to fruition. For example, a client may need an industry analysis before a business plan is ever written.

Existing businesses may decide they want planned growth or are interested in expansion, and they need a business proposal or business strategy services. Some businesses need financial modeling which is a very specialized business service. Others might want a marketing plan or due diligence services. Frequently, business consulting Boston companies specialize in one or two areas, but unlike OGS Capital, are unable to provide multiple services. There is a reason we are ranked as one of the best business consulting firms Boston has to offer – we provide superior customer service.

OGS Capital is one of the consulting companies Boston business owners turn to when they want professional business plans, investor attention, and access to a team of consultants that can save time and money while delivering results. The team of experts have decades of professional experience in a variety of industries, so are able to bring a broad perspective to each project. Chose OGS Capital when looking for one of the most experienced consulting companies in Boston.

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