Growing awareness of skin cancer has led consumers to find safer ways than sunbathing to get a nice tan. That has led to strong demand for spray tanning or airbrush tanning, creating new entrepreneurial business opportunities. One of the fastest growing industry segments is the mobile spray tan because it takes the tan to the customer rather than asking the customer to visit a tanning salon. That is good news for entrepreneurs because going mobile with tanning services greatly reduces startup costs.

Choose a Business Model – Mobile Spray Tan business plan 

There are two basic business models found in the mobile spray tanning industry. Entrepreneurs can start a business from scratch, or they can buy a franchise. The best decision depends on factors like cost and the level of business experience. The franchise option offers business owners assistance with startup and marketing, but it also requires paying franchise fees.

Every business, no matter needs a business plan. The mobile spray tan business plan covers all of the aspects of running a successful small business. They include:

• Description of equipment needs, including one or more vans and the spray tanning system
• Explanation of services and products offered to customers
• Pricing schedule based on market analysis of competition
• How tanning services will be delivered, i.e. in homes and hotels (with permission); in a mobile spray tan tent at trade shows, festivals, flea markets; tanning parties, etc.
• Online and offline marketing and advertising strategies, i.e. website, social media, ad flyers distributed on college campuses and gyms, introductory offers, contests, subscriptions, etc.
• Financial plan, including projected profit and loss, and cash flow

Continuous Promotion

The major expenses associated with starting a mobile spray tan business is the purchase of the spray tanning machine and mobile tent, and a van for transporting equipment and supplies. To achieve profitability in this business, it is necessary to regularly promote the business to attract new customers.

One of the advantages of buying a franchise is that people interested in spray tans are likely familiar with the brand. There are investors interested in helping small business owners with the cost of startup and early operating costs whether they choose to start a new brand or buy into a franchise. Investors will also fund business expansions when it is time to add additional vans.

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