Carrying out of due diligence is one of the functions of the complex research of the business. It helps to estimate trustful relations while conclusion of a deal  between counteragents. Due diligence is usually carried out when buying a business or a part of business, buying of some large objects, or buying a business plan for a franchise, for example, real property assets.

There are several types of Due Diligence

Naturally this division is rather nominal.

So due diligence can be environment, legal, economical, technical, marketing, fiscal and some other types.

Environment due diligence is suggested the verification of the maintenance of the order of subset assets use, soil use, water use, use of atmosphere air and of other resources which form the environment.

Technical due diligence is based on the verification of project documentation including technical one. Great attention is devoted to designing estimates. For example while preparing the building documents it is accepted to pay attention to the check of working project of engineering communications.

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Marketing due diligence includes the research of the system of measures directed on the coordination of the production with market situation and provided the constant sale. Also it includes the research of price, product and communicative policy, system of the goods advance, system of personnel management. That is to say all points of marketing plan which is the integrated part of the business plan will be checked.

Economical due diligence consist of all material aspects of activity. That is the economic and material state of the company, its position in the financial sphere, the state of vouchers and so on. That is to say economical due diligence helps to answer on the questions concerning business strategy of the company, financial planning, financial projections and some others.

Fiscal due diligence is very often carried out as a part of economic research, particularly of financial research.

Classification of due diligence can be carried out according to the character of the object of research. According to this due diligence can be divided into following groups:

1.      Due diligence of the items of intellectual property.

2.      Due diligence of other material assets.

3.      Due diligence of real property assets.

4.      Due diligence of different corporative formations, for example, hedge funds, holdings, trust funds or other similar corporative or quasi corporative structures.

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