What is a Professional Organizer Business Plan?

In today’s world, you work and relax better with things in order. Professional organizers help people by making problems go away and making dirty spaces neat and useful. If you like to help others be organized, you can start a professional organizing business to use your skills and talents. And you need a Professional Organizing Business Plan to start one.

A professional organizer business plan is a formal written document that outlines your business goals, strategies, and financial projections. It serves as a roadmap for organizing business, helping you make informed decisions and track progress. Whether starting a small-scale residential organizing service or launching a large-scale corporate organizing firm, a business plan is essential for success.

Why Do You Need a Professional Organizing Business Plan Template?

Writing a professional organizing business plan can be challenging. It requires extensive research and industry knowledge. A sample business plan for professional organizing, like the HR Consultant Business Plan template can help you get started by providing a framework for your plan.

A professional organizer business plan can help you to:

  • Structure your ideas and information
  • Save time and effort by providing a ready-made format
  • Ensure you cover all the essential aspects of your business idea

If you are serious about starting a professional organizing business, OGSCapital can help you. We have business plans for professional organizers, made by good writers, like Brandi Marcene, our business plan expert with more than ten years of experience. Brandi has made many entrepreneurs glad with her professional business plans.

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Executive Summary

The executive summary is a short summary of the business plan. It should include information about the business’s mission, history, products or services, target market, competitive advantage, financial projections, and goals. The executive summary must grab potential investors’ and lenders’ attention. It should concisely show them why the business deserves support.

Here is the executive summary of a professional organizing business plan for “Minimalist Solutions”, a professional organizng business would include:

Business Overview

Minimalist Solutions helps Texans tidy up and systematize their home and work realms. We design customized strategies for household, office and business areas seeking enhanced time and space efficiency. Our tribe encompasses busy experts, clans and petite enterprises.

Employing a customized methodology, competitively-priced offerings and muscular digital footprint, we proffer unrivaled organizational support. We now quest capital to amplify our operations.

Our quests are increasing our client roster, magnifying web visibility and fusioning strategic alliances. We endeavor to actualize functional, stress-free environments for patrons through quintessential customer service and tailored TLC.


Minimalist Solutions furnishes personalized offerings to assist patrons organize their lives and step up productivity – from household organizing to festivity planning. Our services include:

  1. Home Organizing
  2. Office Organizing
  3. Business Organizing
  4. Event Planning
  5. Time Management Coaching

Customer Focus

Minimalist Solutions pledges premier service and customized fixes for each patron’s distinctive necessities. Our quest is to evolve into a trusted companion on their odyssey towards optimization.

We start with a free consultation to understand their goals, then develop a customized plan to achieve them through hands-on decluttering and organizing. Ongoing support helps maintain their newfound organization.

Franchise Business Planning 
Helps the franchisee get business case approval from the franchisor

Management Team

Minimalist Solutions is led by a management team with a combined experience of over 20 years in the professional organizing industry. Our team of passionate, certified professional organizers is led by CEO Jane Doe, an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. Jane is a member of NAPO and a certified time management coach.

Apart from our chief executive, we have a lead technology guru with over a decade of mastery and a lead marketing maven with 7+ years under their belt. Our experts stay hip to industry shifts while providing bespoke aid and ace assistance.

Success Factor

Several key factors contribute to the success of our Minimalist Solutions troupe:

  1. Mastery – Our team of seasoned organizers has extensive know-how of the organizing sphere and are hip to the latest organizing trends and techniques.
  2. Customer relationships – We build strong relationships with our clients by offering customized organizing solutions that meet their individual goals.
  3. Trailblazing – We are perpetually pioneering and integrating new organizing methodologies to refine our services and furnish our patrons with the crème de la crème experience.


Minimalist Solutions is seeking funding to expand its operations. The financial projections for Minimalist Solutions indicate a steady growth trajectory over the next three years. With an emphasis on cost optimization and strategic marketing maneuvers, we envision elevating our market slice and gains. The company is also endeavoring to snag a petite enterprise cash infusion of $100,000 to assist fuel the scaling.

  • Projected revenue in the first year of operation – $100,000
  • Projected cost in the first year of operations – $50,000
  • Net profit (after adjusting expenses, such as rent, utilities, wages, salaries, and marketing) – $50,000
  • Seeking funding to expand its operations.
  • Seeking a $100,000 loan to purchase new software and equipment, and to hire additional staff (As explained in our Staffing Company Business Plan).
YearYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Total Revenue$100000$150000$200000$250000$300000
Net Income$65000$85000$100000$110000$140000

Company Overview

Who is Minimalist Solutions?

Minimalist Solutions is an LLC furnishing professional organizing services to Texan individuals and businesses. With highly skilled and innovative organizers, we specialize in decluttering, organizing, and actualising bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s distinct needs. Our vision is aiding individuals in creating tidy, purposeful areas enhancing welfare and efficiency.

Our company’s aims are to:

  • Furnish premier and tailored organizing solutions.
  • Forge enduring bonds with patrons.
  • Enlighten clients on the perks of organizing and outfit them with pointers and materials.
  • Amplify the company’s image and renown through word-of-mouth referrals, online kudos, social media maneuvers and networking festivities.
  • Grow the company’s revenue and profitability by increasing its market share and reducing its costs.

Minimalist Solutions History

Minimalist Solutions, established in 2019 by CEO Jane Doe, a certified professional organizer, serves various clients: busy professionals, families, small businesses, and corporations. We transform homes and offices into functional spaces reflecting clients’ styles. Recognized by local media, online platforms, and loyal clients, we prioritize integrity, efficiency, and customer service.

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Industry Analysis

The professional organizing sphere is an expanding and dynamic arena that proffers diverse services to assist individuals and enterprises refine, systematize, and administer their environments. According to research by Digital Journal, the global Professional Organizer market size is expected to grow with a CAGR of 6.5% from 2023 to 2030.

Herewith are additional intriguing discernments concerning the professional organizing domain:

  • The domestic organization sector is projected to proliferate at a CAGR of 4% from 2021 to 2025, contingent absent deviations in extant inclinations. In 2021, the market size of the home organizing industry has reached approximately $11.4 billion. (Source – Onedesk)
  • The demand for professional organizers is expected to grow 7% between 2018 and 2028, creating 9,600 job opportunities across the US. (Source – Step by Step Business)
  • Most professional organizers work for private companies, with the non-profit sector employing the most professional organizers.
  • Education companies employ 25% of professional organizers, public companies employ 15%, private companies employ 54%, and government companies employ 6%. (Source – Zippa)

Customer Analysis

Demographic Profile of Target Market

Minimalist Solutions’ target market consists of individuals and businesses in the Texas area who need professional help to declutter and organize their spaces. The demographic profile of our target market is as follows:

  • Age – 25-65 years old
  • Gender – Male and female
  • Income – $50,000-$150,000 per year
  • Education – College degree or higher
  • Occupation – Professionals, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, freelancers (Check our Freelance Business Plan)
  • Marital Status – Single, married, divorced, widowed
  • Family Size – 1-4 members
  • Lifestyle – Busy, active, ambitious, social

Customer Segmentation

  1. Residential customers – These are individuals or families who need help organizing their homes or specific rooms, such as closets, kitchens, home offices, garages, and attics due to variety of reasons, such as moving, renovating, downsizing, merging households, having a baby, retiring, or simply wanting a change.
  2. Business customers – These are small businesses or organizations that need professional help to organize their offices or specific areas, such as desks, cabinets, files, and storage rooms. They may have a variety of goals for seeking organizing services, such as improving productivity, efficiency, creativity, collaboration, or image.

Competitive Analysis

This segment elucidates Minimalist Solutions’ direct and indirect competitors, evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. It also illuminates our competitive advantage.

Direct and Indirect Competitors

Direct Competitors

  1. Organize to Optimize – This is a professional organizing company that helps people transform their homes and offices into stylish, functional spaces. They offer a kaleidoscopic range of services including closet orchestration, home office enhancement, kitchen rectification, garage reconstruction, document administration, and digital synchronization.
  2. Method Seattle Professional Organizing – This is a professional organizing company based in Bellevue, Washington. They furnish sundry services to help individuals and entities organize, systematize, and optimize their spaces. Their offerings include closet and icebox organization, kitchen, attic, home office and garage enhancement, office renovation, photo curation, and virtual organizing.
  3. Eliminate Chaos – This is a professional organizing company based in Redmond that provides expert organization, packing, moving and relocation, digital organizing and decluttering services. They provide amenities like household organization, relocation support for residential and commercial spaces, home office consulting, digital decluttering, virtual organizing and coaching.

Indirect Competitors

Indirect competitors offer alternative or complementary solutions to the same problem or need that Minimalist Solutions addresses. They are not directly competing with Minimalist Solutions for the same customers or market share but they may influence the customers’ decision making process or satisfaction level. Some of the indirect competitors are:

  1. Self-storage facilities – These are businesses that offer storage space for rent to individuals or businesses who need extra space for their belongings.
  2. Online platforms and apps – These are websites or applications that connect organizers and clients, such as FindMyOrganizer, Sortly, and Clutter.

Competitive Advantage

At Minimalist Solutions, our competitive edge is our all-encompassing approach to organizing. We ponder not only the physical dimensions of a space, but also the emotional and psychological elements of the client. We collaborate with patrons to comprehend their aspirations, obstacles, personality contours, habits, predilections, and lifestyle. Then we architect a bespoke regimen catered to their necessities and budget. We also follow-up with clients post-project to guarantee their contentment and furnish ongoing reinforcement.

Marketing Plan

This section outlines how Minimalist Solutions will promote its services to its target market and generate sales and revenue. It also includes information about the company’s promotions strategy and pricing.

Promotions Strategy

Minimalist Solutions’ promotion strategy is based on three principles:

  1. Building awareness and credibility – We will increase our visibility and reputation in the market by using various channels, such as online platforms, referrals, social media, local advertising, and networking events.
  2. Educating and engaging customers – We will enlighten and entrance prospective and current patrons regarding the boons of organizing and the merit of our offerings through diverse conduits. These include blogs, newsletters, webinars, workshops, podcasts, videos, and ebooks.
  3. Generating leads and conversions – We will generate leads and conversions for our services through various channels, such as online platforms, referrals, social media, local advertising, and networking events.


Minimalist Solutions’ pricing strategy is based on the following principles:

  • Value-based pricing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible pricing

Some of the specific prices that Minimalist Solutions’ will charge for its services are:

  1. Hourly rate
  • $75 per hour for residential customers
  • $100 per hour for business customers.

2. Flat fee

  • $300 for a closet organization
  • $500 for a home office organization
  • $800 for a kitchen organization
  • $1,000 for a garage organization

3. Project-based fee

  • $2,000 for a full home organization
  • $3,000 for a small business office organization
  • $5,000 for a moving service.

Operations Plan

This section describes how Minimalist Solutions will run its day-to-day operations and achieve its milestones. It should include information about the company’s operation functions and timeline.

Operation Functions

  1. Marketing – This function is responsible for creating and implementing the marketing plan that was outlined in the previous section.
  2. Sales – This function is responsible for converting leads into customers and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  3. Service delivery – This function is responsible for providing high-quality and customized organizing services to customers.
  4. Administration – This function is responsible for managing the financial and legal aspects of the business.


  • Launching the website by January 2023 (Marketing)
  • Registering on online platforms by February 2023 (Marketing)
  • Creating social media accounts by March 2023 (Marketing)
  • Securing 10 residential customers by May 2023 (Sales)
  • Securing 5 business customers by June 2023 (Sales)
  • Hiring 2 additional staff by July 2023 (Check our Headhunter Business Plan for more information)
  • Reaching $50,000 in revenue by August 2023 (Administration)
  • Reaching $100,000 in revenue by December 2023 (Administration)
  • Reaching $150,000 in revenue by June 2024 (Administration)

Management Team

This section tells about the people who are in charge of Minimalist Solutions. It should have information about their jobs, duties, skills, experience, abilities, and successes.

Financial Plan

This section provides an overview of the financial performance and projections of Minimalist Solutions. It should include information about the company’s key revenue and costs, funding requirements and use of funds, key assumptions, and financial statements.

Key Revenue and Costs

Minimalist Solutions’ key revenue sources are:

  1. Residential organizing services
  2. Business organizing services
  3. Moving services

Minimalist Solutions’ key costs are:

  1. Staff salaries
  2. Marketing expenses
  3. Travel expenses
  4. Tools and supplies
  5. Insurance
  6. Taxes
  7. Miscellaneous expenses

Funding Requirements and Use of Funds

Minimalist Solutions requires $50,000 in funding to operate and expand the business. The funding will be used for the following purposes:

  1. Marketing expenses – $15,000
  2. Travel expenses – $10,000
  3. Tools and supplies – $10,000
  4. Insurance – $5,000
  5. Taxes – $5,000
  6. Miscellaneous expenses – $5,000

Key Assumptions

Minimalist Solutions’ financial plan is based on the following key assumptions:

  1. The market size and growth rate of the professional organizing industry in the US are based on the data from IBISWorld.
  2. The market share and customer base are based on the data from online platforms and local advertising.
  3. The revenue and cost projections are based on the data from similar companies in Seattle.
  4. The inflation rate and tax rate are based on the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Internal Revenue Service.

Financial Projections

  • Income Statement (H4)
  • Balance Sheet (H4)
  • Cash Flow Statement (H4)

Experience the Expertise of OGSCapital Consultants for Professional Organizing Business Plan

At Minimalist Solutions, we appreciate that a strong business plan is crucial for our success and our goal fulfillment. That’s why we have teamed up with OGSCapital, the best in the business of business planning and consulting, to help us create a detailed and powerful professional organizing business plan.

With OGSCapital Consultants as our reliable ally in business planning, we can boldly start our journey to success. OGSCapital’s industry savvy, personalized approach, and financial acumen will enable us to emerge as a first-rate professional organizing business, provide excellent value to our customers, and achieve our ultimate goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How do I start a professional organizing business?
    If you’re confused about how to start your own organizing business, you need to have a passion and skill for organizing, a business plan, a legal entity, a marketing strategy, and a service delivery system.
  2. Q. Is professional organizing a lucrative business?
    Starting a professional organizing business can be profitable if you offer clients real value, build a base of repeat customers, charge competitive rates, and keep your overhead costs low.

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