Everyone loves pizza, but as with any business plans for pizzeria, passion alone will not make it a success. Starting a restaurant business is a high cost proposition, so the pizzeria business plan will need an in-depth financial section. The financial plan includes detailed information on the projected revenues and expenses, hourly labor costs, start-up capital expenses, equipment investments, and much more.
A detailed personnel plan is required because a staff shortage can quickly hurt a pizzeria’s ability to provide quality and timely customer service.
Many restaurants do fail, unfortunately, so banks and private investors will carefully analyze sales projections and break-even analysis in relationship to the targeted market and competition. As experienced investors, they can spot overly ambitious projections, so ensure your financial statements are well researched and realistic.

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Executive Summary

Your executive summary is a broad overview of the business plan for a pizzeria and should give the reader just enough information to make them want to read more.

For this reason, it is normally written last, using one or two lines from each of the other sections of the business plan for a pizzeria.

It’s important to grab the reader’s attention, so show your passion for the business plans for pizzeria and the market sector knowledge you have that will make it a success.

Company Overview and Description

Setting up your company correctly from the very beginning will pay dividends in the long run. This section is often the shortest in your business plan for a pizzeria, but very important.

Provide a brief summary of the whole company, and a short history for an existing company or the reason for forming the company if new business plans for pizzeria.

Explain the type of business structure, such as a partnership or limited company, and who owns the company. Your pizza place business plan should also describe the physical location of your business plans for pizzeria and whether the premises are rented or bought.


The services section of your pizza parlor business plan should describe what you are offering your customers. Will the business plans for pizzeria be a restaurant only, takeout only or a combination of the two? Will you offer food delivery services? Do you intend to expand the range of services in the future? Perhaps an online ordering system will make you stand out from the competitors?

Franchise Business Planning 
Helps the franchisee get business case approval from the franchisor

Market Analysis

Knowing the local market is essential to your success and a business plan for a pizzeria establishment must include detailed information on this.

What is your local competition and how will your business plans for pizzeria stand out from the crowd? Will your business have a unique selling point missed by the others?

Is the business plans for pizzeria restaurants in your area growing or shrinking? What is driving the market and how can you make sure your business thrives against the competition?


This section of your pizza takeaway business plan should describe the management structure within the company and give more information on the people holding important roles.

Describe who is in charge of marketing, sales, administration and other areas that require management. For the critical roles, give details of the persons experience in the business plans for pizzeria area, their qualifications and why they are suitable for the job. A copy of their CV can also be included along with details of their remuneration package.

This may seem excessive, but if your business plan for a pizzeria is being written to interest investors then a qualified management team is essential to your success.

Provide an organizational chart, showing top management right down to the staff making and selling the pizza.

Marketing plan

Information in this section should cover the 4 Ps of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. The 4 Ps cover what you are selling, the pricing structure, where you will sell your products from and how you contact your target market.

A business plan for a pizzeria will need to cover each of these aspects in detail to convince the reader that you know your target market and have a solid plan to make sure your customers find your business plans for pizzeria.

business plan for a pizzeria
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    Financial plan

    If you need investors to provide start-up funding, then your pizzeria business plan must include key accounting reports showing the business viability.

    The income statement or P&L gives an overview of your company’s income and expenses, showing the net income. For a new business plans for pizzeria, an estimation will need to be generated for the coming year.

    The balance sheet is a snapshot of the financial position at a specific time and shows what you own, what is owed to you and what you owe to others.

    Last, the cash flow statement covers a specific time period, such as a quarter, and your income and expenses during that period.

    Taken together, the reports should persuade your investors that the company will make a profit.

    Pizzeria Franchise Business Plan

    Do you want to start a business that can take care of your passion for food as well? Well, if you are a baking enthusiast and possess a desire to build wealth and empire, launching pizzeria franchise can be the best startup choice for you.

    Established in 1960, Pizzeria has been earning fame for its Italian foods, brick oven pizzas, and fresh, diced toppings. The restaurant holds millions of the market share and enjoys a good reputation among consumers from all walks of life. At present, pizzeria franchises are running in a few U.S. states. So, it has immense opportunities to explore in other parts of the U.S.

    To enter this venture, first thing that you need to do is making a pizzeria franchise business plan. Like all other food franchise business plans, it should describe the executive and company summary, menu, operational plan to link with stakeholders, personnel plan, marketing plan and a detailed financial plan.

    To assist you in making a business plan, this pizzeria franchise business plan sample will shed light on all these components by providing segments from original business plan for Pizzeria franchise startup in Atlanta.

    This sample business plan pizzeria franchise will specifically outline the segments that were developed by professional business consultants. And that helped the franchise generate $30k per month in profits by the end of just first year of the launch.

    In case you want to have an even deeper insight, you may visit restaurant franchise business plan sample for straw hat pizza franchise or dominos pizza franchise.

    How to order writing business plan for a pizzeria

    OGS Capital consultants are experts in the development of a variety of business plans for restaurant start-ups and expansions. If you are ready to prepare a business plan for a pizzeria restaurant, simply complete the online contact form to get the process started.

    Frequently asked questions of pizzeria

    • Are business plans for pizzeria for a start-up, franchise or expansion of existing business?
    • Does the pizzeria follow a dine-in, takeout, or delivery model or any combination of the three types of services?
    • How will the pizzeria brand itself to differentiate the business plans for pizzeria from the competition, i.e. upscale, local and friendly, family-oriented, healthy or organic ingredients, etc?
    • Who are the direct competitors? Are grocery stores indirect competitors?
    • What are the menu options and pricing? Will more than pizza be offered?
    • What suppliers will provide recipe ingredients and restaurant supplies‘? How will rising commodity prices be managed and controlled over the long-term?
    • Where will the pizzeria be located, and will the space be leased or the building purchased? ls there a floorpan?
    • Does the local market analysis show projected population growth providing the business new opportunities for future growth?
    • Does your pizza shop business plan should clearly indicate how much money is needed for start-up and pre-opening costs?
    • ls the specific target market segment identified, and what are the demographics of those who will be likely customers‘?
    • How much money will be invested in equipment, including ovens, stoves, drink machines, dining area furniture, etc.?
    • How will the pizzeria be marketed and advertised, and what promotions are planned to attract customers, i.e. special events, meal coupons and discounts, rotating menu, frequent buyer cards, etc?

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