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    For businesses that are planning to start an online business as a side operation with their traditional store or start a complete online store, it is very vital to creating an online store business plan. Around 80% of businesses operate online, that is an evidence that the internet involvement is must in all business. The inventions of technical things are changing the way of businesses very fast. The overall marketplace is not much limited and the online store business plan has taken on new importance as a guide for achieving goals.

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    Frequently asked questions of online store business plan

    • Who will maintain and develop the shopping site?
    • How you will attract target customers to the website?
    • How products will be bought?
    • How goods are going to be stored and shipped?
    • Will, you need to hire customer support, IT staff etc?

    Executive Summary

    The executive summary is the very important section, which will frame the whole online store business plan. It is like your ‘book jacket’ for a business, which explains what drives you to start an online store along with other key elements. No matter how well you know about your business, it is still wise to write it down.

    online store business plan sample

    It will make the online store business plan more organized and add more information that comes to your mind. There may be benefits that are more poignant and salient features, which come along the process of making this online store business plan, and you, will be able to add it here.

    Company Description

    The company description deals as a precise outline of your online store business plan example. It focuses more on what makes your company start and less on high-level goals. In this segment, you need to explain who are the founder and/or owner of your e-commerce business, whether you have several owners, background, and your qualification or experience to run an e-commerce business.

    Franchise Business Plan
    Helps the franchisee get business case approval from the franchisor

    Also, explain in brief how and where you are going to operate, and who is going to be involved.


    Now, it is an interesting part of your online store business plan sample. Explain what you are selling actually. Have a detailed look at the products you are offering with products that you want to sell in future, along with their benefits and specifications. Focus on the common theme of your products. You can add some human aspect on why you decided to sell those products and what makes them so important to you. What makes your products stand out? What will be the cost of your products?

    Market Analysis

    In this section of the free business plan for online store, you need to discuss your target audience who you wish to bring in the direction of your online store. Explain important demographics you want to serve, their location, age, income levels, and their value towards your online store business plan.

    Also, explain the overall market status of your industry. Has it changed or grown over the specific period? Explain whether you expect it to change in future. You will definitely need to do some research in this aspect. Know about your industry when you research as it relates to the e-commerce world.

    Marketing Strategy

    Once you have clarified how your products outshine your competition, it is time to determine the way you are going to convey your marketing message. How you will be noticed at first? Your marketing strategy is very important for your online retail store business plan template. To a certain extent, traditional stores depend on foot traffic but you do not have that chance. Rather, you should try to attract web traffic.

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    Your content plan can shape your strategy. Explain how you are going to voice your marketing message? Will you have a blog, any ‘resource’ section with how-to have and tips, or a user-generated campaign? You should have someone to write your content for social media.

    online store business plan template

    Management Plan

    In this section of your online store business plan, you will need to explain all the staff requirements and their key responsibilities. Explain the cost of training each employee as well as the value they might add to your business. Explain how you will recruit experienced staff and how they can help you grow your online store business plan. It may seem to be a complex part, but it is important. You need to clarify about your team strength, their level of qualification, timings based on the bond, and your recruitment aims in the future.

    Financial Plan

    It is yet another dreaded and challenging part of your online store business plan. However, it is very important for you to crack. Even though you do not prepare a complete business plan at all, you still have to explain it. This part should have the highest amount of detail, especially if you are looking for investors. It is because investors want to know where their investments are going and they have to be assured well about their return. OGS capital writers help write a business plan for investors.

    Online Store Business Plan

    Site development

    The content and overall website designs are an important part of your online store and you need to explain it clearly in your online store business plan. Entrepreneurs who do not have any experience with online business should seek assistance. There are different aspects in the online store that are completely different or not involved in traditional stores. For example, choosing a web host and platform to launch an e-commerce website. As technology changes rapidly, you need to explain how you are going to stay ahead in all aspects.

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