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Nail Salon Business Plan

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Frequently asked questions about nail salon business

Executive Summary

Business Description

Market analysis


Marketing Plan


Financial plan

How to order writing nail salon business plan




Manicurists and pedicurists often work on a commission basis first and eventually decide to open their own nail salons. Running your own nail salon has the potential to be a very profitable business with low overheads.  It’s also a business type does not see a lot of sales fluctuations based on the condition of the economy. The mostly female customers can pamper themselves with affordable manicures and pedicures, even when they cannot afford expensive spa visits.

The nail salon business plan should begin with the company description that establishes the brand. There are a range of salon types, with some nail salons marketing themselves as walk-in, family friendly businesses and are often located in malls. There are also upscale nail salons that are typically located in upmarket shopping centers, day spas, or luxury hotels and resorts.

The beauty industry always seems to be booming, and a nail salon structured and branded the right way can see years of success.


Frequently asked questions about nail salon business

A nail salon start-up is quite affordable compared to many other businesses. In the business plan for a nail salon the following type of information should be provided:

  • Whether this will be an existing business or franchise, start a home-based business, or open a nail salon in a new space

  • The legal structure of the business, i.e. partnership, corporation, sole proprietor

  • Business licenses and permits, training and certification of staff

  • The nail salon branding, including a carefully chosen name and marketing strategies that support the brand

  • Business equipment and supplier contracts for polishes, nail treatments, cleansers, fungus killers, nail polish removers and dryers, nail brushes and files, etc.

  • Services and products offered for sale, including plans for in-store displays of polishes and other nail treatment products

  • Future growth of the company, such as expanding the existing site or adding more locations


Executive Summary

The executive summary of your business plan needs to sell your idea to any potential investors. It’s the first part of the nail salon business plan pdf that will be read, so must develop enough excitement in your plan for them to read the detailed sections.

This is one reason the summary is written last, using one or two sentences from the other sections to draw the reader in. You should describe your business, explain what problem you are solving, your target market and the key financials.


Business Description

Starting your business, it’s important to get the basics right from the very start. This section of how to write a business plan for a nail salon, details the company name, business structure, who owns the company and the company history.

In addition, the plan briefly describes the products and services to be offered, the company objectives and mission statement.


Market analysis

An essential part of any business plan is a description and analysis of the current market situation and the expected trends. When you are thinking about how to start a nail salon business plan, looking at your competition may be a good start.

As you think about writing this section, you must define the industry and its growth trends. What sections of the industry are growing and why?

Next, think about your target market and who would be interested in your products. Can your target market afford your products and how large is this group?

Finally, look at your competition. Look at both companies that are successful and those that are struggling. What are they doing right or wrong and how can your company be successful and avoid the pitfalls of your competitors?



This is an in-depth look at the products and services you will offer your clients, but the main point is to look at them from your customers point of view.

Your sample nail salon business plan should explain why your target market will want to buy your products and services. Why does your ideal client want this and how will it improve their lives?


Marketing Plan

You can have the best products and services in the industry, but unless your customers can find you and make a purchase, the business will fail.

When starting a nail salon business plan, it’s vital to include a section on marketing to ensure your clients find your company and know how they can purchase from you.

Marketing is broken down into the four Ps;

  • Product – The actual physical products and services you will offer

  • Promotion – How you will advertise, what budget you have available, who is your sales team and what sales promotion techniques will you use?

  • Price – Define your pricing strategy, will you offer bundles of products or seasonal promotions?

  • Place – Describe your strategy for delivering your products and services, where you hold your stock, where is your nail salon?



The management section gives a detailed view of the major roles within the company and who is responsible for them. In each case, explain why that particular person is perfect for the job and include their previous experience, qualifications and CV.

Any potential investor reading your nail salon business plan will want to be sure the management team is capable and has the necessary skills to start and grow the business.


Financial plan

To convince investors that your business plan is viable, you must produce standard accounting financial reports, such as a balance sheet, cash flow analysis and profit-and-loss analysis.

For an established business, accounts will be available, so writing a business plan for a nail salon with free reports should be a simple task.

Where you are starting a new business, then assumptions will have to be made and if you do not have a financial background, this may require the assistance of a qualified financial professional.

This section is vital to get right, particularly if you need investors, but ultimately to also decide whether your idea is viable.


How to order writing nail salon business plan

Our nail salon business plan example outlines the many requirements for a successful start-up in this sector. OGS Capital works with nail salon technicians who are ready to start their own businesses but need help to develop a formal business plan able to attract funding. Contact us by completing the simple online contact form.

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