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    Lawn care business plan for grass cutting business start up

    There was a time when people used to have a simpler life. Homeowners were not very big on the ideas of necessities or luxuries unlike the modern times. They were contented with the ideas of living in a smaller house, an average business and company, less facilities and luxuries as they believed in manual work. The property in which homeowners used to live were considerably small and they had small lawns inside it. The homeowners preferred taking care of their lawns by themselves as it was not much of a hassle for them.

    Today, a lot of progress can be seen owing to the age of globalization and industrialization. Things are much more confusing in the age of automation. Lives are not that simpler and people like to utilize their time either working on technology or consuming it. In short, even homeowners have a lot of things to take care of. Their lives are much busier than before even though technology helped in making things easier than before. The homes, in which people live, are bigger and consists of more comfort. Similarly, the lawns in their homes and company are also quite large and incorporate a lot of stuff. It has become difficult for homeowners to take care of their lawn by giving it a proper time regularly. Hence, this led to the ideas of progress of lawn care business.

    The progress of lawn care business has become significant in the past decade; especially from the time when homeowners developed likeliness for living in bigger property and company with huge lawn areas that required care. Homeowners usually are not familiar with the ideas and techniques to take care of lawns in their residential property, company or commercial property; and even if they do, they do not have ample time to have it completed on their own with care. Hence, homeowners have started to use third party businesses ideas to take care of this side. And which is why, you see the progress in lawn care or landscape industry in the modern times.

    lawn care business plan

    Lawn care business includes well trained team which is familiar with the completed tricks of taking care of the lawns and maintenance of its progress. Whether it is landscaping, designing, construction, seeding, planting, coloring, lighting, trimming, mowing or any installation; they can take care of every task. These are the services that a usual lawn care or landscape business provides. These can be completed in different span of time. The team of the business is made familiar with these techniques of care through rigorous training and teaching methodologies in order to prepare them for executing the task. The training can be completed in a short span of time.

    If you are an entrepreneur looking for some advice to help you get on with lawn care or landscape business or a company, OGS capital is at your service. We have a team of business plan experts who know about this particular domain and they can guide you well using a lawn cutting business plan and sample. They are going to provide you with all the samples related to company. They will not only assist you in the sample and planning phase of your company but also take care of the strategies of execution of your business. The detailed lawn care business plan templates and samples will include completed information of this business, starting from its initial planning, marketing, making sales and reaching targeted profits of your company.

    What is lawn care business?

    Lawn care or landscaping business is about cleaning the lawn areas of residential property, commercial property and various other building. Almost every residential property or any company comprises of huge lawn area that needs care on a regular basis. It is important to mow and take care of the lawn of your home and company daily to have a clean atmosphere for surroundings. But at times, it becomes difficult to take care of lawn refinement on daily basis, which is why most of the homeowners feel the need to outsource the task of care to some other business.

    This is where the need of having a lawn care or landscape business or a company comes in; where homeowners hand over the responsibility of care of their lawn to an outsourcing company. And before you think about starting your own company, you need to have a template to follow the standard procedures and make progress.

    Homeowners are buying large houses at the countryside instead of small ones and they like the ideas of beautiful green lawn where they can spend leisure time with their families. These lawns serve the purpose of recreation for the families.


    Having these lawns in the residential houses also means that there is a place where whole family can sit and enjoy each other’s company without worrying about the sanitary conditions of the lawn. Therefore, it is important that lawns are well maintained and constantly looked after. It is crucial that a certain company or startup takes care of it.

    When it comes to commercial property, the greener areas add beauty to the overall architecture, therefore; corporate and commercial businesses contain large areas of lawn and grassy fields in the structure of company. This also requires taking care of these huge areas of lawn properly, to clean them regularly and to maintain its beauty. Which is why, lawn care and landscape business exists.

    Whenever it becomes impossible or difficult for the business or homeowners to take care of their lawn and green areas of their property, the team of a lawn care or landscape business makes sure to handle the task perfectly. They have a certain template which they follow to make sure everything is carried out smoothly. The activities mentioned in it can be completed gracefully if followed right.

    A lawn care or landscape business comprises of a team of experts who are familiar with the techniques of maintenance of huge lawn according to an established standard. They know how to mow it, trim it, and use various fertilizers to maintain its elegance. The template which they make, helps them is assisting the process. This helps make the lawns clean and they become a place worth looking at. It can be completed if you give this a read in depth and act accordingly.

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    Why do you need lawn mowing business plans?

    lawn care business plan template free

    For every business to start, it is important that you are properly familiar with the dimensions of its niche and you have a template to follow. If you lack proper knowledge about the business and a template to act upon, there will be zero chance of your survival in the lawn care or landscape industry. The tasks cannot be completed if you don’t know anything about it.

    Lawn care business plans and samples will provide you with a careful template about its every aspect of the industry; including financial, technical, marketing, sales and profit driven implementation strategies. You will have all the information right in front of you in a template if you go for crafting a lawn mowing business plans and samples. Ideas of starting your own business will become clear to you by following a template. This is why, you need someone capable to craft a lawn care service business plan pdf and samples for you so your company is capable enough to take care of the lawns.

    Our team of OGS capital have experts who are familiar with lawn maintenance business plans and they know how to start a lawncare business. They can craft a very practical lawn care business plan sample for you. Before you begin, you need to look at various other lawn mowing business plans operating in the same category in order to evaluate where your business will stand. This information will be presented in the sample and a template. This task can be completed easily if you are going to utilize our lawn care template and sample devised by experts.

    Industry overview:

    According to the statistics mentioned in the sample and lawn mowing template, lawn care or landscape industry has more than 70% of the share. Most of them are usually operated by small businesses. A significant portion of small businesses have dominated this niche since the inception of this business. Big companies mostly care about the commercial and undertake bigger projects i.e. lawn areas of mall, schools, offices etc.

    Normally, it is difficult to start with targeting a property with bigger areas and the owners of commercial property do not even rely on newly built companies. This is why it is suggested to start with taking smaller companies and households on board. In fact, it is better that in the starting, you only care about residential colonies. The road to build an established business is quite long, you must start by taking one step at a time. Assign a target; aim to bring specific number of residential projects on boards in the first six months of the company, then care for bringing another specific number of clients.

    The details about this will be provided in the lawn care template. In the following year, which will be the second year of your business, aim at bringing commercial companies on board and start with a specific number. This strategy would be useful for gathering maximum number of clients in the initial years of your business. The important task would be to retain these clients and demonstrate the best of your skills on these projects with the help of a template.

    If per capita disposable income of the homeowners will continue to grow, this industry will never see a downfall. This is a clear indication of the rise of lawn care or landscape business in the future as well. As long as people have resources, they will always prefer outsourcing the maintenance of their lawns to the companies.

    Objectives of the lawn care business:

    If you have decided to build your own lawn care or landscape business, our team is going to make sure that you get every help and information through lawn care business plan templates and samples. The objectives which will be included in our lawn care business plan pdf and sample will include:

    1. Starting with a small size first, so there can be better span of control.
    2. Care about quality oriented services rather than incorporating variety of services.
    3. Care about delivering good customer care oriented services maintenance of quality.
    4. Hiring experts first in the team, who are experienced with landscaping services.
    5. To satisfy the expectations of customers by providing good quality services.
    6. To reach the breakeven point in the first year of the business.
    7. To obtain at least 2 commercials and 2 residential projects in the first year of the business.
    8. Increasing the number of clients every year, no matter how small it is.
    9. To develop a sample lawn care proposal template containing all the terms and conditions of the services.

    These objectives can be completed easily if you go through proper channel and focus on execution with the help of a lawn mowing template.

    Marketing of lawn service business plan and sample:

    The target market of this business will include people living in urban areas with large areas of lawn and the commercial property for maintenance. This target market is usually the one that uses lawn care or landscape services for maintenance quite frequently. It also includes the families which have estimated average income above $40,000 and they want a company to take care of their yard and its maintenance. This is because people with this income level can afford to get the lawn care service completed easily than the ones who fall below this income. The people with the lower income generally prefer to have the lawn care services completed by themselves.

    Strategic/Operational Business Plan

    There is also a kind of property that is located far away in the rural areas and have good acres of lawn which require care services and maintenance. These mostly includes farm houses and resorts which contains areas of lawns in the need of care and maintenance. In the first year of the business, we will be operating in the urban areas targeting its residential and commercial property requiring care services. However, the operations will be completed gradually in the following year of the business and this care will be spread to the rural areas as well.

    Marketing campaigns will be devised strategically in order to make the yard care services business visible. There will be flyers containing details about the yard care services business; including its mission, vision, list of services and contact information. The distribution of these flyers can be completed in the targeted areas so the people can come to know about yard care business services. There will be one advertisement in the newspaper too, for increasing the visibility of services of yard care company.

    One among the many ways of marketing also includes having a small team of volunteers who will take care of every household of the city in order to let more people know about the business. This would be an effective approach as more people will get the exposure of services of lawn and yard care business.

    In addition to these plans and samples for business, social media will also be utilized to promote the yard care business at maximum level. The lawn care business plan page on social media platforms will comprises of effective messaging through well written content. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages will share completed list of services of this yard care business and reach out to the online community for promotion. The social media persons handling the accounts will be highly responsive to the queries and concerns of the people online.

    The profit margins of the yard care business, in the beginning, will be higher for the bigger lawns. The cost required to maintain the bigger lawn is high; this includes the cost of equipment, transportation etc. The smaller lawns, however, can be done in relatively low cost, which is why the profit margins for such lawns can be set as average.

    The team of OGS Capital will be incorporating samples of trendy marketing ideas in the lawn care business plan pdf sample to provide you with effective marketing campaigns. It is very crucial in the beginning phase of a business to have innovative marketing ideas as a sample so people can at least get to know about the business and its services.

    Services of lawn care company:

    business plan for lawn care

    • Mowing lawn

    When it comes to lawn care services, mowing the lawn is the premier responsibility of this business. It needs a lawn mower machine that helps make the surface even and cuts out excessive grass. Although, you must keep that in mind that mowing the lawn to a greater extent does not matter in its maintenance. You just have to decide on an equal balance. If you want to start a lawn care business plan, buying a lawn mower will be necessary for the company.

    • Maintenance of landscape

    This maintenance comes under the services list of any lawn care company. You will be taking care of collecting the dead branches of landscape and discard it.

    • Designing of landscape
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    The lawn care business services also include the designing of landscape. You are not only taking care of cleaning out the lawn and discarding its rough grass but you also have to add beauty to the overall area. This comes with creative designing. Also, good designing could also be the source of attracting more customers if you do complete care. The best way is to hire an architect in who knows about designing a landscape; or you can search for tutorials online that teach you modern landscape designing.

    • Weekly cutting

    The services also incorporate cutting the grass weekly to keep it to a standard level. Not too short, not too long. Cutting lawn on the weekly basis would help the business to keep up with the pace of services.

    • Pest control

    It is also a part of services provided by a formal lawn care business plan. The shrubs are highly prone to attack by various pests. The use of chemicals ensures complete destruction of pests without harming the green grass or plants. You have to carefully select the chemical that kills pest by reading the composition manual as some of them can also cause harm to the lungs while breathing.

    • Spraying

    Spraying the lawn is equally important and should be added to the list of your services. It helps keep the lawn refreshing and does not let it become dull. You have to care about adding considerable amount of water to the green land to maintain its greenery. Just ensure that you are adding right amount of water; 1-1.5 inches would be more than enough.

    • Fertilizing

    Fertilizing is important in landscaping. You must be familiar with various kinds of fertilizers that can help the grass to grow in landscaping. These fertilizers add life to the soil of the lawn and are important component of care for landscaping. Fertilizers would help in growing more plants in the land which can add beauty to landscape. You should hire experts who know about adding right kinds of fertilizers in the landscaping of lawn. They must know how to take care of the method of landscaping.

    • Planting/seeding

    Planting or seeding in landscaping is one among the many services provided by a landscape business. Flowers that grow on the plants add immense beauty to the landscape; which is why, it is important that you plant good variety of flowers and decorative plants in landscaping. You can win over your customers when they will come across array of pretty flowers in the decoration of their landscaping.

    • Trimming

    Trimming helps make the lawn neat. It is a crucial part of any landscaping business. A nicely trimmed lawn in landscaping wins the heart of the customers and it is the first thing people observe in any landscape area. There are various kinds of trimmers out there which can make the landscaping easier for you. One fundamental rule of trimming the lawn also includes not making it too short. You have to keep a track on to the extent to which you cut the grass in landscaping.

    lawn care business plan sample

    • Landscaping consultancy service

    Apart from all the services that are provided by any landscaping business, you can also give landscaping consultancy services to your customers. This includes the complete information that you can provide to the customers about lawn care and designing the landscape. This is where you can show your portfolio of landscaping in order to get customers to avail your services as well.

    SWOT Analysis


    • Low barriers to entry The biggest strengths of lawn care & landscape business is that it requires almost no cost (except the purchase of tools). A formal license for starting services isn’t required. And if you have already trained personnel in your team, your cost of training could also be saved.
    • Small investment group business a lawn care or landscape business requires a very little cost in order to get started. The major cost that you will have to spend is related to the purchase of tools and equipment required to take care of the lawn in landscaping. These tools include mowing machine, trimmer, water pipes, large scissors etc. Moreover, the tools you purchase one time are used for a longer period of time which is also an advantage of this landscaping business. Also, if you have just initiated your business and you are in the early phase, you will not require any premises for the operations to run. You will only need sample lawn care proposal along with your tools and you are good to go with landscaping!
    • Experimental and creative A lawn care or landscape business is very creative in nature. The maintenance required to build the landscape is a very experimental task in itself. You have the option of customizing the landscaping according to the industry standards and customer preferences. Therefore, it has a room for you to try out what is cool and trendy.
    • Customization in services One among the many benefits of this business is that it provides customers with a lot of options. You can customize the services and people can select the option that is more suitable for them. This could include different packages containing just the service of lawn moving or a combination of another service with lawn moving i.e. edging, trimming, designing etc. This gives businesses a chance to set the prices according to the package.


    • The startup phase If you are passionate about building your own lawn care or landscape business and starting your own company, you have to practice a lot of patience. You have to follow a specific template and stick to it. Even though this business starts with much lower capital but it is still challenging in the initial phase. It takes a lot of effort and a comprehensive strategy to bring your first customer on board in your new company. And retaining that customer requires a whole different strategy. People will less likely to trust the service of your company in the initial days of your business.
    • Difficult to maintain competitive edge Sometimes it becomes quite difficult for the company to maintain the competitive edge of the business due to increase in competition. Various lawn care or landscape businesses are coming into this field by each passing day thereby giving way for a lot of competition to come.
    • Unable to cater to customers abroad One disadvantage of this business is that you cannot cater to the landscaping industry of another country. Your company is bound to operate in the same region in the beginning which can make things difficult for the revenue earning model of your business in the sample.


    • Increase in the construction of property The biggest opportunity for this industry lies in the significant increase in the construction of both residential and commercial property by each passing day. This can be a good news for the people looking forward to enter the lawn care or landscape business industry by making their own company. More commercial and residential property mean greener areas to maintain.
    • Good profit margins A positive aspect of this business also includes the chance of earning good levels of profit margins for the business. It offers a lot of potential for entrepreneurs to make a good fortune out of it and achieve the breakeven of company as soon as they can.
    • Less regulatory procedures to follow Lawn care or a landscape business or company do not require any complex regulatory procedures to follow in order to begin. The company can be easily started by a little amount for investment, few tools and a well-planned lawn care proposal template containing all the information required for signing the contract for the company.
    • Use of cheaper products by local competitors Your competitors using cheaper products can prove to be an opportunity in disguise for your company. You can gain an edge over them through using good quality and imported products in your company which can reduce the market of your local competitor.


    • People relying on themselves for lawn care or landscape The fact that people may prefer to rely on themselves for mowing and maintenance of their lawns is quite threatening to this industry. Commercial business and property might not go for this option but when it comes to residential areas, people can easily take the charge in their own hands. It is mandatory that you must not lose your edge and become the need of such homeowners so they can trust your company with the landscaping.
    • Retaining customers In the lawn care or landscape business, your strength lies in pleasing your customer by making their landscape worth watching. At times, your efforts do not match your customer’s expectations and this results in a bad situation. They quit using your services without any ultimatum which can be quite a big threat for you.
    • Seasonal changes Seasonal changes can really affect the landscaping industry. It is a factor which makes this business quite unpredictable. It becomes really important to fix the landscape at the end of the fall season. Hence, the business is on peak in those days. Whereas, the demand for the business can be comparatively lower in seasons other than that which can be an ordeal for business of landscaping.

    Personnel of lawn care/landscape business

    Before you go ahead with starting a landscaping business, you must make team capable enough to help you with business. Building a team is the most crucial aspect of any business out there; in fact, the competitive edge of businesses lies in having a great team who are familiar with their roles and know how to do the job properly. The structure of the personnel of the lawn care or landscape business, provided by OGS Capital, would be as follows:

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    1. Chief Executive Officer

    A CEO would be the person who will be owning the business. He will invest major share of the capital and also serve as a guiding light for the rest of the team. From brining bigger clients on board to incorporating new strategies in the company, this will all come under the responsibilities of a CEO. His approval will be needed before making changes in the rules of the company.

    2. General Manager

    The GM would be the person who will be appointed by the CEO for taking care of the major tasks of the business. Since the business is going to be in the initial phase, so it is very important that the person you hire as your GM is determined enough to make this business grow. He would be looking after most of the operations in the company. He will also be taking care of the supervision of the performance of other team members so the CEO can be informed each and every aspect of the business.

    3. Marketing officer

    He is going to take care of the marketing side of the business. He must be capable enough to craft effective marketing strategies for the business. It will be challenging for the company to market its services in the beginning. Apart from generating the visibility of the company, he would also be responsible to make various proposals, documents and portfolio of services of the business. This is why, it is important that his written and oral communication skills are on point as he is going to be the face of the company in the beginning. He will also help the company in reaching its breakeven and generating revenue from different advertising and promotional campaigns.

    4. Operating staff

    The operating staff constitutes the workers who are going to be working in the field. They make the most important component of the business as they are the ones who will be fixing the landscape of the lawns of various residential and commercial property. These workers are going to be responsible for mowing, trimming, edging, cleaning, spraying, fertilizing, planting, watering different lawns.

    5. Finance Manager

    He would be the one who will take care of the income and expense side of the business. The finance manager would be crafting effective financial strategies to determined estimated profits for the business and inform management the ways through which they can generate revenue from the services. He will be responsible for preparing balance sheet for the company and keep a check on the inflow and outflow of cash. He will also guide management about the ways through they can reach the breakeven point soon.

    6. Social media officer

    The importance of social media presence of businesses has become important in the recent years. The social media is being highly utilized by the companies and newly built startups to enhance their visibility in the online market. Hence, it would be important to have a social media person with the company who can design various digital campaigns for the landscaping business. With the help of effective content and right message, a social media officer can reach out to the millions of people within a defined time period.

    starting lawn care business plan

    Competitive edge of landscaping business:

    Businesses tend to make their strategies aligned with their goals. For a company to attain market share and earn good revenue, it is important that it obtains competitive edge in the industry. Gaining competitive edge can be based on several factors; pricing, quality of services, customer satisfaction level, variety of services provided by the company etc.

    It is very important for a landscaping business to gain competitive edge; our team at OGS capital will be assisting you with coming up with the factor that can make you stand out from the rest of the competition in the industry. This will help in gaining the preference of the customers and also a good deal of market share. Especially for businesses that are just beginning, it becomes ten times more important to get customers into the confidence by providing them extraordinary services. Some of the few aspects that can give you a good deal of competitive edge includes.

    1. Quality service

    Almost every phase of the business requires providing their customers with quality services. For a landscaping business, it is important that you keep a check on quality. If your services fail to meet the industry standard, you are most likely to be ignored the next time they will need a lawn care service. You can build good customer base on the basis of your quality services that no one else provides in the industry. When a customer spent his hard earned money on a service, he wishes to gain something of quality out of it. There will be plenty of other businesses operating in the same niche, but what is going to give you an edge is how different can you be in terms of providing excellent quality of services to your customers.

    2. Reasonable pricing

    Customers love when they get good quality of services in a reasonable pricing. You have to make your pricing strategy different for different class of customers. For example, you can charge a bit more from your corporate and commercial clients in order to maintain the business model, but when it comes to residential clients, you can go a bit lenient on them in terms of pricing. This strategy helps you in generating revenue as well as earning the trust of your customers.

    3. Customer happiness

    Satisfying your customers is one thing and making them happy from your service is a totally different thing. The landscaping business requires you to make your customers not just satisfy but also happy from what you deliver. For this purpose, you need to make a strategy and ask them if they need anything else in terms of maintenance of their lawns? Do they want some special kind of service? Do they want services to be delivered in their own way? Do they like the designing of the lawn or if it requires any amendments? Approaching to these queries will help your company gain a competitive edge for sure.

    4. Talented team

    For a landscaping business to succeed in the competition, it is important that the team it hires is talented enough to take care of the lawn service. There is no point in brining less experienced people on board if you want to deliver good level of services. You must make sure that your field workers are familiar with the knowledge of landscaping. They must know how to mow and trim the lawn, the techniques of planting, knowledge about fertilizers, safety measures while adding different chemicals and fertilizers in the soil etc.

    All of these tasks require technical people who understand each and every dimension of landscaping. Having a team of experts will enable your company to provide good service to the customers, thereby it to attain competitive edge in the industry.

    Download Lawn Care Business Plan Samole in pdf

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