Do you have a vision withal a dream to initiate a house flipping business? Here you will find an expertly written sample business strategy with a feasibility study guide that you can employ to achieve this objective.

We worked hard to compile all the business factors and requirements of beginning this industry to make sure that we provide you with nothing but the best information. We also went an extra mile to analyze the business antecedents and templates ere publishing for the same reason of providing quality and valuable content to you. We also have other sample business plan for flipping houses for use to create yours today.

After the initial stages, you will be required to generate a sample house flipping expedient of business activities to act as the blueprint for all the operations of your real estate concourse as it progresses withal scales up. Ensuing is a sample copy to assist in copping a clear perspective of the necessary details, withal how to architect it.

Template of the Real Estate Flipping Business Plan

Overview of the House Flipping Sector

The first thing to appreciate with the property flipping sector when writing your business plan for flipping houses is that the real estate niche is one of the preeminent contributors to the surge of a country’s economy throughout the whole wide earth. House flipping is a common and lucrative business in the real estate sector. For the flipping agent, there exist no caps to the amount of profits you can achieve given you stick to the stipulated regulations withal maintain a high degree of professionalism withal diligence. It is a no brainer that the house flipping sector has built a reputation for creating fortunes in the USA overnight.

According to published results of a study by the Department of Drudgery and Statistics, the house flipping sector will experience an 11.1% billet surge for the period betwixt 2012 withal 2022. The study also went ahead to reveal that more than 38,000 billets would be created in the house flipping sector alone, a clear reason why it has such a significant impact on the economy and the government. Keep this information in mind when planning to write a flipping house plan of a business.

In 2013, it estimates indicate that flipping of a single-family home stood at 156,862. This figure is 16% more than that recorded in 2012 and an overwhelming 114% jump in distinction to 2011. The biggest idiosyncrasy betwixt the sale price of the aboriginal and subsequent flip business is usually $58,081.

Here in the USA, bridle of the real estate sector is by the federal government to protect house owners against fraudsters. To contrive a house flipping business in the house flipping sector, one needs to evoke a license from the relevant authorities. However, some states allow lawyers to work as flippers without having to apply for a permit. To get the permit, one has to sit for several precinct real estate exams and pass.

It is also important to note that a rental real estate business plan agent in this country should bestow the buying and vending parties, with punctilious withal precise dossier about the deal to warrant that everybody is reading from the same page from the start.

Similar to other investments, we have potential challenges and downsides, which a house flipper should keep in mind. This is to avert losses as well as disappointments. One such challenge is an unexpected downturn in a country’s economy or demand for homes. On average, it takes 2-3 years to sell properties, but this is strung out on the wampum deluge withal the capaciousness of the venture. Projects that require extensive repairs and renovations can take until five dotage or bounteous. Other unexpected factors can come into play thereby complicating the process such as an increase in cost due to inflation and currency devaluation. Delays by contractors can also lead to a sharp increase in price typically if the seller depends on coffer credit.

Creativity is crucial for the business success of a flipper. You ought to be capable to stock up on ideas that give you an added advantage in the flipping exposition. You should also consider your aptitude to adapt to the fast changes in the exposition.

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Franchise Business Plan
Helps the franchisee get business case approval from the franchisor

Executive Summary of a Free House Flipping Business Plan Template

Sams Property and House Flippers LLC is an internationally accredited real estate development that specializes the in the flipping business. Dallas, Texas is the center of our headquarters with the primary goal being the provisioning of cheaper housing and property to the citizens of this great nation in collaboration with the federal government.

Even though our headquarters are in Dallas, we have programs to expand the business boundaries into other main cities across the country to serve our business customers in the growth process of the company. We forecast to have working offices in New Orleans, New York, Michigan, Los Angeles, and Washington after the initial two years of business operations.

We have amassed an acute knowledge of the property flipping business of capital and labor intensively. Our team has drafted a model to make sure we adapt to a consistent flow of money from the private property owners who have expressed interest in work with our company. With a solid financial stability, we will be well on our way to take on any project and opportunity that heads our way.

Apart from becoming one of the best and top house flipping companies, we are also driven and keen to make sure that we offer nothing but only the best service to our clients. To achieve these two objectives, we have elaborate programs on how to net highly movable properties to compete comfortably with other companies involved in this type of business. We believe in the price of our properties as being affordable, and we will be in a position to make good profits and get more clients from the every growing market base.

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Our Services and Products

Sams Homes and House Flippers, LLC will position itself as a professional flipping agent whose business in the real estate industry here in the USA. Our main motivation is to get into the property flipping business to make positive returns from the industry as per the set rules and regulations.


In this house flipping business plan sample, we will list all the services and products we intend to offer.

Our services on offer to the clientele include:

  • Asset management services
  • Property auctioning services
  • Expedite the buying modus operandi
  • Exchanging assets
  • Preparation of leases and purchase contracts
  • Creating real asset predicament divulgence documents to the asset owners as per the law
  • Hold open shows
  • Sell land properties
  • Sell fully furnished homes
  • Make sure that all prospective property owners as well as tenants get screened and vetted before starting the buying negotiations of any asset
  • Real estate counsel ministrations

Vision Statement

Our primary vision is to be an authoritative house flipping company in the United States within the first five years.

Mission Statement

To assist individuals, property and house flipping agents, and enterprises in the entire USA and the entire wide earth as a whole to purchase assets in the nation stress-free.

Business Structure

Our house institution is not very different from the already existing house flipping and realty enterprises in the sector. We have spent epoch coming up with a strategy to facilitate the lustrous augmentation of the institution as well as the jobholders.

Roles and Responsibilities

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Boost the efficiency of the directorate through carefully electing, acclimatizing, teaching, augmenting, tutoring, admonishing, as well as ennobling supervisors. Disseminating the purpose, artifices, and ambitions to the staff members
  • Create a sample communication artifice as well as oversee the enforcing of the institution’s vision, purpose, and intentions.
  • Fix tariffs and sign deals on the countenance of the house flipping company
  • Steer the house flipping company in the proper direction
  • Create and oversee exertion of the comprehensive subtlety
  • Sign checks and deeds for the house flipping company
  • Evaluate and monitor the ascendancy of the house flipping company
  • Prepare and present reports to the board

Project Manager

  • Supervise house projects
  • Confirm that the business conveyance complies with the house executions
  • Offer professional advice to the company’s directorate regarding the house projects
  • Carry out risk assessment
  • Plan, manage, and coordinate all house flipping projects on countenance of the house company
  • Oversee the invoicing, nicking, and reckoning of all house projects
  • Keep level of the progress of a house project and IT systems
  • Make sure that the inveterate house project results are achieved using the resources available efficiently

HR Manager and Admin

  • Define job positions to enable the contracting and administering of practices goes smoothly and correctly
  • Oversee the bland running of the jurisdictional and human resource departments
  • Oversee induction of new employees
  • Organize the appraisal, coaching, and reckoning of staff
  • Manage the office operations on a circadian basis

Head of Acquisitions, and Dispositions

  • Manage druthers and accretion
  • Pinpoint and thoroughly analyze the purchasing fortuity and accretion
  • Identify business fortuity to fast track the accretion of new residences and assets
  • Conduct periodic house flipping market and research studies to know the estimated amount of properties
  • Contact conceivable buyers and intermediaries
  • Structure house sales transactions

Head of Asset Management

  • Monitor the business valise of realty holdings under the company
  • Provide cardinal oversight of all quiescent and extant assets in various geographic areas
  • Manage strategies and fiscal estimates for acreage
  • Oversee aliment of the assigned residences and acreage

Sales and Marketing Officer

  • Add available resources to the indexing for sale of the conjunct
  • Grab market space, locate tenants and take part in house leasing negotiations
  • Prepare and present acreage status acknowledgment documents to embryonic clients
  • Prepare all necessary documents to facilitate advertising, marketing, and sale of residences
  • Organize open house shows


  • Prepare business pecuniary statements, pecuniary affidavits, and fiscal estimates of the entire company
  • Coeval work and mercantile accounting reports, assay, and augmenting resources to managers
  • Carefully analyze financial feasibility of complex proposed house projects
  • Ensure the company complies with taxation legislation
  • Be the in-house bookkeeper of our house flipping company
  • Oversee all pecuniary proceedings carried out on countenance of the company

Customer Service Officer

  • Distribute letters in the organization
  • Receive clients and visitors to the organization
  • Receive company deeds and parcels
  • Ensure the contact information of our house flipping clients’ are captured
  • Keep a record of all information on all houses owned by the company

SWOT Analysis

A house flipping business model is not complete without a SWOT assay. The house flipping company is lucrative, however, there are some challenges that one should be aware of at all times to continue making profits in the company.

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One of our strengths is the ability to create formidable relationships with the various stakeholders and customers. Conjointly, our ability to gain ingress financing and a profound boisterous commission program will warrant that we abide to offer quality house flipping services to our customers.


As a new entry in the house reselling company, one of our sample challenges will be competing alongside the sector leaders. We have an able team of marketers with skills and dexterity to generate strong house reselling strategies on how we will handle this challenge and emerge victorious in the house reselling company.


The positive economic proliferation in the nation has opened numerous opportunities for house reselling sectors. The sky is no longer the limit, but a milestone.


The presage that we are apt to face includes calamitous government guidelines, international mercantile deterioration, and the list continues. There is little that we can do to curtail and protect ourselves from these threats, but with a buoyant mentality, we will be dexterous to establish the house reselling company.

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Market Analysis

Market Trends

One of the prevalent market orientation that stand conspicuously in the house reselling industry is the lack of defined profit protuberance since every house reselling deal is unique. The achievable advantages depend on the accord and a load of antecedents that we will desideratum to keep in mind always.

Another market trend is the tendency for house flippers to generate additional ingenious ways of creating more coinage in the industry. Some are acting as house builders, and carry all the roles of a designer.

Target Market

Unlike many of the reselling companies already in existence, we target people from various social classes, nationalities, and occupations. We accredit that this will assist us to expand and soar high fast and without spending a vast fortune on marketing.

Here is a sample list of the institutions and the proletariat that our reselling services and products target

  • Existing legatee engrossed in transferring their properties
  • Homeowners with the desire to sell their house
  • The federal government of the U.S
  • Managers or management teams of public facilities
  • Antipodal capitalists who desire to intrinsic properties in the nation
  • Corporate organizations and privately owned companies that are keen on investing in properties

This article is one of the choicest house reselling company plan templates that you can employ to generate a credible strategy that will inveigle clients and funding from investors. Be sure to procreate a sample financial model to assist you manage your capital well and qualify for more money as the company grows. A professional accountant can help you create sample pecuniary protuberance and costing program that will safeguard your house reselling company from any losses.

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