Do you want to start own greeting card business?

Are you planning to start greeting card business? Well, if you are creative and have a passion for designing greeting cards then this is definitely the right business for you.

Greeting card business has undoubtedly a lot of market potential and a need for continuously emerging new and innovative minds. Its market can be estimated by the fact that over 7.4 billion greeting cards were sold in the United States in 2017.

The biggest benefit of starting this business is that it offers an extremely high rate of return on your investment and has the least amount of risk associated with it as compared to other businesses. The second benefit is that its market never gets down because people buy cards for various occasions, events, and festivals throughout the year.

Considering these aspects, we can say that this venture can be immensely profitable, provided that you produce quality designs and plan your business effectively.

So, before you move on to starting this business, you will have to prepare a comprehensive business plan which will establish the basis of your company’s future operations and decisions. If you are wondering how to write one then here we are providing you the business plan of a greeting card business startup named ‘KJ Cards’.