E-learning Business Plan for starting your own business

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, that is, we can do a lot more from home than we previously thought. We are presenting this business plan for educational services from home. This is the right time to get started with an e-learning business as people are still reluctant to go out.

If you want to know how to set up and elearning course, you are in the right place. Just like a business plan for a driving school or a business plan for language school, this one is based on an actual start up. Let’s see the components of strategy that will help Smart E-learning School succeed.

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Executive Summary

2.1 The Business

Smart E-learning School will be owned and headed by Hazel White. The school will be focused on providing technical education via the internet and distant learning. The courses offered by the school will be about computer, languages, and programming. starting a e learning business is easier than you think. It is just like a preschool business plan but everything is online.

2.2 Management of E-Learning Business

If you are looking for an answer to how to start e learning business, here it is. The online school business plan will be headed by White and she will hire specialists of each field to help her plan how to set up online training courses in such a way as to make the maximum profit. A mobile application business plan will also be needed to make the business available for all.

2.3 Customers of E-Learning Business

The customers of Smart E-learning School will be from all geometrographic geographic subdivisions from all over the US. The main customers of the business will be:

  • People looking to acquire new skills.
  • People wanting to learn new languages.
  • People interested in learning photography and videography.
  • College graduates wanting to get safety and other certifications.

2.4 Business Target

The subjective target of this online school business plan is to create a reputable name in the elearning industry. However, we’ve set the following objective targets:

  • Enroll 5,000 students within the first 6 months.
  • Generate a revenue of $0.3 million per annum by the end of year 3.
  • Expand to the global market by the end of year 2.
E-Learning Business Plan - 3 Years Profit Forecast
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Company Summary

3.1 Company Owner

Hazel White will be the owner and CEO of Smart E-learning School. White has worked as an educationist for 30 years. She previously implemented a tutoring business plan with success. That makes her the perfect person to implement this e learning business plan sample.

3.2 Why the E-learning business is being started

After the coronavirus pandemic, people have realized that it is cost and time effective to learn from home than going to a school. The greatest evidence of this is the increase in the use of services like Google Classroom and Zoom. This is be best time to start e learning business.

3.3 How the E-learning business will be started

Step1: Planning

The first step towards successfully launching this online school business plan is business model for e learning is planning. The managemental hierarchy of the business will be developed and online education e learning sample business plan implementation strategy will be finalized. This is not as simple as a martial arts business.

Step2: Developing a Brand

The next step towards starting the business will be establishing a brand. Top-ranking educationists will be hired to create an impression of the brand. Just like a martial arts business plan it is important to have a brand.

Step3: Establish a Web and Physical Presence

Once the brand has been established, the next step will be to hire office space to start the work. An extensive website will be launched to make the business accessible for customers.

Step4: Promote and Market

The next step will be to create a strong marketing strategy to help the business get noticed by the customers.

E-Learning Business Plan - Startup Cost
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    The next thing that needs to be addressed in this e learning business plan template are the services. If you want to start your own e learning business, you need to determine the services.

    Smart E-learning School will be focusing on 20 services divided into 4 categories:

    1. Basic Freelance Skills Training

    This category will teach people the basic level and easy freelancing skills that they can use to make money. This will include:

    • Freelance writing.
    • Content creation.
    • SEO.
    • Data entry.
    • Use of popular word processors

    2. Advanced Freelancing Skills Training

    This head will cover specialized skills that can be used for freelancing as well as office jobs. These will include:

    3. Languages

    We will also be teaching people languages that can increase the chances of them getting better employment opportunities. Smart E-learning School will teach:

    • Entry level Chinese.
    • Intermediate Spanish.
    • Advanced English.
    • Intermediate French.
    • Advanced Spanish.

    4. Advanced Skills

    These will include:

    • Photography.
    • Videography.
    • Welding.
    • Automotive repair.
    • Surveying.

    Marketing Analysis of E-learning Business

    If you want to know how to start e learning business online, you need to conduct marketing analysis. This is the part where we determine the economic viability of the project.

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    As of 2019, there are more than 31,000 elearning companies in the US. The market capitalization of the elearning industry was 144 billion USD in 2019. It has been growing ever since at a rate of 14.4% annually and is expected to be worth more than 370 billion USD by 2025.

    If you want to start your own e-learning business pdf, you’ll need to come up with an innovative approach. However, the COVID situation has made things easier. People now prefer to learn via elearning rather than attending an actual school.

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    One of the most profitable customer bases for any e learning business model are small to medium enterprises. These companies want to get their employees trained at the lowest possible cost. That is only possible through elearning. This enables the employees to receive training while they are in the office and they do not have to take a leave for it.

    Another thing that you need to take care of while planning to start an online school business plan is the availability of teachers. If you want to succeed as a new entrant in the industry, you’ll need to hire the best teachers. The best teachers and trainers in the territory are the people who can make the business a success for you.

    You also need to look into the way others in the same industry are operating. The way they teach, examine, and certify their students are some of the very important things to get inspiration from.

    5.1 Market Trends

    As stated earlier there are more than 31,000 e-learning businesses in the US. The market, however, has not always been like this. There were only a handful of distant learning companies operating in the US before the widespread use of the internet. These companies taught through distant lectures on dedicated TV channels and conducted examinations in large cities.

    Since the 2000s, the industry started to bloom. It had a growth rate of 7% in 2002. The number and magnitude of e-learning businesses kept going up and the growth rate accelerated over the years. The industry still has a 14.4% growth rate meaning that new entrants still have a chance.

    5.2 Marketing Segmentation

    In this business writing e learning we’re listing the expected customers of Smart E-learning School:

    E-Learning Business Plan - Marketing Segmentationt

    5.2.1 People Looking for Skills to Earn

    One of the main customers/students of any elearning setup are the people who are looking for a cost-effective way to acquire skills. This segment will makeup the bulk of independent customers at Smart E-learning School.

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    5.2.2 People Looking to Learn Languages

    A substantial portion of the students at Smart E-learning School will be the ones looking to learn new languages. These people will be the high paying ones as language education is expensive.

    5.2.3 People Learning Skills as Passion

    People also go to elearning schools to learn things they are passionate about. We’ll teach photography and videography to such people. However, people can also learn the same for earning money. We don’t judge anyone at Smart E-learning School.

    5.2.4 Small to Medium Enterprises

    We will also be providing online training solutions for the companies that cannot have their own training wings. This will make up the largest single market segment by revenue as such clients often need training for a lot of people.

    5.3 Business Target

    • To establish Smart E-learning School as a leading distant learning services provider.
    • To make some permanent corporate clients and sign long-term training contracts with them.
    • To start making $26,000 a month by the end of year 3.
    • To maintain a CSAT score of more than 90%

    5.4 Product Pricing

    All courses and training programs will be priced as per the competitors. The prices will be kept a little bit lower than competing businesses to earn clients at the start.

    Marketing Strategy of E-learning Business

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      In order to start a successful business any business e learning marketing plan sample must contain a solid marketing strategy. As the elearning market is a saturated one, a lot depends on how well we present the online school business plan.

      If you have come this far looking for how to start a e-learning business proposal, you need to know the importance of an effective marketing strategy. We need to highlight the areas where we are stronger than our competitors. Only then we can succeed.

      6.1 Competitive Analysis

      1. We will implement modern learning techniques to make our trainings better than what the competition has to offer.
      2. We will be hiring the top-notch professionals of every field to make sure we deliver the best.
      3. We will design innovative training solutions for small to medium enterprises to get permanent clients.

      6.2 Sales Strategy

      • We will use TV commercials, Google Ads, and banners to promote our nascent brand.
      • We’ll offer discounts in the first 6 months to attract people and advertise the business in turn.
      • We’ll make specialized plans for corporate clients

      6.3 Sales Monthly

      E-Learning Business Plan - Sales Monthly

      6.4 Sales Yearly

      E-Learning Business Plan - Sales Yearly

      6.5 Sales Forecast

      E-Learning Business Plan - Unit Sales

      Personnel plan

      The next step for this business plan for e learning company is making a list of people needed to effectively run the company. One thing that must be noted here is that this online school business plan is unique. It will be needing both administrators and teachers to run.

      7.1 Company Staff

      • Hazel White will be the owner of the company.
      • 1 Manager Liaison will be needed to connect with the outside world.
      • 4 Language Teachers will be needed, one for each language being offered.
      • 7 Skills Teachers will be needed for all the subjects being offered.
      • 1 IT Expert will be hired to make sure the website runs smooth.
      • 1 Social Media Manager to manage the much-needed social presence of the school.
      • 1 Accountant
      • 1 Technician to upkeep technical equipment.
      • 1 Receptionist

      Financial Plan

      The final part of this e learning business case will tell how much capital will be needed to start the business. This will cover the amount of money that is needed from the way the execution of the business is started to the day it starts breaking even. Here are some of the costs that must be taken into consideration:

      • The rent of the place to set up the business in.
      • The amount needed to purchase office equipment.
      • The money needed to set up and online portal for the school
      • Marketing and publicity expenses.
      • Money required to pay the employees before the company starts generating revenue.

      8.1 Important Assumptions

       General Assumptions   
       Year 1Year 2Year 3
      Plan Month123
      Current Interest Rate8.21%8.27%8.30%
      Long-term Interest Rate8.34%8.40%8.47%
      Tax Rate23.33%24.40%25.10%

      8.2 Break-even Analysis

      E-Learning Business Plan - Break-even Analysis

      8.3 Projected Profit and Loss

      E-Learning Business Plan - Profit Monthly

      8.3.2 Profit Yearly

      E-Learning Business Plan - Profit Yearly

      8.3.3 Gross Margin Monthly

      E-Learning Business Plan - Gross Margin Monthly

      8.3.4 Gross Margin Yearly

      E-Learning Business Plan - Profit Yearly

      8.4 Projected Cash Flow

      E-Learning Business Plan - Projected Cash Flow

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