We live in a world where everyone seems to be in a hurry to get things done before the day ends. Parents and guardians have no option but to look for day care centers to take care of their children, as they go about their daily chores during the day. The growing demand for professional day care services has led to a boom in the rate at which these facilities are being set up.

Professional Business Plan Writing for a Day Care Center

Studies show that it is a lucrative business that you can count on to help you gain financial stability and freedom. It is imperative that you hire a professional business writer who is conversant with how the daycare center business plan template should be written to layout all the necessary groundwork to avoid unnecessary hurdles along the way.

For over three years, we have been providing expert daycare center business plan writing services to clients from all across the globe. The impressive reputation that we have maintained over time is enough proof that we deliver on our promises. Our writers have not only vast hands-on experience in daycare center business plan writing samples and templates but also an in-depth understanding of the economy and business factors that have a direct impact on daycares.

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Here are five reasons why you should hire us to write a plan for your upcoming daycare business.

  • We have academic qualifications and vast hands-on experience
  • We will carry out feasibility studies to ensure that each recommendation applies to your business
  • We will connect you with industry leaders who will give you ideas that you can implement in your business to enhance its growth
  • We have excellent time management skills and will complete the plan within the agreed period.

Here is a brief description of the various sections of a professional daycare business plan.

General Overview

As the name suggests, this is an overview of the business that summarizes the goals and objectives as well as the reasons why starting this form of business is a viable idea. Our team will do comprehensive research and conduct feasibility studies to help you set sustainable, measurable, accurate, and attainable goals that will point your business in the right direction.

In-depth Analysis of the Day Care Industry

This section of the business plan daycare center sample covers all the facts and factors that are unique to this industry. Using our proven business plan writing and research skills, we will help you to write down a report that analyzes the industry in-depth but in an easy to understand manner. We will also use our special analytical tools and skills to estimate the average daycare industry revenue and trends that you should know from the word go.

Closer Look at the Market

If you want to succeed in any form of business, you need to take a close look at the current market and come up with strategies for penetrating and competing effectively with the existing daycare centers. Our professional business experts will take a closer look at the current market and help you come up with strategies that will give you a higher cutting edge. They will help you to position your business for success despite the bubbling competition in the industry.

Pricing and Marketing Plans

You need to have a marketing plan to help popularize your services to the target audience. If you target a particular geographical region, you will need to come up with a tactic on how to reach out to the local customers. Our marketing experts work hand in hand with the writers and other members of our team to come up with an ideal marketing strategy. We will give you clear guidelines on how to communicate with the potential clients.

Franchise Business Planning 
Helps the franchisee get business case approval from the franchisor

Legal Structure

Just like any other business, there are some rules and regulations that you need to abide by to avert inconveniences. We will help you to understand the legal framework that governs daycare. They will help you to understand the difference between a sole proprietorship, a corporation, and partnership. More importantly, we will help you to get legal accreditation by showing you all the documents that you need to fill and submit to the relevant authorities before you start offering the daycare services.

Why to Choose Us

OGSCapital has been around for many years and takes pride in the fact that it has helped establish hundreds if not thousands of businesses in a wide array of niches. By hiring us, you are guaranteed daycare business plans that will help to establish and run the business smoothly. We also have the skills and ability to coin the daycare center business plan to help you get financing from venture firms.

Feel free to get in touch with our support team to get a clear perspective of our daycare center business plan writing packages that have template files included for assistance. We look forward to seeing your daycare center business start and grow to its full potential.

7 Doubts to Clear before Starting Your Daycare Business

As far as the statistics of the daycare business goes, it seems to be spinning quite a good sum of money in the upcoming years. Thus, if you are planning to opt for this industry then it’s a very good idea, please go ahead. But, before jumping on to start the day-care center; you will have various doubts.


It is very important that you invest some time to understand and sort the doubts. As you will go on answering each of the doubtful queries, it will clear your head and assist you in making sound decisions. You will no longer be confused regarding essential matters.

Moreover, it will aid you to start-up in a focused and disciplined manner. Once you are completely sure you are on the right track, you will also be capable of drafting an apt daycare business plan.

daycare center business plan

The 8 Doubts that need your attention have been listed as follows:

1. Do I need to have a license to start a daycare business? Does my town, state, city or country call for such a license?

Yes, almost everywhere in the world, a license is needed for starting a day-care center. Unlike several other types of businesses, it has strict orders which are mandatory for the owner to follow.

  • You need to do your research in order to be sure whether the place you have chosen to start your daycare requires you to have a license or not.
  • Calculating the time and expenses required for acquiring the necessary license, permits and various other legal documents is a must. Additionally, remember to balance out these expenses with your expected earnings.
  • Find out all about zoning restrictions in the chosen area where you wish to start your day-care center. Often people forget about it. This can cause serious trouble when you have made all plans, spent a hefty sum and in d middle of everything you get a warning that the particular area prohibits setting up such a center. A large number of private residences and commercial complexes have zoning restrictions. So, best research before, than regret later.

2. Is it a good idea to opt for a day care franchise?

It is up to you to decide whether you wish to go with a daycare franchise business plan or not. To help you make up your mind here are a few pointers-

  • The US alone has more than 4000 daycare franchises. So, you can imagine that across the world there might be innumerable franchises. You may zero down on your preferred franchise as per your place before you start your facility.
  • As far as the franchises cost goes, it can range from anywhere around 60 thousand dollars up to 4 million dollars.
  • If you have a business partner, then both of you can sit and discuss, (with the help of other business samples and templates), whether going with franchising is a good idea or not? Whether it will cover your private and monetary targets? Whether it will suit your center well enough? If you feel positive after answering such queries that you can go with it.
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    3. Is there a need to set-up a budget model? What should such a sample model encompass?

    Of course there’s the need! Such a sample model of your budget gives an overall idea of all the diverse expenses that go in starting up a day-care business. You may check budget samples and templates of related facilities for help. The model should comprise-

    • The rent of the space
    • Salary of the employees, cleaners and other members
    • Various bills such as utility, electricity, water etc.
    • The fee for the administration
    • Licensing costs
    • Zonal costs
    • Various other start-up costs

    4. Which role should I play in my business?

    The part to be played by you in your day care center depends on your preference. It is up to you to decide which duty and responsibility you choose to look after. It’s good to know your expertise right at the start. That said, when making the choice; ensure to keep in mind what you are best in. There are many business owners who cannot help but feel the urge to interfere and look into all the business matters. It that case, you should surely look at every aspect of your business, how everyone is working and what are the progress. But when you start-up, you need to focus on a playing only a particular role or duty. You need to find your strong points. For instance-

    • If you are very warm and friendly with kids, you may start your business as a fresh entrepreneur.
    • If you are a well-qualified teacher having all the necessary degrees, you may choose to teach the students. You can also keep a good check on each level of your facility.
    • If you are good with handling accounts, then you may take up the charge of handling the finances of the center.

    It is always a positive step to designate your role in the business right at the start. That will assist you in understanding which areas you will need help and support. Thus, you will manage your business better.

    Tip: There are several free aids like template files available online. They have been designed and developed keeping in mind the requirements of entrepreneurs willing to start such centers.

    5. What kind of homework should I do? Can I go and visit other daycare centers and speak to them face-to-face?

    The best homework that can prove to be a huge advantage for your day center is visiting other similar facilities. It is like a learning lesson for every start-up facility. Meeting with other owners of such facilities can give a realistic idea of the business. Asking them various questions as a customer, will help you understand the client’s point of view and their demands. Knowing and understanding the consumers requirements helps fulfill their needs well.

    Before you start, there are all sorts of questions you can ask. Some such questions may be-

    • What is the child-staff ratio maintained by the center?
    • Is the neighborhood suitable for the child?
    • What steps and procedures do they follow to attend to a sick kid?

    When visiting a facility, you may even ask about a sample or template of their daycare center business plan! As you make your inquires, take note of the things you would wish to adopt and eliminate for your own facility.

    6. Is there any provision of childcare center funds and Grants?

    The funds and grants are quite limited for the childcare centers that have specifically started with the intention of earning good business profit. Child and Adult Food Care Program (CAFCP) is most likely the only government body that provides funding support to these types of start-up profitable ventures.

    Those start-up childcare facilities that are launched as non-profit endeavors have some great funding and grant options available. Some of the advantages of non-profit start-up facilities offering to look after the children and the elderly are-

    • They have tax deduction as well as tax exemption assistance
    • There are several government as well as private groups and communities who are willing to come forward and help through funds and grants
    • They can avail free advertising for a definite time-period on the online platform at the start of the center. This is a huge benefit as advertising costs are quite high. Moreover, even a 30 days free promotion online is enough to make the center visible among the masses.

    There are various start-up daycare business plan samples and templates available online both for profit as well as non-profit facilities so that they can garner enough funds to start and run their service conveniently.

    7. Which child education program to opt for- Montessori?

    There are several types of education program. You need to pick the program that is most befitting for your start-up center. Montessori is definitely the oldest and the finest of the lot. Yet, there are many other new education programs to choose from rather than sticking to the same old Montessori program. To find the most suitable program before you start, you ought to do your research and go through several templates. You will find good information by visiting other centers directly.

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    There is a vast expanse of information available online. Participate in the group discussions of teachers and parents of similar facilities online. There you might come across the education program that is most popular in the present times. Browse through samples of daycare center business plan, in order to find which education program is most beneficial for the child. Always keep in mind that whichever education program you pick, it should suit your start-up or existing facility’s philosophy and agenda accurately.

    A daycare center business plan plays a vital role. So as you start a new phase of life as a fresh entrepreneur you must be prepared with all the tools to make an impact on the investing agents, prospective clients and partners. They are the ones who will assist you in your endeavor. With their support your dreams of becoming a successful start-up business owner can turn into reality. So, you can use an excellent template to draft a daycare policy with absolute perfection.

    You can take the help of samples and templates available abundantly online to craft your childcare business plan. You can also opt for our excellent daycare business consultation. Our professionals will guide you in every step of creating your daycare center business plan. Our exceptionally skilled and experienced experts can help you understand and build your daycare center business plan to impress investors and gain their confidence.

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    Naming the Business Correctly- It’s Importance

    How to name your start-up business? This is an important question. Those who overlook the significance withheld in the naming ordeal, often face various troubles finding clients. Finding the most unique and suitable name needs you to look into various factors.

    Firstly, your must understand the term you are using

    The name represents your business. The service you intend to offer your prospective customers. Now, most often entrepreneurs of start-up facilities are busy focusing on the different factors, and end up naming their facility incorrectly. This happens hugely because of confusion in understanding some commonly used terms. Here are some sample names to give you an idea and eliminate confusion:

    • Daycare: This is a broad term which many fail to realize. It may suggest that you offer to look after a child, an elderly person, a differently-able person or an animal during the daytime. If you do not specify then you might come across clients who wish to leave there pets during the daytime, while actually you only offer to look after children.
    • Childcare: This is a much more specific name which signifies looking after children while their parents are at work, etc. But, it’s a common term, so you may add a unique term to make your start-up facility stand out. Furthermore, it doesn’t ascertain particular age group of the kids.
    • Home Childcare: This name clearly states that you offer the service of looking after little kids at your own home. This attracts many parents who prefer to leave their children in a home-like and comfortable atmosphere.

    Still, if confusion persists you can dial up and reach our expert daycare business consultation service. We have brilliant daycare business consultation professionals who can assist you with finding a unique name. You can refer to various templates written by our expert writers. Going through templates will give you an idea on the structure. Since the daycare center business plans for each type of care facility is distinctive from each other, we can help you with your home daycare business plan.

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    Checklist of things to you should ‘DO’ when naming your business

    Select a name that completely befits the distinguished service you plan on offering.

    The name must reflect your childcare philosophy. Take for example- a parent by reading the name- “Lakewood Academy” would know very clearly that it is not a center for looking after kids but helps kids in learning. The terms ‘preschool’ and ‘academy’ help owners to denote that they plan on offering academic learning to the children in order to prepare them for school. If your start-up center focuses on looking after the kids than “daycare” or “childcare” are the terms you must use.

    Go with Easy-to-Spell Names

    Many times, owners misspell the names of their center intentionally. They do so to stand-out and be different. Take as a sample- the term “KIDZ” which is used instead of “KIDS”. It is best to avoid such incorrect spellings. After all, you would not want to set a wrong example by teaching the little ones incorrect spellings. Furthermore, It will save you ample times and effort as you would not need to spell the name of your facility to every person. Even apostrophes play a central role. “Mary’s Tiny Tot’s” is wrong; it should be “Mary’s Tiny Tots”.

    Use Simple and Short Names

    Have you ever noticed that long and complex names are difficult to remember? You would not want your prospective clients to forget your center’s name. Keep it shorts and simple.

    Opt for names that have INC/LLC in it (in case applicable)

    In case your facility encompasses some kind of distinctive legal structure, do mention it in your center’s name. This will attract more customers to your business.

    Checklist of things to you should ‘NOT DO’ when naming your Start-up business

    1. Avoid selecting names that are used pretty commonly by start-up and existing centers. It your service facility’s name matches with several other facilities then the exclusive and novelty of name is lost. So, it’s best to steer clear of overused terms. Some sample names that are frequently used are- “ ABC Daycare” or “123 Pre-school”
    2. Do not pick names that denote a broad meaning, rather try to be more specific. Being precise in naming your facility will draw the suitable clients towards your center. If your service caters to a particular age-group then name you start-up accordingly. There are terms like baby, infant, toddlers etc. that specifically signify only babies that are 1 year old or below that. Again, morning, afternoon, day, night, evening, Sunday, weekdays, weekends, etc. specify the time or days when you offer to look after the children.
    3. Strictly keep away from lengthy and complicated names for your center. Most of the time services, in the attempt to stand-out, try to input too many terms. The name ultimately turns out to be flashy and confusing. Such tough names must be avoided as you don’t want to lose the key essence of your care service.

    Starting a Home Daycare business: Useful Ideas

    The picture of a day care center as a start-up business seems to be a satisfying and money-spinning deal. Yes, it surely is! But is it as simple as it looks if started at home? Yes, it is; but, only to a certain extent! The planning part is the difficult area of this type of facility which gives majority of the start-up entrepreneur sleepless nights. There are several factors to decide before starting the center. Making a list of all your ideas is a good way to go. Noting each and every aspect that you need to decide upon, be it the space or the hours, assists in categorizing and channeling all your start-up ideas to build a sound home daycare business plan. Refer to good templates to get a grasp of how you should strategically organize your ideas.

    Daycare Room

    Whether you have a large home with many rooms, a medium sized home with a large hall or an average home with multiple rooms, you will need to utilize your space smartly. Every type of space can be worked out to become suitable to run a center that looks after kids. It is a misconception that you have to have a huge house to start a center for kids.

    daycare center business plan sample

    A few pointers to remember are-

    • When you offer to look after children, you may include pre-schooling, meals, playing and nap times. You can use your backyard for playing, kitchen area, living space and also family bedrooms.
    • Certain states or cities have rules and regulations regarding the space to start a day-care center. The space requirement is usually measured in square foot area. If you do not have any information about such regulation you can ask other similar services. The best way is to contact the day-care license providing office as they will give you the correct reliable information.
    • In case you live in a rented flat or apartment, you need to take prior permission from the owner of the house.

    Time Of Availability

    It is completely up to you, as to when you wish to provide the service of looking after children. The hours have to be convenient for you. Moreover, since you will need the rooms you would want to schedule the timings accordingly.

    If you can offer the service at almost all hours then you can give your similar centers a tough competition. Do some field research and find out the timings that your neighborhood services are offering. Once you have all the necessary information of the operating hours of near-by facilities you must-

    • Fix a time that successfully meets the most popular hours demanded by maximum parents.
    • Try to fix your operating hours that are different than others, you may open few hours early or close a few hours late. There are Sundays, or weekends, evening, night or early morning timings that are uncommon, yet in demand as parents now-a-days have different shift hours.

    Age-wise enrollment

    A good and easy way to fill your childcare center is by giving admission to children to various age groups. This tactic is adopted by several start-up entrepreneurs. A problem with having mixed aged kids is that children of different age need to be looked after differently. Having same age group kids makes it very easy to handle and run the center proficiently. So, enlist your expertise and then decide on which age-group kids you wish to enroll.

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      Business Plan

      Make a proper strategy before starting the business is necessary. The benefits of having a daycare center business plan are-

      • It aids in merging various ideas into the business
      • There may be various stages that would lead to accomplish the pre-set target. A home daycare business plan helps in arranging all those steps.
      • Often when you go off-track, you can rely on your daycare center business plan. Looking back into your childcare business plan will help you understand where you went wrong. This will let you check yourself in time.
      • The budget model incorporated in your home daycare business plan works as a sample to assist you in handling your expenditure. You will not end up going overboard with monetary matters.

      Fun Sessions

      It is a positive step to make arrangements for various activities that kids can enjoy, before starting the business. Some fun ways to keep the kids happy and engaged are-

      • Story telling
      • Gaming sessions
      • Music and singing or dancing sessions
      • Having puzzles and toys as per age-group
      • Having swings, sea-saw and other outdoor play things
      • Taking trips at intervals to parks
      • Going out on a walk

      These five ideas can prove to be immensely helpful when included in your home daycare business plan. We have samples and templates to aid you in preparing your final draft. But, this is not all. There are various other things that must be included in a daycare center business plan template. Our daycare business consultation experts can save you from all the research. You can contact us through call or via email and get all the assistance you need. Our daycare business consultation team will be more than glad to assist you build the finest daycare center business plan.

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