There are billions of Christians in the world today. They all need a sanctuary that they can visit on Sunday and during the week for prayer sessions, weddings, and other religious activities. If you are a professional evangelist, or you have the necessary credentials required to start and run a church, nothing should stop you from setting up your church.

Even though a church is not business as per say, you still need a church business plan to help you make the right decisions. OGS Capital is a group of business plan writers and industry experts who have been writing business plans for not only churches but also companies in a wide array of fields. We take pride in the fact that our church business plans have helped clergymen and clergywomen to set up churches all across the globe and preach the Gospel to millions of people.

Reasons why you need Professional Church Business Plans

To Create a Mission and Vision

Without a mission and vision of where you want to achieve from the church after a given number of years, you will not succeed in your mission to have a church. Our team of experts will help you to create a mission and vision statements that you can use to show the congregation the goals and objectives that you want to achieve. This section of the church business plan also helps one to get potential investors who would be willing to donate funds for the construction of the church and purchase of the required equipment.

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We will also help you come up with;

  • A financial model to guide you on how to spend your capital
  • A strategic plan to keep you on the right track as the church expands
  • A professional executive summary that gives an overview of the church

Market research and Analysis

As mentioned earlier, a church is not like a conventional business. However, it is still important to carry out market research and analysis to know if there is a need to start a church in your community. One way of knowing if you should go ahead and set up the church is by consulting the community members. Put their feedback into consideration to make the right decision.

To save you time and resources, our team of professionals church business plans writers will carry out an intensive market research and analysis and include the results in the reports. We will also go an extra mile and explain the results of our study to you to steer you in the right direction.

Creating a Marketing Plan

How will you inform the prospective attendees about your church and the unique offerings such as Sunday services? Starting a church and waiting for people to stream in every Sunday is counterproductive. You need to get down to work and come up with ways of informing the target audience about your church and the reasons why they should choose to join.

Our professional marketing experts will come up with a set of marketing strategies to help you advertise your worship services. In the current highly digitalized world, you need a website and a mobile application to disseminate information better and affordably. We will create a plan on how to go about the process of creating an interactive website and refer you to a reputable web development agency that has personnel with the required web development skills and expertise.

Describe the Management Team

The management team is a group or groups of people who will help you manage the church. Information about these teams needs to be included in the plan to show that you have personnel who can make the decisions that are in line with the goals and virtues of your church. Our team will organize several meetings to get details of the management team and include them in the business plan. We will also give you insights on the right people who should be part of the management team.

Get in touch with us today for a professional business plan writing service for your church. We will tailor the plan to suit your preferences and objectives. Fill the form to get in touch with our support team.

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