As a blogger, you may have decided a theme and overall ideology. However, you may not have a clear direction without proper planning. You need a blog business plan to achieve the ultimate goal. It presents methods for content creation, revenue generation, and business that your blog is designed for.

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When starting a blog business plan, here are the questions to look for –

  • What are the purposes behind your blog?
  • What would be the cost of the domain and hosting of the blog site?
  • Who will be in your team?
  • Would you promote your blog online or offline?
  • What will be your business goals?

Executive Summary

The term ‘Executive Summary’ sounds fancy. Well, it is the first part of your blog business plan example, but usually written last. Take your time for this section. You need to explain what your business is all about. Explain the purpose of your business, i.e. to connect with current customers, attract customers to your business, provide consulting, build loyalty, etc.

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Business Description

When writing a business plan for a blog, you need to discuss the culture and organization of your blog business. You may not feel like you are running a company, but you are building a brand, which is almost a similar thing. You need to explain what maintains your blog ahead in the market.

Competitive Analysis

Before you write a blog business plan example, you need to research the blogs like yours and your competitors so it can help you stay ahead of the game. Be sure to research for analysis purpose, not for stealing ideas. It is no big deal if they have more income or a huge fan base. It is about doing your own research, so you can start building the empire you can call your own.

Audience research

Now that you know about your target market, you need to dig a bit deeper. Surveys are the best ways to know about audience without any guesswork. If your audience base is small, you can observe them on social media. Twitter chats and Facebook groups can give you valuable insight into your target audience.


When wondering how to write a business plan for a blog, you also have to create monetizing strategies. You can decide how you can monetize your blog. Will you offer any online product like software, PDF, business plan application mobile, etc., or services? You need to offer something that your audience needs.


Before getting started with a product using your blog, you need to grow your audience base and community. In order to develop a blog business plan, you can buy books or online courses you like. If they just give strategies to launch and create a product, you may not get the same results without strategies to build a strong audience base and grow your traffic. You need both a product and community to create a successful blog that works.

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Financial plan

When creating a financial plan for your blog, you need to define proforma expense and revenue reports for five years and breakeven analysis. You should consider your budget in this section of the business plan for blog. You can start with just $100 or go high at around $10,000. On average, you can earn from $100 to $500 per month, in an ideal scenario.

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