B2B Business plan for starting your own business

Dealing directly with customers is a hassle, right? Well, due to the integration of monetary chains and dependence of businesses on one another for manufacturing as well as services, the B2B businesses are getting high in demand.

If you also want to start a B2B business, you should do a little research, choose the areas in which you want to serve, make a business plan, and launch your startup. For you to understand how to make an accurate business plan, we are providing a B2B e-commerce business plan of a startup namely Networks.

While the business plan for investors developed for Networks can give you a detailed insight into B2B business, you should still consider hiring a professional for the purpose. It is because dealing with businesses involves complexities and strict adherence to principles with the agreements and contracts. A professional can take care of even the smallest details while making business plan B2B correctly.

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Executive Summary

2.1 The Business

Networks will be owned by Max Clint. The business will be based in New York City which is considered the hub of businesses. The businesses will provide various services in the B2B niche including outsourcing, HR services, software services, and more. The business activities are expected to go beyond NYC because Clint aims at providing freelance services as well.

2.2 Management of B2B business

B2B business requires adherence to extremely strict standards and therefore, the management of B2B business can be a headache if you don’t follow a proper plan. Before entering the enterprise, you must make a proper B2B SaaS business plan that covers all the management aspects.

To help you, we will document the personnel plan and operational B2B business plan made for Networks. If you are getting a franchise you won’t be the all-in-all decision-making authority, and in that case, you will have to consult business plan for a franchise for an effective management plan.

2.3 Customers of B2B business

The customers as indicated in B2B e-commerce business plan of Networks are as follows:

  • Small Businesses
  • Established Enterprises
  • Business Franchises
  • Industries

2.4 Business Target

The business targets of the Networks are given as follows in this B2B business plan sample:

  • Increase the cost of our services by 3% after 3 years of the launch while retaining the customer base
  • Earning a profit margin of more than $50k per month by the end of the first 6 years
3 Years Profit Forecast - B2B Business Plan Template
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Company Summary

3.1 Company Owner

Max Clint, the owner of Networks, has worked as a business consultant for more than 5 years. He is known to be an expert in legal business matters and management.

3.2 Why the B2B business is being started

The B2B is started because of Clint’s experience and interest in the field. His qualification, co-curricular activities, and desire for excellence have driven him to start this business. 

3.3 How the B2B business will be started

Step1: Develop Business Plan for B2B sales

The first step to step into this business is to create a B2B business plan template. For that you should explore what is B2B startup and read some B2B business plan examples. In a B2B startup business plan you should include your strategic plan, financial plan, customer segments, and marketing analysis.

Step2: Create the Brand

Since many B2B businesses are already running in the United States. You have to come up with exclusive ideas and expertise to become renowned in the market. To create a brand image, you should have highly specialized employees and success stories.

Step3: Establish Web Presence

In the information age, services are searched for on the web rather than on paper. Therefore, you must ensure that your business comes in the top lists of searches. For that, you would need to hire SEO experts, a graphic designer, and a web developer.

Step4: Develop & Market

The last step is to establish your company’s physical presence and market your venture to reach a maximum number of customers.

Startup Cost - B2B Business Plan Template
Start-up Expenses 
Research and Development$12,000
Expensed Equipment$54,100
Start-up Assets$214,400
Cash Required$142,200
Start-up Inventory$35,100
Other Current Assets$221,000
Long-term Assets$214,400
Total Requirements$1,063,820
Start-up Expenses to Fund$236,720
Start-up Assets to Fund$827,100
Non-cash Assets from Start-up$1,076,600
Cash Requirements from Start-up$121,100
Additional Cash Raised$51,400
Cash Balance on Starting Date$35,100
TOTAL ASSETS$1,284,200
Liabilities and Capital 
Current Borrowing$0
Long-term Liabilities$0
Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills)$64,520
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free)$0
Planned Investment$1,063,820
Investor 1$0
Investor 2$0
Additional Investment Requirement$0
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses)$141,660
Total Funding$1,063,820

Operational and Strategic Planning

Services of B2B business

The service sector of B2B businesses is multi-faceted. Therefore, while developing your B2B SaaS business plan template you should specify which services you plan to provide. You can study many B2B business plan examples for the purpose and explore their B2B marketing strategies examples for each service they provide.

You can also see the services given in this B2B business plan sample. This B2B business plan was created for Networks by professional business plan writers after probing several B2B business plan templates.

  • Doing Outsourced Tasks

Our major service will be doing outsourced tasks such as hiring and training the workforce, maintaining the equipment, and completing some parts of a larger project.

  • Business Consultancy

We will provide legal advice and consultation to businesses that come to deal with other businesses. We will also help writing business plan documents and making due diligence template. Moreover, our consultation will also be educational as we plan to acquaint our partners with the latest trends such as type of due diligence in use.

  • Software Services

We will also provide software services but only in the domain in which multiple businesses are connected via shared database and management software.

  • Freelance Services

We will serve as the middle ground between clients and customers to provide B2B freelance services.

Marketing Analysis of B2B business

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Your B2B business can end in loss if you fail to attract the community that was supposed to buy from you. To succeed in the purpose, you have to explore the market for which you are making B2B sales business plan. you have to see which services are in demand and how much competition exists for which service. All these details must be included in your marketing plan for B2B business. 

Today, carrying out a market analysis is easier due to the online presence of B2B businesses. You will have to maintain a web presence and thus your marketing plan for B2B business should be devised accordingly.

To gain an insight into marketing plan template B2B, you should visit B2B marketing portals. Some sites even offer free B2B website in usa. Moreover, you can also find free guidance on B2B marketing planning from blogs like this on marketing plan B2B example. 

5.1 Market Trends

The trends for B2B businesses are going great. It is reported that more than 50% of B2B buyers are millennials. The industry is currently estimated at 6.7 trillion dollars. Moreover, 35% of the already-established B2B businesses are expecting a significant rise in online sales in the next years.

The trends provided in this sample B2B marketing plan are general. And while developing your B2B marketing business plan you should study the trends specific to your area.

5.2 Marketing Segmentation

Identifying the groups of target customers help you determine a focused strategy in B2B marketing project to target them. For a B2B company, customers can belong to various niches therefore it will be good to also explore some more business plans such as mobile notary business plan pdf.

In this example B2B marketing plan, the customer segments identified by Networks are given as follows:

Marketing Segmentation - B2B Business Plan Template

5.2.1 Small Businesses & Startups

Our biggest customers will be the small businesses that are especially newly established. New startups find it difficult to undertake all the tasks and recruit a huge workforce. Therefore, they rely on other businesses. In addition, due to a lack of trust in financial stability, they find it difficult to enter into long-term contracts with large enterprises. With our B2B services, they will be able to develop their businesses.

5.2.2 Established Enterprises

The second biggest category of our target customers includes established enterprises. They would require our services to deal with their business partners. Moreover, they will also seek our services to maintain a skilled workforce at all times.

5.2.3 Business Franchises

Business franchises would also need our services to get business plans and to do successful contracts.

5.2.4 Industries

Industries whose inputs and outputs are procured and transferred to enterprises will also need our B2B services to conduct their business affairs.

Market Analysis       
Potential CustomersGrowthYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5CAGR
Small Businesses35%37,40044,88053,85664,62777,55310.00%
Established Enterprises30%28,10033,72040,46448,55758,26810.00%
Business Franchises21%21,40025,68030,81636,97944,37510.00%

5.3 Business Target

  • Increase our prices by 3% by the end of the first 6 years
  • Maintain a CSAT score of 95+ from the very first month of our launch
  • Maintain a Customer Retention Rate of more than 80% from the very first year of our launch

5.4 Product Pricing

The rates for our services are a little bit higher than our competitors. However, due to our competitive advantages, we still expect to get more customers than them.

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Marketing Strategy of B2B business

While developing marketing strategy in B2B, you must keep in mind that this time you are not dealing with a man in the street, rather you will be dealing with experienced professionals. Therefore, your sales strategy and advertisement techniques should be devised accordingly. In this B2B marketing strategy example, we are providing the sales strategy of the Networks.

Clint spent a whole 3 months devising his strategy in his B2B marketing template. Some parts of his plan are mentioned here in this B2B marketing strategy template.

6.1 Competitive Analysis

  • We are using the latest tech for all our tasks. For instance, we present digital cards to our business partners to leave the impression that at Networks, we are acquainted with all the latest products and trends.
  • We have hired the most competent and talented business experts in the town.
  • We have pursued regular training programs to keep our employees up to date.

6.2 Sales Strategy

For advertisement, the Networks will do the following:

  • Advertising the business on social media and through newspapers and magazines
  • Arranging meetups among the business CEOs and our sales executives to let our competitive aspects known
  • Providing a 40% discount on all our services for the first month of the launch

For more ideas, you can see law firm business plan and judgement recovery business plan.

6.3 Sales Monthly

Sales Monthly - B2B Business Plan Template

6.4 Sales Yearly

Sales Yearly - B2B Business Plan Template

6.5 Sales Forecast

Unit Sales - B2B Business Plan Template
Sales Forecast   
Unit SalesYear 1Year 2Year 3
Outsourced Tasks500530562
Business Consultancy200212225
Software Services300318337
Freelance Services250265281
TOTAL UNIT SALES1,2501,3251,405
Unit PricesYear 1Year 2Year 3
Outsourced Tasks$1,500.00$1,740.00$2,018.40
Business Consultancy$2,500.00$2,900.00$3,364.00
Software Services$1,550.00$1,798.00$2,085.68
Freelance Services$1,250.00$1,450.00$1,682.00
Outsourced Tasks$750,000.00 $922,200.00 $1,133,937.12
Business Consultancy$500,000.00 $614,800.00 $755,958.08
Software Services$465,000.00 $571,764.00 $703,041.01
Freelance Services$312,500.00 $384,250.00 $472,473.80
TOTAL SALES$2,027,500.00 $2,493,014.00 $3,065,410.01
Direct Unit CostsYear 1Year 2Year 3
Outsourced Tasks$250.00$275.00$288.75
Business Consultancy$750.00$825.00$866.25
Software Services$350.00$385.00$404.25
Freelance Services$300.00$330.00$346.50
Direct Cost of Sales   
Outsourced Tasks$125,000.00 $145,750.00 $162,219.75
Business Consultancy$150,000.00 $174,900.00 $194,663.70
Software Services$105,000.00 $122,430.00 $136,264.59
Freelance Services$75,000.00 $87,450.00 $97,331.85
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales$455,000.00 $530,530.00 $590,479.89
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Personnel plan of B2B business

The success of a B2B business depends on the ability of its employees to conduct affairs. To ensure you hire the right people, you should devise a measurable criterion in your business plan for B2B. In your business plan B2B you can assign measurable values to experience, interpersonal skills, and qualifications to make sure the recruitment remains impartial 

In this B2B business plan template the list of staff of Networks along with their salaries is listed below: 

7.1 Company Staff

  • 1 Co-Manager
  • 1 Web Manager
  • 1 Sales Executive
  • 1 Software Manager
  • 3 Business Consultants
  • 1 Legal Advisor
  • 2 Project Managers

7.2 Average Salary of Employees

 Personnel Plan   
 Year 1Year 2Year 3
Co Manager$40,000$44,000$48,400
Web Manager$32,200$35,420$38,962
Sales Executive$32,200$35,420$38,962
Software Manager$32,200$35,420$38,962
Business Consultants$84,550$93,005$102,306
Legal Advisor$32,200$35,420$38,962
Project Managers$64,550$71,005$78,106
Total Salaries$221,150 $243,265 $267,592

Financial Plan of B2B business

The B2B business has great prospects in the earning domain. The business pays a lot due to immense opportunities arising out of increased dependency on other businesses for completing a task. The modern world works on the principles of efficiency and for greater efficiency outsourcing a part of one’s business is becoming a must.

Therefore, the business is sustainable as far as finances are concerned. However, to ensure long-term smooth monetary flows, you need a business plan for B2B sales. Since you will be spending a hefty amount on salaries and maintaining a skilled workforce at all times, you need to be careful about the b to b sales strategies. 

In this B2B sales plan template, we are providing the financial plan of Networks. In addition to the profit profile, if you also want to know what is B2B marketing and sales, you can refer to the sections written above.

8.1 Important Assumptions

 General Assumptions   
 Year 1Year 2Year 3
Plan Month123
Current Interest Rate8.12%8.20%8.26%
Long-term Interest Rate8.40%8.44%8.47%
Tax Rate24.03%24.21%24.60%

8.2 Break-even Analysis

Break-even Analysis - B2B Business Plan Template
 Break-Even Analysis 
Monthly Units Break-even5340
Monthly Revenue Break-even$132,500
Average Per-Unit Revenue$231.00
Average Per-Unit Variable Cost$0.62
Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost$163,800

8.3 Projected Profit and Loss

 Pro Forma Profit And Loss  
 Year 1Year 2Year 3
Sales$2,027,500 $2,493,014 $3,065,410
Direct Cost of Sales$455,000 $530,530 $590,480
TOTAL COST OF SALES$455,000 $530,530 $590,480
Gross Margin$1,572,500 $1,962,484 $2,474,930
Gross Margin %77.56%78.72%80.74%
Sales and Marketing and Other Expenses$145,000$148,000$156,000
Leased Equipment$0$0$0
Payroll Taxes$24,000$25,000$27,000
Total Operating Expenses$400,350 $426,715 $461,492
Profit Before Interest and Taxes$1,172,150$1,535,769$2,013,439
Interest Expense$0$0$0
Taxes Incurred$234,430$307,154$402,688
Net Profit$937,720$1,228,615$1,610,751
Net Profit/Sales46.25%49.28%52.55%
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8.3.1 Profit Monthly

Profit Monthly - B2B Business Plan Template

8.3.2 Profit Yearly

Profit Yearly - B2B Business Plan Template

8.3.3 Gross Margin Monthly

Gross Margin Monthly - B2B Business Plan Template

8.3.4 Gross Margin Yearly

Gross Margin Yearly - B2B Business Plan Template

8.4 Projected Cash Flow

Projected Cash Flow - B2B Business Plan Template
 Pro Forma Cash Flow   
Cash ReceivedYear 1Year 2Year 3
Cash from Operations   
Cash Sales$51,000$55,080$59,486
Cash from Receivables$22,000$23,760$25,661
SUBTOTAL CASH FROM OPERATIONS$73,000 $79,570 $85,936
Additional Cash Received   
Sales Tax, VAT, HST/GST Received$0$0$0
New Current Borrowing$0$0$0
New Other Liabilities (interest-free)$0$0$0
New Long-term Liabilities$0$0$0
Sales of Other Current Assets$0$0$0
Sales of Long-term Assets$0$0$0
New Investment Received$0$0$0
SUBTOTAL CASH RECEIVED$74,000 $79,000 $85,000
ExpendituresYear 1Year 2Year 3
Expenditures from Operations  
Cash Spending$42,000$42,000$45,000
Bill Payments$27,000$28,000$31,000
SUBTOTAL SPENT ON OPERATIONS$69,000 $70,000 $76,000
Additional Cash Spent   
Sales Tax, VAT, HST/GST Paid Out$0$0$0
Principal Repayment of Current Borrowing$0$0$0
Other Liabilities Principal Repayment$0$0$0
Long-term Liabilities Principal Repayment$0$0$0
Purchase Other Current Assets$0$0$0
Purchase Long-term Assets$0$0$0
SUBTOTAL CASH SPENT$69,000 $74,520 $80,482
Net Cash Flow$21,000$23,000$25,000
Cash Balance$27,000$30,000$33,000

8.5 Projected Balance Sheet

 Pro Forma Balance Sheet  
AssetsYear 1Year 2Year 3
Current Assets   
Accounts Receivable$24,000$26,880$30,213
Other Current Assets$1,000$1,000$1,000
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS$282,000 $315,840 $355,004
Long-term Assets   
Long-term Assets$10,000$10,000$10,000
Accumulated Depreciation$19,400$21,728$24,444
TOTAL LONG-TERM ASSETS$24,400 $27,328 $30,744
TOTAL ASSETS$294,000 $329,280 $370,440
Liabilities and CapitalYear 4Year 5Year 6
Current Liabilities   
Accounts Payable$18,700$20,944$23,541
Current Borrowing$0$0$0
Other Current Liabilities$0$0$0
Long-term Liabilities$0$0$0
TOTAL LIABILITIES$15,000 $16,800 $18,883
Paid-in Capital$30,000$30,000$31,000
Retained Earnings$53,000$57,770$63,547
TOTAL CAPITAL$285,000 $310,650 $341,715
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL$300,000 $329,280 $370,440
Net Worth$293,400$319,806$351,787

8.6 Business Ratios

 Ratio Analysis    
Sales Growth7.25%8.03%8.90%3.00%
Percent of Total Assets    
Accounts Receivable9.21%10.20%11.31%9.80%
Other Current Assets2.11%2.34%2.59%2.40%
Total Current Assets149.80%151.00%152.00%158.00%
Long-term Assets11.55%11.60%11.64%12.00%
TOTAL ASSETS100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
Current Liabilities4.90%4.94%4.98%4.34%
Long-term Liabilities0.00%0.00%0.00%0.00%
Total Liabilities7.59%7.65%7.72%7.38%
NET WORTH100.45%101.25%102.19%110.00%
Percent of Sales    
Gross Margin94.60%97.15%99.87%99.00%
Selling, General & Administrative Expenses93.56%96.09%98.78%97.80%
Advertising Expenses1.52%1.56%1.60%1.40%
Profit Before Interest and Taxes41.50%42.62%43.81%33.90%
Main Ratios    
Total Debt to Total Assets0.18%0.18%0.17%0.40%
Pre-tax Return on Net Worth74.08%74.89%75.00%75.00%
Pre-tax Return on Assets96.30%101.12%106.17%111.30%
Additional RatiosYear 1Year 2Year 3 
Net Profit Margin33.56%34.60%35.67%N.A.
Return on Equity55.80%57.53%59.31%N.A.
Activity Ratios    
Accounts Receivable Turnover7.77.87.8N.A.
Collection Days100100100N.A.
Inventory Turnover32.434.0235N.A.
Accounts Payable Turnover15.61616.3N.A.
Payment Days272727N.A.
Total Asset Turnover2.52.52.6N.A.
Debt Ratios    
Debt to Net Worth-0.04-0.03-0.04N.A.
Current Liab. to Liab.111N.A.
Liquidity Ratios    
Net Working Capital$244,000$257,664$272,093N.A.
Interest Coverage000N.A.
Additional Ratios    
Assets to Sales0.850.870.89N.A.
Current Debt/Total Assets1%0%0%N.A.
Acid Test2929.1229.16N.A.
Sales/Net Worth2.12.22.2N.A.
Dividend Payout000N.A.


  • What is the B2B business plan?

A B2B business plan is a detailed document that explains the major aspects of your business, how you plan to start and run it, and where and how much you intend to spend to ensure long-term sustainability.

To get a better idea of what a B2B business plan template is, you should study some B2B business plan examples. For a generic idea, this B2B business plan sample is also good to go.

  • What are the 4 types of B2B?

The 4 types of B2B markets are: 

  1. Producers
  2. Government
  3. Institutions 
  4. Resellers

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