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Business Strategy Consulting Services

Business Plan Purpose


Bussiness PlanFormulate business strategy, complete analysis of business operations, assess business practices, review or develop short or long-term goals
Business Plan Duration


Bussiness Plan15-20 days
Business Plan Team


Bussiness PlanProject manager, writer, editor, researcher, business analyst with industry-specific experience and expertise
Market Research

Market Research

Bussiness PlanDetailed analysis of business environment, including target market, competitors, industry status, and factors influencing business operations
Business Plan Experience


Bussiness PlanMore than 300 strategic plans developed across more than 42 industries
Business Plan Availability


Bussiness Plan24/7

Business Strategy Consulting Delivers Results

Successful companies are always looking ahead and making plans for staying on track with their mission. They develop good success strategies that are built on an analysis of the current and evolving business environment, anticipation of future industry and marketplace changes, and short and long-term goals.

An effective strategy is designed to optimize the business process to achieve goals in fulfillment of the organization’s mission. Business process optimization refers to creating the most economic profit possible with the successful execution of well-defined strategies that are flexible but focused. It is concerned with developing and maintaining a strategic fit between your business goals, resources, and changing market opportunities.

Strategic planning is a process in which your organization defines the direction it wants to take and determines the necessary resources and operations required to successfully pursue the strategy. As the business environment relentlessly changes due to a number of factors that include advancing technology and globalization, strategic planning has become an even more critical process for achieving long-term business sustainability.

Planning Step-by-Step

There are many steps in the development of the strategic planning process:

  • Setting goals
  • Analyzing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT)
  • Developing a business strategy
  • Implementing the strategy
  • Measuring and evaluating on a regular basis

The complexity of strategic planning is the reason many business managers like you decide to take advantage of professional business strategy services.

Strategizing for Business Success

Many business owners and leaders understand they need a business strategy, but do not know how to develop one. A strategy begins with the mission because the strategy must flow from it and is then supported by operating plans that puts the strategy into place. Developing business strategy concepts is a complex process because it depends on developing a series of integrated actions that move the organization into a better competitive position.

Analyzing the Environment, Practices, and Operations

Objectively assessing the business environment, business practices and operations is challenging because you leaders are so involved in the day-to-day operations. It can be difficult to step back and do an honest assessment of things like the operational changes necessary to implement and follow the initiative through to the end. Sometimes it takes creative business strategies to achieve desired results.

Business Plan and the Strategic Plan

A common question is this: How does the strategic plan and business plan fit together? The strategic plan is the map for moving the organization ahead . Once the strategic plan is established, the business plan - for a new business or startup or existing business planning expansion - incorporates the strategic plan. During the process of professional operational strategy consulting, experienced consultants never lose focus on the need to integrate one or more plans with the overall strategic plan.

On a Path to Continued Success

Staying on the path to continued success requires honest assessment of business conditions and the ability to identify the steps the business can take to increase profits, improve competitive positioning, and maintain efficiency. An objective and thorough analysis of business strategy options is key to producing an actionable business strategy.

Experienced Consulting Makes the Difference

OGS Capital business strategy consulting services can greatly simplify the planning process by helping clients gain deep insight into their companies. The strategic planning process is a value-building process that encourages managers to explore alternative ways to achieve continued success. Putting the final plan in writing is important because it serves as a commitment.

Plan to Succeed

Strategic planning services include developing business strategies, doing a complete analysis of the business environment, identifying ways to make business practices more efficient or effective, and setting or reviewing short or long-term goals. You can decide what is necessary in the way of analysis and planning in order to succeed, and our consultants at OGS capital will work closely with you to ensure you get the information needed to move your company forward.

Experienced Consultants at OGS Capital

OGS Capital business strategy consultants include experienced and expert professionals for hire who have more than 25 years of experience working at world-class consulting firms like Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Bain. A team of specialist consultants with relevant industry experience and knowledge is assembled to prepare each client project.

No templates are used at our consultancy when you choose to buy our services, and the cost is extremely reasonable for writing up a quality strategic plan. Avoid cheap template plans offered online because they are not customized to meet client needs. Each OGS Capital product is unique and reflects the knowledge and experience of best business practices of consultants. Contact OGS Capital by completing the simple online contact form.

Difference Between Strategic and Long-Term Planning

It is easy to confuse strategic versus long-term planning, but each process starts from a different point. Strategizing begins with defining the desired organizational future. Once a vision is defined, the appropriate goals or objectives are set in order to move the enterprise towards that vision. There are specific steps developed to reach the goals, but the strategic designer is asking what must be done at each stage in order to reach the goal. It works from the end vision backwards.

Long range planning begins in the present rather than the future. It considers the status of the firm at the current point in time and then determines a path to meet identified needs. Long range planners have a perspective that is focused on the successive step to take from a point in time in order to reach the next stage of progress. It works from the beginning to an end goal.

The difference between strategic and long range planning can be confusing, but it is a matter of perspective. Strategic business development strategies are more flexible in the steps that can be initiated, and they also look at the bigger picture. They are good for developing effective operating models for success, staying ahead of the competition, setting priorities, and driving alignment. They guide decision-making and articulate the direction an enterprise will take, requiring the prioritization of activities that have meaning to the vision. It lets people know what they should be working on and what they should be working towards. An OGS Capital business strategy consultant can be instrumental in getting the process on the right track.


Developing a Successful Strategy

Think of developing business strategies as a process for organizing and achieving balance in major operating elements in order to fulfill a strategic vision. It is a design process to get everyone on the same page so they do not waste time and resources on activities, processes, and assets that are not relevant to reaching the vision. The process brings leadership, operations, marketing, sales, production, and administration into the discussions so that everyone agrees on the vision, and today it is also important to bring in external stakeholder perspectives, like customers and community members. This enables the incorporation of the perspectives and needs of the people who will be most impacted by the execution of the strategies.

Operating success is the sum of the parts. It is not the result of one unit, function, department, operation, or group of people. One of the reasons the Balanced Scorecard was developed as a strategic measurement tool is to address the fact that many organizations concentrate on two or three legs of their operations and ignore the remaining legs. For example, leaders may concentrate on financial measures and internal processes while ignoring customers and markets, and/or employee-related training and development. The strategic planning process must take into consideration the capabilities employees need to develop in order to reach goals.

The reality is that many strategic business development strategies are not successful because too many factors are not taken into consideration. How can a company align strategic initiatives if marketing, employees, leaders, schedules, and supporting plans like marketing or operational plans are not included in the process? There are bound to be decisions and processes that take a direction at odds with the vision, and that easily leaves gaps in the steps that must be taken for success.


Tactical Steps

To successfully complete the steps in strategic planning, a series of tactical moves are implemented. For example, goal setting requires input from a variety of organizational members, and analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats requires completing a meaningful and accurate SWOT assessment. There is no right or wrong way to implement a strategic process, but there is an effective way that makes it much more likely the organization will meet success. The process involves significant research on competitors, capabilities, markets, leadership competencies and gaps, innovation, SWOT, and meaningful measurements.

This "audit" is key to identifying reality in terms of skills and competencies, and the operating environment. It is easy to fall back on perceptions, but people usually have biases. In this case, it is the leadership that has biases because every manager wants to believe his or her unit, and the organization, is fully competent and already making the right decisions.

The vision must be actionable and reachable, but it should also inspire the organization to pull together. The process of developing business strategies identifies what is truly important and what the future should be. The business strategy consultant assists with achieving the kind of focus needed for successful strategizing.


Defining the Strategic Purpose

OGS Capital is one of the top business strategy companies assisting clients with the full strategic process leading to a finalized strategic document. However, some clients need assistance with other strategic processes. They need business strategy consulting for:

  • Assessment of operations
  • Assessment of operating practices
  • Assessment of a particular function like marketing
  • Analysis of business strategy options
  • Reviewing and refining long-term or short-term goals
  • Assessing the competition
  • Addressing specific issues the organization faces
  • Addressing need to become more flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the ever-changing markets
  • Assessing alignment of the firm's internal operations with achieving strategic goals and objectives
  • Assessing an existing strategic plan and design a new approach

The importance of developing business strategies applies to for-profit and nonprofit organizations because long-term success always depends on successfully envisioning the future. This means business strategy consulting can provide critical services to all types of organizations. For nonprofits, it is sometimes even more critical they obtain professional business strategy services because they often do not have experience in strategizing to achieve their mission. It is also critical because social and technological change is just as rapid in the nonprofit world as it is in the for-profit.

There is one common trait between for-profit and nonprofit enterprises – they often go through the process and never bring it to completion or never actually utilize the document. When the Board of Trustees/Directors or CEO asks for a report on the progress made in reaching goals, a successful plan has been used to inform the organization since its inception. Progress is reflected in things like benchmarks met, increased capacity, more effective marketing, improved fund raising, and so on.

A strategic plan should be reviewed in its entirety every few years, which means the process is repeated periodically. The periodic analysis of business strategy results ensures the business process optimization continues.


Importance of Goal Setting

A major step in the strategic process is goal setting. Developing well-defined, measurable goals are the foundation of the strategic plan, and a focus of business strategy consulting. They enable leaders and employees the means to evaluate progress and to identify the tactical steps that need adjusting or changing if there is a lack of adequate progress. The operating environment changes so rapidly that flexibility needs to be built into the process and the final strategic document.

A major reason top leaders and entrepreneurs seek the assistance of a business strategy consultant is due to the immense variability in the global marketplace. In-depth and accurate research is needed to identify the current status and emerging trends. Strategy and business development is a forward thinking process. It looks at where the organization wants to be in the future, so limiting research to an assessment of the status quo is a recipe for setting goals that will quickly be outdated.

OGS Capital business strategy consultants are experienced researchers who understand the variability of the global marketplace and how the pace of change that marks the modern environment impacts goal setting. For example, business strategy consulting services considers things like emerging trends, marketplace innovations, and new technologies that have a high potential of disrupting one or more industries. This kind of research is critical to setting realistic, concrete, and objective goals. Anyone can set a goal that says, "To increase the customer base by 500 percent within 6 months," but is that realistic?


Get SMART About Strategic Goals

One mistake managers are known to make is setting vague goals. Vague goals may say, "To increase sales substantially over the next five years," or "We will be the largest software company within three years." These may be nice dreams, but they are not well-articulated, focused goals. That is one reason George Doran, Arthur Miller, and James Cunningham developed the SMART acronym in a 1981 Management Review magazine issue. It was so popular and made such sense that this principle for goal setting is frequently still applied to ensure goal setting remains on target.

SMART means:

  • Specific – Who is involved, what is to be accomplished, the timeframe, benefits of achieving goals,
  • Measurable – Benchmarks or concrete criteria for determining progress towards goals
  • Achievable or attainable – Goals can realistically be met with the right skills, competencies, resources, and effort
  • Realistic or relevant– Objectives the organization is willing and able to work towards
  • Timely – Specific timeframe to create a sense of urgency

However, this is just a simple basic guide to get managers thinking in terms of specifics. Enterprise leaders must go beyond the basics today, and OGS Capital business strategy consulting services can help them cross the bridge between basic to complex goals. OGS Capital has extensive experience in developing strategic and business plans.

Many clients turn to OGS Capital because their strategic efforts were rejected by investors due to unrealistic goals. Startups fail to get funding because they do not present focused business process optimization in their strategic plans. Entrepreneurs and managers of small to medium-sized business also often do not have experience developing SMART goals. Entrepreneurs start operations, get to a certain size, and need a larger injection of funding. The more money needed, the more important it is for the strategic goals to be SMART.


Making the Right Things Happen

Business strategy services is a catalyst or an engine that makes the right things happen because the process communicates the vision, goals and objectives, and tactical steps that produce positive results. Everyone, from employees to suppliers to leaders know the direction the enterprise wants to take, and along the way opportunities will arise.

The strategic effort that fails to include a variety of perspectives is a process most likely to fail before it ever gets to fruition. The organization should incorporate stakeholder ideas and perspectives into the thought process. However, OGS Capital also understands the importance of having different perspectives while helping organizational leaders with developing business strategy concepts and long and short-term goals. A team approach is used to ensure a variety of perspectives are available throughout the entire planning process and final production of the strategic plan.

The business strategy consulting team consists of:

  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Researcher
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Other business strategy consultants if necessary to produce the highest quality results

The team approach to developing business strategy concepts ensures nothing is overlooked and that consistency is maintained during the steps taken and in the final strategic plan. It is all about business process optimization.


Analyzing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

During the strategic process, leaders must evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). OGS Capital consultants have expertise in SWOT assessments, but there are other types of approaches to identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The analysis of business strategy may include one or more of the following.

  • PEST – Framework for assessing macro-environmental factors to identify threats and opportunities; PEST is the acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technological)
  • Five forces – Looks at five critical forces affecting competition which are Supplier Power, Buyer Power, Competitive Rivalry, Threat of Substitution,
  • Scenario planning, Threat of New Entry
  • Strategy maps – Diagram describing how the organization creates value by connective strategic objectives in four areas: customer processes, financial, growth, and learning
  • Balanced Scorecard – Strategy and business development performance management tool used to identify and improve internal operations and their external outcomes

One of the many advantages our clients enjoy during strategy & business development is access to consultants who have experience in a wide range of toolkits and can choose the assessment that is a best fit for the circumstances. Each client process is tailored to meet operating needs.

Analyzing the external opportunities, challenges, and even barriers to success is a critical part of every assessment. Without a clear understanding of changes in demographics, technology, market needs, competition, and stakeholder views, it is impossible to shape operations and programs to fit reality. It is also likely the allocation of resources will not be optimized. Another risk associated with not understanding a volatile operating environment is a mismatch between strategic goals and capacity. Can the enterprise accommodate the intended growth or expansion?

OGS Capital business strategy consulting services assist managers with assessing external factors and then integrating that information with the information gained from assessing internal factors. This can be a complex process because of the variability and volatility that defines the modern global marketplace. Turning large quantities of data and data analytics into actionable, measurable goals and objectives requires specialized expertise. Operational strategy consulting can streamline the process when expert professionals, like those at OGS Capital, are utilized.


Qualities of a Good Strategy

A poorly defined strategy and business development plan is never a substitute for a well-defined one. In fact, a poorly defined strategy can sink an enterprise. So can one that is misunderstood or not well-communicated. Following are some more qualities of a good strategy.

  • Has clearly stated long-term strategic goals
  • Goals are measurable
  • All goals and action steps are clearly stated and understandable
  • Supports the mission
  • Is realistic and supported by tactical steps to achieve results
  • Is sharable with the organization and can be deeply understood with effective communication
  • Enough flexibility is built into the final strategic plan to make it a "living document" that continues to provide direction even in variable markets
  • Reflects a diverse group of perspectives and input
  • Reflects deep understanding of internal and external environments

These are just a few of the qualities of a successful process. SMEs contact OGS Capital for strategy and operations consulting assistance because there are so many characteristics a successful process requires in order to be useful to the organization. Smaller enterprises, in particular, may find it difficult to continue day-to-day operations and still have enough time to commit to the strategy & business development planning process. OGS Capital consultants drive the process to a successful conclusion by partnering with clients throughout the project.


Ultimate Goal for Many Businesses is the Strategic Plan

The strategy & business development process ultimately leads to a strategic plan. It is a formal document that has the information needed to proceed towards achieving a vision. There are a number of sections, and all the work put into the process appears in one form or another. For example, the vision statement explains the desired future state or what the organization will look like in 5-10 years.

Following are the major sections of a strategic plan and their relationship to the process.

    • Mission statement – The organization's core purpose for existence and its core values; The strategic planning process is always guided by remaining true to the mission, preventing the process from veering on paths that are not a good match to the mission
    • Vision statement – The desired future state for the organization; Defines where the organization will be headed and what it will look like once the vision is reached; Usually projects 5-10 years into the future
    • Strategic assessment – An assessment of the internal and external environment is conducted to determine the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; There are various types of assessments available, and OGS consultants will utilize one or more assessment tools based on specific organizational information needs
    • Strategic goals and objectives – Based on the assessment, the goals are established and serve as links between the mission and vision; The long-term goals reflect the desired end results that cumulatively support the mission; Goals and objectives drive the identification of key activities
    • Strategies – The plan of action to achieve the goals and objectives, and ultimately the vision
    • Performance targets – Short-term goals or targets that are measurable; Goals that must be met in a shorter time frame in order to reach strategic goals
    • Tactical steps – Specific actions for achieving goals
    • Financial plan – Every process should be assessed financially in order to determine if it makes sense
    • Performance tracking – Defines how progress will be measured throughout execution

Strategic planning focuses on what the firm does best in terms which can include things like meeting customer needs in a unique manner, competing in the marketplace, establishing industry standards of excellence in customer service, successfully entering new markets, are some examples. Leaders must be able to identify what makes the enterprise or nonprofit unique among competitors because that uniqueness should drive the goals and strategies designed to meet those goals. Otherwise, it is too easy to head down the wrong strategic path and waste a lot of time, money, and effort.

One of the many advantages clients enjoy when working with OGS Capital business strategy consultants is sound and honest guidance. The professionals have worked in top consulting firms, were C-Suite executives, and/or started and ran their own firms. Their experience gave them the opportunity to work on multiple strategic projects to achieve a variety of goals.

As consultants at OGS Capital, they have worked with hundreds of clients across industries, broadening their experience and knowledge. Clients get access to the highest level of knowledge concerning strategic planning, and that saves time, money, and effort. OGS Capital has earned a solid reputation for delivering high quality client services and that includes helping enterprises identify and focus on their competitive advantage in order to get the most advantages from the process.


Small Business Strategic Planning

As a reminder: A business plan describes what the organization does, the elements of operation, and how the enterprise will make money. A strategic plan is more detailed and addresses achieving specific organizational goals. 

Strategic planning is a process of importance to every enterprise of every size. It is not an activity reserved for mega-corporations. Any enterprise that wants to still be in business 5-10 years from now needs to develop a business strategy for moving the enterprise forward in the right direction. In fact, it could be argued that strategic planning is most critical for small businesses because there is less room to make mistakes or poor decisions that waste resources.

Recognizing the importance of small business strategic planning, OGS Capital is one of the most sought after business strategy companies offering small business strategy consulting services to startups and young enterprises, as well as larger firms. This means OGS Capital's consulting business development strategy services for small business clients offer the same advantages as those delivered to medium to large firms. They include access to consultants with broad experience and expertise developed across industries. Consultants help startups and small enterprises with development of business strategy in a number of ways:

  • Identify their early competitive advantage and strategies that will maintain that advantage
  • Strategic options
  • Identify risks in the marketplace and risks unique to young enterprises
  • Identify opportunities that are aligned with the mission
  • Identify weaknesses or threats to growing the enterprise
  • Assess the potential value generation of implementing strategic plan
  • Assess current capabilities with market requirements
  • Identify appropriate strategies, such as expanding into new markets or regularly updating products to maintain market relevance

Small enterprises that use consultants recognize the complexity of the marketplace and the difficulty of developing a business strategy that is realistic and productive, producing the desired results. Productive strategies convert opportunities into higher sales or revenues, increase market share or penetrate new market segments, or strengthen the competitive edge. A startup trying to develop strong market roots needs a plan for effective performance that makes best use of resources, keeps the effort on track from week to week, and gives the small business the kind of focus needed to succeed.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that small businesses account for 99.7 percent of all U.S. businesses. They are essential to growing the economy and creating jobs. The SBA statistics also confirm the importance of strategic planning because 82 percent of new enterprise failures are due to cash flow problems. Running out of cash is not always due to the inability to get funding. It is also due to poor planning for the future. Growth is only good when it is manageable. When enterprises choose to develop a business strategy for growth, they are addressing opportunities and timing, and timing is critical. That is one of the purposes of setting short-term goals to support strategic goals: Growth is cultivated in a manageable manner.


Keeping the Strategy Relevant

Development of business strategy goals and actions is not a one-off event. It is a manageable process, and there are many ways to approach strategizing. How does an enterprise learn the many options and select the best one? How fast or how big should an enterprise get? What actions are most likely to help the company achieve sustainability? The types of strategic tools continue to expand too, some accommodating the ability to utilize data, like the Algorithmic Strategy that appeared in 2013.

The strategy business development teams may work for a small innovative business, while a different team makeup is needed for a larger enterprise ready to go global. Each business has a unique set of circumstances that includes the operating model and the environment of operation. The global operating environment today is dynamic, diverse, and innovative, with small businesses disrupting the markets of global organizations. Matching a strategy to the circumstances may seem a bit futile because of the market dynamism and volatility. Who can choose one that leads to a vision in 10 years when the environment may be completely different?

The answer is that the strategic plan is not fixed in stone. It is important to develop a business strategy, but it is just as important to periodically review the strategy to make sure it remains a good fit to conditions. It is a path to competing in a specific environment. That environment might be traditional and predictable, transforming, or completely unpredictable. Technology has had a big influence on creating unpredictable operating environments.

Strategy and operations consulting helps organizational leaders select the best strategy business development approach, reflecting the type of environment the business operates in. For example, an enterprise may be innovative and disruptive in a particular environment today, so the strategy for the future vision will focus on succeeding in a market where continuing disruption is the norm. If the environment is predictable and likely to remain so, the business can develop business strategy goals that focuses on market positioning through development and maintenance of competitive advantage. In other words, a strategy can achieve different ends to match different environments. It may be better to grow big, be a market disruptor, be adaptable, or grow fast and be prepared to quickly develop a new strategy.

Selecting the right strategy business development for success can be a very complex process because there are so many factors to consider, and many of those factors have their own complexity. In fact, in some cases the enterprise needs more than one strategy to address more than one part of the business. In that case, the process gets even more complicated.

OGS Capital strategy and operations consulting services include delivering the expertise needed to work with a variety of businesses in assessing the environment and designing the best strategy for success. It can be difficult to even know where to start when the entrepreneur or business leader does not have experience in strategy and business development. It makes sense to rely on consultants in the development of business strategy concepts when they have developed thousands of strategic plans among them over their careers and have deep knowledge of each step of the process. Our consultants can steer the process to a successful end, helping leaders avoid common challenges and barriers to success.


Avoiding Common Challenges and Barriers to Success

The strategic planning process can go astray at any point, from developing an effective mission statement for a startup to selecting the correct approach for a well-established operation. OGS Capital consultants are knowledgeable of the many challenges that can derail the success of strategy and business development. This knowledge only comes with experience.

Following are some of the common challenges and barriers to successful strategic planning that OGS Capital business strategy development consultants can help owners and managers avoid or manage.

  • Process does not produce actionable steps so it is not executed –The strategic plan is a "plan" in name only because it does contain concrete, actionable strategies for meeting goals
  • Accountability is not assigned – Unless specific individuals are held accountable during the process and for executing their parts of the strategic plan, it is likely that critical pieces will never be fully executed, creating a gap in meeting goals; Develop business strategy goals with accountability strengthened through measurements and performance reviews
  • Managers do not fully participate in the process – Even when using business strategy consultants, it is critical that entrepreneurs, owners, unit managers, and others be involved in the process of goal setting
  • A unique value proposition is not established – Each process should lead to a meaningful strategic plan that the organization as a whole can embrace
  • The process is made so complicated that people lose interest – Keeping a process on target to meet goals is the only way the process will maintain the full participation of the appropriate staff
  • Strategic process is not communicated to all stakeholders – The full value of the process is created when the appropriate people take ownership
  • Progress is not measured – Developing appropriate measurements for tracking progress is important
  • Inadequate resources are allotted – Failing to provide the people, technology, and financial resources during the process, and to ensure the plan is executable, can lead to failure on both levels
  • Strategic planning is treated like an obligation but is not taken seriously – The process needs the full support of C-Suite executives and top management

There are consultants in the world who take over the strategic development process, develop business strategy goals with little organizational input, and create a strategic plan that best fits their templates or reflects the consultants program for success. They never give full ownership of the process to the client. That never happens with OGS Capital consultants. The team ensures managers are fully involved in the business strategy development process so that the final document reflects management's opinions, ideas, intended actions, and intent for the future direction. Our consultants are facilitators and not owners of the process. This makes OGS Capital consultants and clients full partners during the operational strategy consulting project.


Consulting Brings Objectivity

Successful entrepreneurs and managers readily utilize OGS Capital operational strategy consulting because they recognize the importance of:

  • Including independent, objective, and honest perspectives in the process
  • Gaining access to information and knowledge about a variety of methodologies, tools, and approaches for business development strategies
  • Utilizing a team of experts who can focus on the task at hand without diversion
  • Investing resources in the strategic process for future success
  • Identifying the full range of strategic options in order to ensure the best one is chosen to ensure growth opportunities and risks are not missed
  • Getting professional assistance with business strategy development while the enterprise is successful rather than waiting until a crisis occurs
  • Including people in the process who challenge the status quo
  • Including people in the process who do not avoid difficult issues or asking difficult questions
  • Holding an efficient planning process
  • Having the expertise to customize the strategic approach to fit the company's needs
  • Accessing expertise that the employees do not have

OGS Capital consultants work in the best interests of their clients. They bring their skills, competencies, knowledge, and expertise to each project in full force. Often, entrepreneurs and managers are too close to the situation to develop a subjective strategic plan. The consultants assigned to each project are carefully selected based on the client's needs, making an ideal match of the consulting team's knowledge and the process.


What Our Clients Discovered

OGS Capital clients have discovered our business strategy consulting services are based on high quality customer service and the ability to share specific and in-depth knowledge. This means the client saves time and money because the consulting business development strategy team can efficiently transfer knowledge that was gained by working as entrepreneurs themselves and working for top consulting firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bain, Deloitte, and many others.

Unfortunately, many managers attempt strategic planning without the benefit of consulting business development strategy expertise, only to discover their organization was not prepared to efficiently carry out the process to its best conclusion. OGS Capital gets requests to intercede in these cases to jumpstart a new process by adding the knowledge needed to obtain the ideal results. While our consultants are happy to assist clients who have already started the planning process and get bogged down, a much better approach is to utilized consultants from the very beginning.

Following are some more quality services and advantages that clients discovered when they chose OGS Capital for assistance with the development process of a strategic plan.

  • Consultants bring specific, up-to-date knowledge from the relevant industry
  • Consultants have experience in more than 40 industries
  • Change management is streamlined through the process
  • New opportunities are discovered that might have been missed
  • Management time is used more effectively
  • Managers can better balance their ongoing daily decision-making responsibilities and the time required to participate in the strategic process
  • Consultants offer unbiased advice and guidance
  • Planning process is more consistent and better aligned with the organization's mission
  • Consultants fill gaps in expertise
  • The cost of consulting services is less than the cost of conducting a process with in-house managers
  • Clients get access to a network of professionals
  • Strategic plan is more effective as a support document for funding requests made to investors
  • The strategic effort improves the bottom line
  • Strategic planning gives stakeholders a good idea of the direction the enterprise plans of taking, inspiring more confidence in customers, shareholders, suppliers, and community members
  • Benchmarking the organization against competitors in the industry improves competitiveness
  • New paths for organizational direction are discovered that would not have been revealed without external consultants
  • The fact no templates are used ensures a customized process and a customized final document
  • Consultants bring experience in more than 30 global markets
  • Have proven experience in fund raising having helped small and medium sized enterprise secure more than $1.5 billion in capital

The list of advantages that OGS Capital business strategy consultancy services offers clients could go on longer. OGS Capital consultants stay attuned to real-world market trends, meaning they bring critical information to every strategic-focused process. Their proven research and analytical methods enable them to spot early trends, giving clients an advantage over their competitors. Clients are never offered "generic strategies" and can count on getting creative business strategies that are customized to fit the organization.


A Business Strategy Consultancy that Creates Value

In fact, OGS Capital consultants are not "yes" men and women. Clients get honest, realistic advice to ensure the process and the final strategic plan create measurable value for the organization.

A high quality process is empowering for the organization. It is participatory, forward-looking, leads to thinking "outside the box," and inclusive of different perspectives. An effective planning process is a shared process in which people across the organization get opportunities to provide input. This gives different functions and operating units a voice in how the organization will continue to achieve organizational success over short and long term periods.

OGS Capital business strategy consultancy services bring best practices to the process. Each client project is approached as a unique opportunity to help leaders enhance opportunities for organizational success. Expert consultants know how other firms, including the organization's competitors, have overcome the challenges of strategic planning. They apply that knowledge to the client's processes, helping the organization avoid the pitfalls that can slow down the process or lead to poor results.

The strategic process requires making tough decisions about what is of real importance to the organization and what should be prioritized. The more information a SME has, the easier it is to prioritize goals, making it easier to make succeeding decisions about tactical steps, staff responsibilities, measurements for assessing progress, and the commitment of resources. This must be a disciplined and informed process. OGS Capital can facilitate consensus among team participants, keep the process progressing in a timely manner, and provide the technical assistance that leads to a solid, useful, realistic strategic plan. As one of the top business strategy companies in the global marketplace, consultants have proven experience in getting results.


Get Started Today

It is easy to get the process started. Contact OGS Capital by completing the simple online contact form. Once the contact information is received, clients will hear from an OGS Capital consultant within 24 hours. A typical process takes approximately 15-20 days, meaning the organization will have a strategic plan in place in less than a month. This enables the enterprise to quickly begin working on fulfilling its mission in more strategic ways and to reach the strategic vision as quickly as possible.


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