Houston, Texas has a thriving economy which is precisely why OGS Capital business plan consultants have worked with so many entrepreneurs interested in starting or expanding a business. The city is busy reaching milestones, like claiming more than 3 million jobs for the first time in late 2015. Many of those jobs are created by small-to-medium sized businesses in industries that include manufacturing, retail trade, transportation, telecommunications, professional business services, health care, and hospitality. Houston is also the second business port in the U.S. when counting cargo volume, according to the Texas state government, and is a foreign-trade zone.

Adding Up to Opportunity

All this adds up to opportunity for entrepreneurs and business leaders with leading-edge ideas for new products and services. However, having the idea and getting to the point of business startup is not a simple process. Business owners must address everything from local and state laws and regulations to finding investors. For this reason, OGS Capital services are designed to cater to the varying needs of entrepreneurs. Consultants can develop investor business plans, write business proposals, build financial models, complete market research, and much more.

Business plan for investors
Document for attracting equity financing for a startup or existing business. These business plans will comply with even the most complex investor requirements

Advantages of Working with OGS Capital in Houston

Your business concept is a valuable asset, and you need a business plan development service that will maintain confidentiality while working quickly to produce a document that attracts investors and lays out a plan for long-term success. OGS Capital brings every client these advantages and much more.

  • Work with experienced professionals – OGS Capital has built a team of business plan writers who have extensive experience across industries and have completed projects in 42 industries. This serves our Houston clients well because the Houston economy is so diversified.
  • Request a quote online – OGS Capital understands entrepreneurs are busy, so we have streamlined the process for placing an order. From dropdown menus, select the type of service desired and the preferred time frame of one to seven weeks. Upload critical information files for consultant use, get an OGS Capital quote, and we are ready to get to work with your approval. Of course, you are welcomed to call us if you need to discuss the potential project in greater detail.
  • Business plans Tailored to meet business needs – Do you need an investor business plan, a bank business plan, or an immigration business plan? OGS Capital business plan consultants can develop any type of business plan to meet investor, lender, or government requirements.
  • Industry-leading expertise – Business best practices change over time, so OGS business consultants ensure they stay on top of industry changes and lender preferences. The final business plan, marketing plan, or financial plan always reflect current best practices in the industry and the city of Houston.

Houston is a city on the move, welcoming entrepreneurs ready to establish a startup or expand current business operations. Contact OGS Capital for a free consultation, and bring your business concept to life.

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