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    Do you plan to create a t-shirt printing business plan before the year comes to an end? Are you in search for information on how to start a t-shirt printing business plan? It is very important that you prepare well in advanced before launching the venture to materialize your mission and aspirations. One of the guaranteed ways of doing this is by owning a t-shirt screen printing business plan examples. Below is a sample of business blueprint that cover the directing performances, intents, pursuit, primary mission statement, clear guidelines of the firm, and the management team hierarchy. All this information will be essential in helping you establish the business’s long and short term strategies as well as come up with designer templates.

    • In-depth Analysis of the current market
    • Marketing Ideas
    • The business SWOT results
    • Company Objectives
    • Description of the Management Team

    Expertly Written Sample of a T-Shirt Business

    screen printing business plan examples

    Alpha Company is a private company that will be specializing in making designer T-shirts. Its offices are in New York City, U.S. We have worked smart to build a large warehouse in a spacious and safe facility in this city. We intend to use this warehouse as our main production factory later on this year. It would not have to purchase a screen-printing business warehouse without the assist of our supportive subordinate staff and family business associates.

    Alpha business will specialize in manufacturing superior material t-shirts for the local as well as international audiences by investing in modern designing tools. We also plan to start making other clothing products to supplement the sports gear that are tailored to meet requirements of all age groups as well as gender and this information will be included in a separate designing template that we will order within the first three months. The screen printing business plan’s examples primary intentions are to bring to life new fashion trends in the world. To achieve this aim, we will spend time as well as work smart to warrant that each one product complements our facility to ensure that it is in the finest state and capable of bidding the designs to create amazing products and samples of t-shirts that will compete with the established companies.

    It will not be possible to get success without a group of skilled and self-motivated personnel. We will engage talented and multi-skilled template developers in New York City as well as neighboring areas of the earth as the T-shirt printing business scales higher. To hone their skills and expertise, we plan to take up some training courses that our personnel will undertake at certain times of the year in order to make the best t-shirts for our customers. We believe that these strategic plans will assist us to stay ahead of the pack and generate maximum results.

    To materialize our plan of instituting the greatest and most profitable clothes, we have networked and collaborated with top rated producers of attires and designer clothes. They will mentor and guide us through the installation and testing of various machines in our warehouse before we outset producing the t-shirts using our customized templates.

    Unlike the mainstream similar companies, we will manufacture merchandises that suit people who love classy products as well as low wage earning clients. The main motivation to do this is to warrant that we metamorphose into an elite firm that consistently purchase cost-effective and repute t-shirts. Apart from bringing forth products with special prints in mass, we will also be the leading experts in fashion tailored t-shirts.

    Established on the bases that this is a big venture, we will do all we can to have a balanced mix of clients and learning facilities or institutions. Our business plan already has a way that will warrant that we deliver the orders on time and maintain a good credibility by using quality t-shirts printing template.

    Bank/SBA Business Plan
    Document for raising debt funding from financial institutions to meet the expectations of the banks, SBA, and government agencies.

    Ownership Biography

    T-Shirt Printing Business Plan

    Alpha Company is a family owned firm that is run and managed by Shanel Wright, an American designer with more than ten-year hands-on experience. She has won multimillion dollar awards for her exceptional impact on the sector. She will be the team leader as well as the President of the t-shirt production firm.

    Her husband, John Wright, is also an internationally recognized t-shirts designer and business manager. He will manage the vending and transaction teams as well as ensure that regular undertakings are conducted as per the enterprise documented rules and regulations.


    Alpha Company was started with the primary goal been to provide top quality and uniquely designed t-shirts for men, children, women, as well as fledgling adults. We are very conscious of the fact stature is the most paramount factor which will assist us to scale up and expand its vending base. As a t-shirts designing entity, we have designers and reliable quality control teams that will make sure all merchandise meet the requirements.

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to take over the t-shirt field and become a uniquely be recognized entity in the United States but also in auxiliary continents athwart the world.

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    Mission Statement

    Our intention is to create a t-shirt enterprise that will render essence t-shirts for both genders and all age groups in the community. We also aim to rival the established t-shirt clothing line companies such as Polo by Ralph, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Levi Straus, Ralph Lauren, and plentiful more t-shirts designs.

    Business Structure

    business plan for screen printing

    As you will see in our screen printing business plan examples, Alpha Company intends to create a global enterprise with big goals to transition into a prominent corporation that will be recognized in all countries.


    As business experts, we know the methods of constituting a credible corporate and system that will assist in management of the business we intend to start. We are devoted and have the good understanding of the craft and sourced for additional t-shirt printing business consulting services.

    In spite of the fact that we will be working from the central district of New York, we have a vivid picture and ways on how we will guide the firm to success. We will establish factories in different areas of the globe such as South Africa as well as China with the help of our accredited t-shirt printing business consulting team. Over time, we promise to set up production firms in all cities and towns such as Tokyo, Dubai, Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg and copious more.

    The sales department will hire trained and customer eccentric personnel who have a clear vision of where we desire to be in the coming few years. We also intend to have a return-splitting program that will encompass our superior directorate personnel. We will use the performance of the jobholders to determine who will benefit from this program. We also hope that the program will motivate our team to work even harder to steer us in a positive direction.

    As the business scales up, we will utilize a t-shirt printing business plan writing firm to create another plan that we warrant that the increase market base will not compromise our daily operations. This t-shirt printing business plan writing will liaise with the management to make sure that every fact in the script is correct.

    Roles and Responsibilities

    Franchise Business Plan

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    • Promote functionalism and ascendancy of the directorate tandem by choosing, augment, and teaching. The CEO will also be culpable for coming up with aspirations and ethics to the personnel
    • Make decisions that will mien the screen printing business for success
    • Create, convey, and implement out company’s purpose and ambitions. For example, she will assist in the guiding of the primary strategies and sales objectives
    • Verify and sign official documents such as contract agreements
    • Monitor and evaluate the t-shirts sales growth pattern

    General Manager

    • Create strategies that will facilitate studying of new plans and provide recommendations
    • Allocate resources to the various t-shirts production teams, review progress, and initiate mid-course alterations
    • Coordinate and oversee various programs such as appropriation, retailing, field, and engendering
    • Assist to create a positive company image and brand by bringing on board the target clients, society institutions, jobholders, and government
    • Responsible for pricing and signing all business deals on countenance of the concourse
    • Superintend the recruitment of new members
    • Superintend the remuneration of the jobholders
    • Establish and enforce institutional archetype to advance t-shirt repute ministrations
    • Support the junior staff by setting aside time to attend training seminars, review their performance and promote the best staff members
    • Motivate the teams to achieve individual goal
    • Manage all the warehouses
    • Supervise all employees
    • Plan vending, monitor catalog, select the right merchandise for sale, and write appraising structures to selected vendors
    • Warrant that the company operations are within the postulated fiscal estimate

    Human Resources and Admin Manager

    • Carry out all human resource roles such as determine remuneration of new employees
    • Define the various job bearings for enrollment as well as interviewing process
    • Ensure that induction of new employees is done correctly
    • Oversee teaching, appraisal, and approval of sample designs
    • Schedule business trips, appointments, and meetings

    Sales and Marketing Manager

    • Manage/oversee external t-shirt research projects as well as visceral antecedent of scoop in a bid to warrant that we retains its existing clients and gets new clients
    • Organizes t-shirt analytical scoop, assay debatable dossier that is generated after customer purchases
    • Identify and create new expositions for the concourse
    • Motivate and empower the designers with the necessary knowledge to warrant that it meets the set intents and aspirations
    Renee M.

    Great Work!!

    Had the pleasure of working with Alex on a business plan for a new venture. The end result looks very professional. His communication is always prompt and he was very patient with my detailed requests. I would definitely work with this company in the future.

    ∙ Renee M.


    • Handle all sales and make sure that clients pay on time
    • Create official receipts to the clients for each one t-shirt purchase
    • Create weekly reports
    • Handle all negotiations related to the concourse
    • Liaise with the other institutions to warrant the business plan has enough capital to support various t-shirt making activities
    • Warrant that all service bills, toll, and taxes are paid in time
    • Carry out all chores delegated by the t-shirt director

    Quality Subjection Officer

    • Check that the business’s fabrication and rendering t-shirt making machines work efficiently
    • Act as a communication bridge between the factory employees and the management team. Co-ordinate job holders’ efforts
    • Come up with smart systems of enhancing the fabricating the t-shirt modus operate to facilitate production of top arête and stout t-shirts as well as auxiliary vestments
    • Confirm that the t-shirt plant operates smoothly and delivers positive results consistently
    • Warrant that the t-shirt concourse conforms to international best practices
    • Carry out other roles as directed by the director in t-shirt head office
    • Sew t-shirts as well as cloth-related merchandise as per the instructions of the top management
    • Cut raw materials as per the design and size required
    • Handle all the business’s additional duties as determined by the top level management team
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    Factory Workers

    • Allaying and packing the debonair vestments and t-shirts
    • Mobility of the business raw materials and tools to the warehouses and t-shirts designing facility
    • Confirm that the supplies of t-shirt production materials and toiletries are always in stock
    • Make sure that the equipment and machines are clean
    • Carry out any business duties stated by the t-shirts lead designer and floor controller in the t-shirt storage building

    If you are seeking for information on how to start a t-shirt printing business today, get in touch with our t-shirt marketing team. We will also give you a sample of a t-shirt production business blueprint to guide you. We believe that all the goals that we have indicated hear will be attainable once we have the right financing and a team of experts who have the knowledge required to make a positive impact in this industry. Through monitoring, we will be able to let the business plan for investors know of our progress and the challenges we face to promote sustainability. The finance team will also make sure that all loans are paid on time to secure our credit history and score.

    Finally, we will continue to hire new employees as we advance to ensure that the increase in demand for our products will not affect the growth and amount of revenue that we generate negatively. The human resource manager and the CEO will work together to ensure that all new staff members are vetted well before being hired to ensure that they have the skills needed to move the company in the right direction. They new employees will undergo training to make sure that they understand our quality standards and expectations

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