When it comes to realizing a nursery business idea, writing a nursery business plan is a very vital step. Many entrepreneurs are showing interest in selling and growing different types of plants for residential and commercial purpose. Nursery industry includes direct sellers who deal with consumers and businesses.

It also includes the wholesalers who deal with especially home improvement stores, garden shops, developers and with government contracts. With increasing interest in developing healthy settings and lush green space, nursery industry is flourishing.

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Frequently asked questions of nursery business plan

When creating a business plan for a nursery, these questions help an entrepreneur think of operating a nursery business successfully.

  • What are the types of the nursery you running?

    It is wholesale, landscape, or selling nursery, or all of these.

  • What type of nursery store are you selling?

    It is rooted cuttings, seedlings, or container has grown.

  • Which is the location of your nursery business?

    Almost any climate is suitable.

  • What kinds of labors required for landscaping services and nursery operation?
    • Growing and distribution plants from nersery;
    • Landscape plants into nursery;
    • Trade plants from nursery at a market;
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Executive Summary

It is a very important title to show your business, its motives, name, and objectives. You can summarize the same when starting a nursery business plan. It gives an overview of your intentions towards your business to your financers. Therefore, a golden rule in this is to make it clear, concise and to the point. You need to highlight what you need to make your business successful.

Company Overview

Nursery Business Plan Template

After writing an executive summary, the company overview of your business plan for a nursery gives further details to your business plan for a nursery. When writing a business plan for a nursery, you need to explain in brief why you are starting this business. Describe your experience, motivation, and qualifications to sell your vision and yourself. If it is your first time to start this business, feel yourself as you are already an entrepreneur and work with your confidence. Add a vision statement to explain what success means to you. What do you want in the next five years? How you are going to do that?


It is understood that a nursery business plan example is incomplete without describing your services. Every nursery business has a bit different offering. You need to describe how you are going to operate, like-

  • Bulk plants distribution nursery
  • Landscape plants nursery
  • Trade or market plants nursery

You can also mention what special types of plants you are offering in your nursery business.

Market Research

In this section of sample nursery business plan, you need to explain about your competition and how you are going to stand out among them. For doing this, you should know the followings:

  • Who is operating around you already
  • The values they offering
  • The overall need of the plants.

Also, investigate the quantity around you, such as population levels, the interest of your potential customers and so on.

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Financial plan

A complete nursery business plan pdf must have all the informative graphs to reassure investment group for your business plan for a nursery that you have done your homework and your nursery business is a safe bet. Include a profit and loss forecast as well as the cash flow forecast for the next few years to come along with a detailed budget for the startup as a bare minimum.

Basically, start-up costs include the followings:

  • Furniture
  • Types of equipment
  • Fertilizers
  • Utility costs
  • Mortgage


When creating a business plan for a nursery, you need to explain how best you are going to use your premises and make it a functional area. According to the ideal conditions of the plants and growing, you may want to erect greenhouses or poly tunnels.

In addition, you need to explain whether there is need more space for expansion, for example, you are starting small but you have plans to expand or you want to grow different types of plants in future.

Nursery Business Plan
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    Marketing plan

    When writing a perfect marketing plan for your nursery business plan, you will need to focus on how you are going to promote it. Marketing is the most important step before you actually opening it.

    From traditional methods like banners out of the complex to leveraging the power of social media, you need to explain it all. Impressed customers will also give free words of mouth to their friends and family. Hence, you can have more exposure, which could translate into clients with ease.

    Rules and regulations

    When writing a business plan for a nursery, you need to explain what business permit you are having. There are different jurisdictions applied to your venture and they vary according to place. You need to gather information and find out what rules applicable to you.

    In addition, you should think about the formalities required for construction permits if you need to build a greenhouse or you want to build a warehouse for equipment and materials.

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