The nightclub business plan typically begins by describing the type of clients the establishment wants to attract. The targeted market will drive the ideal location, business décor, type of entertainment and even the marketing strategies. For example, a nightclub interested in attracting young adults could locate near a university campus or in the heart of a city entertainment district. If the business is targeting older adults, it may choose to locate in a theater district or in the suburbs for easy access. Marketing to young adults may rely primarily on social media, whereas marketing to older adults would use more traditional advertising forms.

Key aspects of the nightclub and bar industry plan. Nightclub background

The market research will focus on defining the core customer and the local need for another bar entertainment venue. Also included in the nightclub industry plan is the following:

  • Location description of a bar and research supporting why the particular location is ideal for building a strong customer base
  • Description of location attributes such as safety record, type of commercial properties surrounding nightclub property, etc.
  • Description of the products and services that will differentiate the nightclub, i.e. atmosphere, menu, music genre, theme, layout, gaming, attentive service, special events, etc
  • Food and beverage suppliers and the goals and plan for controlling costs
  • The owner’s nightclub management experience
  • Detailed description of competitive advantage
  • Revenue sources, including food, drink, entertainment, cover charge, etc.
  • Staffing needs and type of staff, including manager, cooks, bartenders, servers, maintenance, and others
  • Main competitors targeting same type of customers

Two critical aspects to starting a nightclub & bar are the location and whether the building will be purchased or leased. Nightclub owners normally invest their own money in the business, and one of the early expenses is the cost of securing space. Investors will look closely at the lease or purchase agreements to make sure the business has not overcommitted, taking into account the projected operating expenses. It requires a significant amount of capital to start a successful nightclub because there is a need for space, equipment, staff, food and drink, entertainment, licenses and insurance. The amount of funding needed from investors depends on the stage of project development. Nightclub owners might request startup funding, funding for project build-out or expansion loans.

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